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Blue Lagoon's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Troutt, Kathy 2 Reviews
Shields, Brooke 9 Reviews

Blue Lagoon's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Atkins, Christopher 9 Reviews

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Kathy Troutt
movieaddict2k6 was written on March 12, 2007

Commentary with Director and Brooke

Despite what many may think, All nudity is done by Kathy Troutt. Brooke lived on the island with her mother and a social services agent for the 3 months of shooting. The SS agent was on set to make sure that Brooke was covered at all times. In fact, according to Brooke, in the first love seen, you can see the top of the tape that covered her breasts. Brooke's body double was injured two days before she was due to report on set, so a quickie replacement had to be found. Well the caterer looked very much like Brooke in hair and build. They asked her and she agreed to do it. Kathy was 35 yrs old at the time this film was shot.

ff was written on April 14, 2004

Body Double for Brooke

Kathy is not really an actress. Her only film appearance was being the body double for Brooke Shields so that means most of her scenes consist of topless and full frontal shots. She looks a lot like Brooke in the underwater scenes.

Brooke Shields
ttsfrme was written on February 26, 2005

All Scenes

Brooke not nude! If you rent the DVD and set the audio to commentary, you will hear how they used a body double for ALL the naked parts.

inthecrease was written on September 3, 2001

underwater shots

Even though my co-reviewers believe that Brooke Shields' scenes were done by a body double...Call me naive and stupid but I wish to believe that she actually showed almost all her body naked...this movie still makes me hot and bothered...sick, eh?

MovieBuff was written on January 17, 1999

Some of the underwater shots and some peek-a-boo skin frames, but all obvious nudes where done by a body double.

Brooke looks good in this, but most of the nudity is done by a body double.

boggleeyes was written on August 10, 2009

Real tits

I think a lot of the claims of body doubles, body suits and foam tits in this and Pretty Baby are the family revising history to cover their retrospective embrassment. The underwater scenes probably are a boby double (because she couldn't swim or prudery ?). The scene where Atkins is bathing her tits and she has her head turned is a body double otherwise why have her head turned?, but there is a scene at 28 mins which you do see her tits and nipples in the same shot as her face; it is not a double and they are not foam. Young but small cute tits worth a few stars but such a brief glimpse in a 90 min movie knocks it back to one star.

BushLeague was written on November 19, 2002

Brooke's "nudity"

I recall Brooke coming on TV and saying she wore "buppy cups" (foam breasts) during the whole movie and her hair was glued to them. You perv's can dream on, but the reality is that "Pretty Baby" and some "art" photos taken of her are as good as it gets for her underage nudity. Maybe when she is more "mature" (more silicone upstairs), she might become a sex pot! (my dream)

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 11, 2001

No nudity

She is young.It comes close a couple times but her hair always covers her.

RichT was written on November 25, 2001

The MASS-DEBATE continues ....

There seems to be a VAST difference of opinions as to whether Brooke REALLY showed anything in this film .... or NOT ??? I recall at the time, the reports stating that due to her age, and her mother not wishing her to be naked, that the "nude" scenes would need to be "carefully" filmed, and that Brookes "goodies" should ALWAYS be covered by "special" clothes/make-up effects ! That being the case my PERSONAL VIEW is, that for the underwater swim scene, Brooke HERSELF and NOT a body-double, does actually swim completely nude, and DOES INDEED display ALL her goodies, including her young furry bush !!! Others may disagree, but this is MY dream/fantasy and I WILL continue to believe it to be TRUE !!!!!!!!!!

Bootydaddy was written on November 25, 2001

Brooke in all her glory

To clear things up Brooke WAS INDEED nude for each scene described by other reviewers. This movie is a Celebrity Nude Classic! A must have for Brooke Fans.

ff was written on October 1, 2003

side of buns and several near nudity

the full frontal and topless shot were done by Kathy Troutt. I`m not surprise that some reviewers think that it`s actually her since in the DVD commentaries Brooke herself got confused whether she did the scenes or not cause it looks exactly like her. also according to the commentaries she did not wear any foam breasts but rather flesh colored tape. In one scene where she goes to her crying baby the wind blows her her and you can see her breasts as well as the tape covering her nipples. in an earlier scene where she is about to have menstruation for the first time she is completely naked but in silhouette and her hair is covering her breasts.when she jumps to the water you briefly see her buns in heavy shadows so you don`t actually see anything. in one of the shots from the sex scene you can see her completely naked but Chris Atkins is on top of her so you only get a side view of her buns. she is half naked with hair covering her breasts through out the whole film.

Christopher Atkins
MonkD was written on August 21, 2000

Many scenes

Every scene rates 4 stars as the beautiful Atkins struts around completely or almost completely naked throughout. From the scenes where we see all(cock, balls, ass) of him swimming, to the full-frontal scene (he's blonde down there too) sliding down a waterfall, this gorgeous young stallion is a sight to behold. Blonde and tanned with a smooth,tightly muscled build, this golden young Adonis will have you erupting with pleasure!

movieaddict2005 was written on July 5, 2005

he's now a grown up

gloriously nude almost all the time - well rounded cute ass; blond curls up and down and nice sweet shots of his dick especially while swimming and sliding the falls; funny jerk-off scene too

wheble2299 was written on July 12, 2000


you get to see a lot of Christopher in this movie. The best scene is of him and Brooke sliding down the waterslide. You get a great look at his penis. There are also many other nice shots of him threw out the movie.

Tomek was written on February 28, 2001

Tons of nudity, but the swimming scene is the best.

Classic of teenage nudity. Chris wears only very narrow strip of cloth on his hips, throwing it off from time to time. Too young? Don't be a hypocrite! Slim, tanned, free-thinking youth, looking like young antique god! Swimming naked under water, Chris is magnificent (in the rest of the movie too).

MarsupialExpress was written on May 6, 2006

Full Frontal and Rear

We get clear views of his penis and testicles as he goes down a slide with Brooke Shields. Other shots are very fast or hard to see. Most of his nudity is underwater. He has a clear and prolonged rear shot when he has sex with Brooke.

Electrix was written on April 9, 2007

swimming scenes, principaly

He is constantly naked in this movie. When he's swimming (in these times you can also see perfectly his penis); when he's sliding at the rocks (show his penis), but principaly when he's on water. There are several scenes. He's young and not so muscled, but they are good scenes.

murray was written on September 20, 1998

numerous nude scenes

Use your pause button and you'll see plenty of Atkins. However, he's almost too young here to be very sexy (though I'm sure he was legal age at the time). You see his penis a couple times as he's swimming underwater and once when he's sliding down a small waterfall.

[email protected] was written on December 6, 1998

They tried to tell us he was too young ....

The benchmark of teenage male movie nudity, it's hard to find a long stretch of this movie where his penis, balls and beautiful ass aren't exposed. He is the perfect image of a tanned, California surfer boy of the late 1970's. Victorian castaways? As if. This plays more like a dopey afterschool special with tits and ass. Brooke had hers doubled but all the boy flesh you see here is obviously the lithe Mr. Atkins. Too young, indeed. This little piece of veal is ready to be served on a platter. Bon apetit!

dralx was written on January 13, 2006

Waterfall Riding

As Christopher slides down a waterslide, he is nude. If you hang onto your pause button, you'll get a clear glimpse. Surely he was legal when he made this movie, but his flaccid penis looks no more than an inch long. Perhaps this was due to the cold water. His body isn't bad to look at, though.

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