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Bo Derek's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1994 Woman of Desire 6 Reviews
1993 Shattered Image 1 Review
1992 Hot Chocolate 1 Review
1989 Ghosts Can't Do It 2 Reviews
1984 Bolero 5 Reviews
1981 Tarzan, the Ape Man 6 Reviews
1981 Fantasies 1 Review
1980 Change of Seasons, A 1 Review
1979 10 6 Reviews

Bo Derek's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2011 Celebrity Naked Ambition 0 Reviews
2006 Fashion House 1 Review

nudity reviews for Bo Derek member submitted

Celebrity Naked Ambition (2011)
Fashion House (2006)
BushLeague was written on September 10, 2006

Premiere Episode

She is laying face down on a massage table with just a towel on her ass. She is pushing (hard) 50, but she has a ripped, muscular back that would put most 20 (or any!) year olds to shame. She lifts up and exposes about half her left breast w/o nipple. She looks like she either had a breast reduction or her tits may have been tied down. That face may age, but the body is timeless! (8)

Woman of Desire (1994)
Psuedo_Saint was written on March 15, 2003

Basic Bo

As always, Bo delivers your money's worth with excellent hangtime and plenty of gratuitous nudity - arguably the best of her career. The difference here though is the acting. She play's a mistress, so basically she's playing herself rather than some absurd conquistadoress or feral women. Her natural absence of expression or emotion fits her character perfectly. Freed of the need to portray a character, she delivers the best performance and nudity of her career. I wonder if the death of her husband/producer 5 years prior gave her the freedom to really get her hips into the climactic motorcycle scene. Probably not coincidentally, she was dating William Shatner during the filming.

BushLeague was written on September 21, 2002

Bits and Pieces

Tantalizing teaser: Her hand cups her left breast during love making. Nude with no bush in a photograph. Darkened topless scene in several flahes with her shirt hiked above her no nipple tits and in a thong. Delivers the goods: Strips out of shirt and thong (again shady photography) and reveals tantalizing torpedoes and thick black bush and slim long legs. (Shaded) full length rear of flat, no sag butt when she gets on side rail of boat (also brief side view of left tit). Probable stunt double does a nude dive (still in shadows) with a nude swim in murky water. Both tits are shown bathed in some weird blue lit (her tits look flesh toned and appear to stick out of the screen!). Another scene with the blue light shows her upper torso tassles while she puts on a leather jacket (tits are flesh tone). Some very smart guy takes the jacket off and some more darkened, quick views of her rounded robins and famous legs with a little butt crack as she is camera scanned. Then longer view of her darkened rack as she buffs her clit in the buff on some guy's crotch on a motorcycle (crotch to crotch contact shown, but not penetration--mosty seen on a TV monitor)--Her legs are way more dark than her tits. Brief daily doubles, better lit scene, when guy pulls back shower curtain. Really dark topless scene with right lower breast showing in flashback. Half assed rear view when her white bathing suit hikes up her crack.

icebag2 was written on September 7, 2009

Doing what she does best - getting naked

This is a unique body. We are pleased every time we see it as we do in this movie. Her first nude scene has her on her back sunbathing on a boat, wearing bikini bottoms and a man’s dress shirt. The shirt is wide open, and we get a fine view of her breasts. She then gets up, walks down the deck and takes off the shirt. Wow! There is nothing like this chest. Like I say, it’s unique. She then removes her bikini bottom, full frontal, and climbs up on the rigging for a full backal. Her ass isn’t that much, why hide anything? Pausing before she dives in the water, we see a nice side view of her head to toe. The second scene isn’t really a scene. A police officer finds a few nude photos of her - in one she’s sitting up, sunning herself wearing a long wrap that is wide open for a marvelous shot of her chest, and another photo is of her lying nude on her stomach. There’s a bit of bun, but big deal. Now for the payoff scene. Topless, she puts on a leather jacket and walks over to a motorcycle and sits on it (this is all indoors). She entices Jeff Fahey to join her and as he sits on the motorcycle seat behind her, she takes off her jacket. Her long hair gets a bit in the way of her breasts, but, we cut to her facing him how, naked, leaning back on the handlebars, groins cojoined and roiling. This shot shows why we love Bo. Yes, she has big shapely ones, but she has a big ribcage and a tiny waist that emphasize her tremendous figure. Jeff’s hands clamp onto her slender hips as she grinds away. (Can you imagine what was going through Jeff's head when this scene was being shot?! "I am the luckiest guy in Hollywood!") This scene is the essence of Bo Derek. It goes on for a long enough time to for you to drink in everything about her you want. A few minutes after this is all over, she opens a shower curtain, topless, of course, and pulls Jeff in. This is another clear display of her breasts, which is the only reason it’s in the film. For the record, there are several shots of her nude which are shown in false color, so while you can see that her breasts are uncovered, it’s just not the same. The motorcycle scene, though is just fabulous.

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 19, 1999

Excellent nude love scene

There's a great scene in which she makes love on top of Jeff Fahey on a motercycle. We get a brief glimps of her behind, and maybe a bit of her bush. It's hard to tell since the long shots show her mostly from the side. However, do we ever get to see alot of her breasts. It's a hot scene. There's also a few more brief glimpses of her breasts here or there in the rest of the movie. This film proves Bo has aged well.

Gordon was written on September 14, 2000

On the beach and in the shower

The other reviewers neglected (at least) two scenes. One is with Bo lounging in chair on the beach with her shirt open, revealing her breasts. In the other, she is showering when a guy joins her and you get to see (if I recall correctly) the whole front of her. I must admit that I am greatly impressed with Bo's body in this film, even though it is pretty late in her career. Her body is as trim and toned as ever, and her breasts are large, toned, and simply marvelous.

MM was written on October 8, 1999

full frontal brief flash

A quick scene not mentioned in the above review: Early in the film, Bo is standing on a sail boat while being watched by two men, one being her husband. He tells his friend she swims like a fish. Bo lifts a long t-shirt to reveal she's fully naked underneath (full frontal). She stands for a moment then dives off the ship into the water. Also shows a few brief glimpses of her rear end through the water. Bo is still one of the best.

Shattered Image (1993)
Immy was written on September 21, 2005

Underwater topless and right breast (1:13)

The delectable and perpetually braless Ms Derek shows she still has it. Form-fitting cotton tops are always on the wardrobe list when she makes a film and we're given quite a few scenes where her ever-erect nips poke thru fabric. But a Bo movie wouldn't be a Bo movie without a little skin and this time Jack Scalia is the lucky guy. They're in the hot tub and Bo's rack is partly visible thru the bubbles. When Jack gets in her right boob and nip are seen about three times above the water line.

Hot Chocolate (1992)
dougal was written on May 13, 1999

Brief glimpse in bed

This movie probably has the least nudity of any she's done. There is just one very brief nipple flash when she turns over in bed at some point in the movie. Bo is gorgeous throughout the movie, but shows practically nothing.

Ghosts Can't Do It (1989)
alekhidell was written on September 3, 1999

beach, bathing

Few scenes......first scene has no signifigance to the movies plot, its just to show Bo nude......She walks out of the water after scuba diving and takes off her swim suit, bearing all. Then various scenes....bathing outside, showering, jumping and swimming and having sex.

pat was written on February 23, 1999

several scenes

several long, full-frontal shots. Better nudity than Bolero, but even worse plot. Inthis one, Bo must find a new body for the spirit of her recently deceased husband (Anthony Quinn) to inhabit so he can keep doing her. Possible the worst movie Bo has done,and certainly the worst Quinn has ever done. Rivals Beyond the Valley of the Dolls for worst movie of all time that you'll sit through anyhow just to see nudity.

Bolero (1984)
Gordon was written on February 3, 2000

Sex scene at end

As the above review states, Bo has quite a few nude scenes in this movie. One of the best is at the end when the guy (his 'health' restored) finally gives Bo what she wants and screws her. You get to see her breasts and much of the rest of her body, and you can see her face as the guy pleasures her.

Bevan was written on September 15, 2002

Well, but.

Bo is extensively nude in this movie, and you can see everything a lot -- it was the point, after all. The problem here is twofold. Firstly, Bo's the result of some serious plastic surgery, and I don't give high marks to lumps of silicone. Secondly, Bo might have the highest (Good Bod + Screen Exposure) to (Total Drip On Screen) ratio in cinematic history. Kathleen Turner had a meagre bodies compared to Derek's, but she could stiffen day old pasta. Did Bo really heat up the screen at all?

Cyclone was written on January 28, 2001

Several good scenes

Bo gives us several looks at her great body, including some long views of her breasts when a guy is kissing her stomach, and many more during her first sex scene. The longest (and best) scene is in the final minutes, when after she gives us a brief full frontal peek, she has a fairly long sex scene in which we get many looks at her wonderful breasts. Some very nice exposure of a very good looking woman.

xage was written on September 29, 2005

Best chapters to skip in the DVD

To see the hottest scenes of Bo Derek in BOLERO (MGM 2005 DVD release)

Immediately jump to the following chapters

Chapter 4, Chapter 12, Chapter 20

pat was written on February 23, 1999

several scenes

Several scenes where Bo is buck naked -- some include full frontal shots. Ridiculousplot -- after finding the perfect man to take her virginity, she must nurse him back to health (read: ability) after he is gored by a bull in that most intimate of manly areas. Truly a movie for Bo fans only -- for all others, watch the first 5 minutes and the last 10 to catch the majority of the movie's nudity.

Tarzan, the Ape Man (1981)
Creepyhead was written on June 24, 2003

Natives gang up on Bo

Not alot of good nudity but it's what's done. Bo, Richard Harris and Co. are captured by the funny looking natives and taken before the great big head honcho. He sees Bo and signals the other girls to prepare her, cause when we see her again she's been stripped and tied down on all fours while a bunch of girls wash and scrub her. Bo doesn't like that much and says,"They're washing me just like a horse."
When we next see her she's tied down on her back while the girls slather her in white mud. This she also doesn't like and says,"My hair, they're painting it white!"
The big honcho is about to have his desert but Tarzan interrupts.

ilikedyourshoes was written on May 8, 2003

many shots

one of the best shots when she comes out of the water not wearing anything. sooo hot she is butt naked. u cant her frontal but a good side view. then u see her breasts throughout the movie, and at the end she plays with monkey topless.

beefcake was written on September 13, 2000

topless many times

You get to see Derek's nice boobies multiple times in this flick. The movie is really crappy so have your fast forward ready.

mr_titmouse was written on January 24, 2005

Hot monkey action

Not really but Bo Derek spends a good portion of this crappy movie showing off her nice teats. At one point, a chimp kisses her nip. I found this to be highly erotic. Somebody help me :(

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 19, 1999

Skinny dipping scene

We get a good look at her while skinny dipping. Quite hot. Also, there's a scene during the end credits which has a topless Bo frolicking with some apes. Not bad, but rent Bolero first.

Chachi was written on September 29, 1999

Jane has a few breast scenes...sweet...

If you want a actual good Tarzan movie...this ain't it...but if you wanna see some nice tittie scenes with Bo Derek...
- See through white/wet dress on a beach...with a lion...
- Tarzan feels Jane up...
- A nekkid scene with mud all over her body...
...and the end credits with a naked Jane & orangutan wrestling each other...lucky primate!!!

Fantasies (1981)
MM was written on October 7, 1999

Brief glimpses of a young Bo

This movie was an early work of John Derek (where the two first met, if I remember correctly). Bo is very young in this movie (I've heard only 16, but I doubt that's true). She also has dark hair. Most nude scenes are very fleeting, though they still show how truly gorgeous Bo is. Really just for big Bo Derek fans to see her very young. The movie itself is typical fluff.

Change of Seasons, A (1980)
dougal was written on May 13, 1999

Opening Credits

Slow-motion scenes of Bo frolicking in a hot tub with the protaganist. Very stimulating.

10 (1979)
FilmCritic was written on March 25, 2005

Not much in nudity but a lot in the department of teasing

Plays Jenny Hanley. 1:31:33 (1sec) her breasts are visible from a distance in the mirror as she removes her towel to put on a bathrobe. 1:39:00 (10sec) her breasts are displayed in shadow as she takes her dress off but then she comes into the light where they can be seen a little better but not well. 1:40:21 (13sec), 1:40:37 (1sec), 1:40:47 (3sec), and 1:41:04 (6sec) both of her breasts, right breast, both breasts, and then right breast show from a distance while she is laying down on her back, with everything below that completely darkened out for the most part. 1:47:48 three glimpses of her breasts as she gets up on top of him for sex but the shadows are too dark to see well. 1:42:31 (1sec) both breasts, though hard to really see in the shadow, as she’s laying there when George Webber (Dudley Moore) throws the pillow at the record player. 1:33:13 (7frames), 1:33:38 (13frames), and 1:33:41 (14frames) right, left, and right breast in shadow as she turns to give George the phone and then takes it back. 1:34:01 (2secs) and 1:34:13 (1sec) she walks naked, though only her breasts are visible, to start record over, followed by her outline in the shadow as she comes towards the bed. 1:34:19 (3sec) and 1:35:25 (1sec) side views of her butt (the most visible part of her body during the entire time in bed, as more light has been turned on by the film crew, until 1:35:28, when her right breast is visible for 8 frames and 1:37:16 when her right breast is visible again for 6 frames, followed by her butt on and off for 17 seconds). The whole idea with Bo Derek was to give just enough to tease and leave the audience wanting more, which they did. As a tease, it apparently worked great, as it’s one of the most memorable movies of all time but personally, I think Bo has improved greatly with age and looks a whole lot better now than she ever did back then. I'm giving it 2 stars because I'm supposed to rate this on its nudity and not its teasing.

LeroyBrown was written on September 14, 2002

Buns and Breasts but dark

She only had a towel to cover her self after answering the door to let Dudley Moore inside. Her buns were shown as she walked towards the bathroom ahd her breast was shown clearly but briefly in the bathroom mirror. During sex scene with Moore she showed her breasts and buns but it was too dark to be appreciated. Damn that Blake Edwards!! He showed us his wife's breasts in clear lighting in "S.O.B." but didn't give us a good enough look at a better younger pair here. Luckily Ms. Derek more than accomodate us in her ensuing films.

thefaceman32 was written on December 24, 2000

Breasts and Buns - Kinda of dark though

1:19 - In yellow swimsuit running in slow motion towards Dudley Moore in his daydream
1:29 - Brief buns and breasts taking off towel and putting on robe when Moore visits her. Long shot, hard to see
1:36 - Brief breasts taking off dress trying to seduce Morre. Dark, hard to see.
1:37 - Breasts lying in bed. Dark hard to see.
1:41 - Breasts going to fix the skipping record. Long shot, hard to see. Buns while jumping back into bed.
1:43 - Breasts and buns while sitting up in bed
1:44 - Breasts and buns in bed when Moore gets out

Mikey69 was written on August 2, 2006

Bedroom Scene with Dudley Moore

Bo Derek is truely one of Hollywood's most beautiful women. The scenes are dimly lit, but they are classic. Bo sports more curves than the typical actress today. I love a woman with real hips and boobs.

pat was written on February 23, 1999

bedroom scene

Great scene where Bo takes Dudley Moore back to her hotel room and makes his move for him --hard to go wrong baring her perfect body for camera -- unlike later movies, just topless shots, though there is a great shot of her butt earlier in movie.

SeaRain was written on June 10, 2006


If you want to see Bo Derek nude in full light, see Bolero. This scene is too dark to make out her features, you do see her breast from time to time if you pay close attention.

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