Blood Sabbath's Sexy Actresses

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Thorne, Dyanne 1 Review
Digard, Uschi 1 Review
Damante, Susan 1 Review

Blood Sabbath's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Geary, Anthony 1 Review

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Dyanne Thorne
cecil was written on September 1, 2014


At about 62 minutes she is topless and dances around Anthony Geary. Several close up shots of her bare breasts. Her "skirt" covers only the top half of her rear. Then at 76 minutes she opens her robe, exposing her breasts briefly, before embracing Geary. A few minutes later she falls to the floor. The camera is from the side, so we see breasts and side of her rear. Then an overheard view, though her leg is bent and covers full frontal, before the other witches surround her to feed off her. This film has several other scenes that involve the fully nude witches, including at about 34 minutes where they encircle Steve Gravers, at 44 minutes when they encircle Geary out in the woods to harrass him, at 66 minutes when they encircle Susan Damante to harrass her, and a nude female sacrifice at 56 minutes.

Uschi Digard
cecil was written on September 1, 2014

Passenger in a Van

In the opening moments of the film, she is a passenger in a van driving in the countryside. They pass by Anthony Geary, she spews him with her soft drink, then leans out the window and bears her breasts. They drive around a few times to harrass him with her breasts hanging out the window.

Susan Damante
cecil was written on September 1, 2014

Waiting for her lover

At 62 minutes, she is lying on the ground, nude, but all we see is her bare backside. Anthony Geary approaches and caresses her body, but she suddenly jumps up and runs off, again showing only her backside. At about 62 minutes, she is dancing around Anthony Geary. She appears to be topless, but her hair covers her breasts. Maybe a frame or two where the hair moves enough to expose a breast.

Anthony Geary
cecil was written on September 1, 2014

Nude Sacrifice

At about 47 minutes several of the witches approach their outdoor altar. They are nude and dance around the altar. Anthony Geary and Dyanne Thorne approach and stand on the back side. The camera is a medium distance away, but we see her undress Geary and see the top half of his bare rear. He then climbs on the altar face down. However, the dancing witches get in the way most of the time. By the time we get a close up shot of the altar, he is lying on his back with the lower half of his body covered by a cloth. They continue to dance around him, touching him, for another minute or two. Finally he climbs off the altar showing his bare backside very briefly. Only one star.

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