Bobby Johnston's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2003 Surrender 1 Review
2002 Passion's Peak 1 Review
2002 Close Enough To Touch 1 Review
2001 Talk Sex 1 Review
2001 Sensual Friends 1 Review
2001 Scandal: [email protected] 1 Review
1999 Loveblind 2 Reviews
1999 I Like To Play Games Too 3 Reviews
1997 Deadlock: A Passion for Murder 1 Review
1996 Penthouse: The Art of Massage 0 Reviews
1996 Femalien 1 Review
1995 Siren's Kiss 0 Reviews
1995 Sinful Intrigue 0 Reviews
1995 Romancing Sara 1 Review
1995 Playboy Real Couples: Sex in Dangerous Places 1 Review
1995 Body Strokes 1 Review
1994 Erotic Confessions I: Desire 1 Review
1992 Animal Instincts 1 Review
1991 Maximum Breakout 1 Review

Bobby Johnston's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2000 Queer as Folk 1 Review
2000 Passion Cove 1 Review
1994 Erotic Confessions: Seduction 0 Reviews
1994 Erotic Confessions 5 Reviews

Bobby Johnston's Biography

born about 1965

nudity reviews for Bobby Johnston member submitted

Queer as Folk (2000)
Ozzie700 was written on November 13, 2001


Beefy Bobby has gained some weight recently, and it shows. He is a leather daddy who has a session with Ted/Scott Lowell in episode 14 or 15. Bare-chested many times, only nude once, when we see his butt in assless leather pants. There are some very steamy scenes with Scott, the reason why this isn't *.

Passion Cove (2000)
Ozzie700 was written on September 28, 2001

Buns, Buns, Buns

Episode: Behind the Scenes. Bobby has a slightly goofy role, but who cares? This half-hour has better exposure of his beefy glory than some of his full-length films. He's in the van with Kim Dawson, on the floor, at the pool, and each time his much-prized cheeks are laved with good lighting and airtime.

Erotic Confessions: Seduction (1994)
Erotic Confessions (1994)
Ozzie700 was written on February 6, 2003

Brief Rear; Episode: The Conductor

This was one of the later EC episodes where male nudity became very fleeting. Bobby plays a train conductor, and although he has sexual fantasies several times, he stays clothed during all of them. In his final sex scene, with a dominatrix, there is a hot scene of her pulling off his briefs (seen from side only), her cat-o-nine-tails brushing across his chest, and a few glimpses of his very well-known rump (which doesn't look as good here as usual, although it may be the bad direction/camera angles) as he thrusts into the lady as they stand up. This isn't a total wash, but pales in comparison to his other EC appearances, especially The Hat Check Boy.

GDH was written on May 8, 2001

Backside several times

Episode: 'Watching Vanessa'. We see Johnston's tanned bum as he has sex with Jennifer Leigh Burton; as he walks to a window; as he walks to and climbs into the shower, again with Burton. There are a couple of tease shots where a window frame or piece of furniture just prevent us getting a full-frontal view as well.

Purevil03 was written on August 11, 2003

Full Frontal!

Gone Skiing/ sex scene with Maria Ford

As he lifts Maria into his lap his whole penis is dangling without a sock. It's soft and then he resumes fake humping but the pubes and dick are still viewable.

Ozzie700 was written on August 4, 2001

Distant Buns

Episode: 'Games People Play'. Eventually Bobby showed ALL in a Confessions episode, but this isn't the one. 12 minutes in, his buns are seen from very far away as he sexes wife Griffin Drew after both get exicted from the strip poker/truth or dare.

Ozzie700 was written on September 13, 2001

Rear; Millisecond Frontal

Is there any soft core stud hotter than Bobby Johnston? Doug Jeffrey maybe, but Bobby may be in a category all his own. The Erotic Confessions lighting and presentation made him appear even more godlike than in previous and future works. In 'The Hat Check Boy', Bobby has several scenes behind the coat rack, even a near-full rear, but the best scene is toward the end, when he drops his pants and you can see part of his dick for a second before the camera swoops away.

Surrender (2003)
Ozzie700 was written on June 22, 2001

1 Butt Shot

Bobby is an adulterous, somewhat insensitive director who is shown the light to true happiness by "Eros". 2 sex scenes, with a hooker and then his wife, and only a single butt shot. He fills out those blue jeans as if he were poured into them, but that's not good enough. The view of his mammoth mounds is around 1:05:40 and lasts a good 5 or 10 seconds.

Passion's Peak (2002)
GDH was written on April 14, 2007


Johnston's bum is seen briefly during an al fresco sex scene with Kelly McCarty. A later scene with McCarty features bare hips only.

Close Enough To Touch (2002)
GDH was written on July 19, 2006


Big Bob provides a couple of quick shots of his bum during a sex scene with Riley Jordon. A further sex scene, with Toby Miller, shows bare hips only.

Talk Sex (2001)
McKinnon was written on May 5, 2012

Floor and couch

Bobby, nearing the end of his softcore career, has three sex scenes in this - two with Jacy Andrews, one with Nikki Fairchild (and Jacy), one with Kelli McCarty. The first two mostly have tease nudity, but the last has a decent shot of his one of a kind ass, along with some pubes. This is about an hour into the movie.

Sensual Friends (2001)
Ozzie700 was written on June 21, 2001

Satisfactory Beefcake

As a lead character, Bobby is given short shrift in this film. 2 of his 3 sex scenes have minimal bum exposure. The second, a flashback with Kim Weston (who still can't tell a sex scene from an epelectic seizure), as "Celinda Dixx", is the hottest, probably due to him playing a more subservient role, protesting as she exposes that broad, hair-dusted chest of his. Given the R rating and tightly edited camera work in the first 2, the 3rd was a surprise. During drunken sex with the love that got away (Doria), his stunningly beefy and round buns are briefly seen twice within 2 minutes, followed by a longer shot a few seconds later. As she gets off of him, his pubes and low-hanging ballsac flash oncamera for a very brief period. Bonus: Doria sucks on one of his pointy tits. Who hasn't wanted to do that?

Scandal: [email protected] (2001)
Ozzie700 was written on June 21, 2001


Bobby is Jon Griffith, a professor who thinks with the wrong head by sleeping with a nubile student. This leads to firing, work as a male escort and website stud, money, and eventual reinstatement. I think the Cinemax version has more butt than the HBO, but out of his five sessions (on the couch with Mia, in the kitchen with Mia, 3way with Mia and Regina, pool with client Kim Dawson, kitchen again with Mia) the sequence with Dawson is intact. The most prolonged scene (3 minutes), it starts at 37:28. When Dawson lowers those filled-out white boxer briefs of his, you see a great view of his large tanned globes, and if you look closely enough, the tip of his penis. More backside-centric scenes follow as he pounds into her in the pool. Not only is Bobby a stud with a wicked, sneaky grin, he can act too, and that makes the clothed moments bearable.

Loveblind (1999)
GDH was written on December 17, 2000

Two sex scenes

Beefy actor gets nude twice: once with Nancy O'Brien, where we see his bum (some nice buttock flexing!); then again with Catalina Larranaga: this is an interesting scene; as well as Johnston's bum and a couple of quick flashes of pubic hair, at one point we also see something dangling between his legs, from behind, although whether it's penis, testicles, or a sock I couldn't say.

Ozzie700 was written on June 26, 2001

Better Elsewhere

This isn't his best film. The pacing is sluggish, and he doesn't seem to be enjoying himself during any of the sex. His butt is white as a sheet during his first scene with Nancy O'Brien; quite shocking for the normally bronze-all-over Bobby. The sequences offer a few glimpses of his ass and short hairs, but a few of those are badly staged and go on far too long. This is a film which takes itself far too seriously, and Bobby seemed to realize what a waste of time it was sometime during filming.

I Like To Play Games Too (1999)
MSB was written on June 21, 1999

Several love scenes in made for Playboy movie.

This gorgeous blonde hunk has several scenes, in which his beautiful body is on view. His nice ass is seen many times throughout, with some very nice close-ups. Also we get a couple glimpses of Bobby's dick while he's on top of some chick in a motel. A must for all men lovers.

kiiid was written on January 7, 2006

awesome ass

for all bobby fans. his big, biteable ass is seen in sex scenes with maria ford, kim dawson, and stephanie lafleur, and he grinds into all of them. excellent body as well. this man is hot!

flighty56789 was written on February 3, 2013

Bobby baring it

Bobby shows a lot of his butt here, especially good in the sudsy bath scene and the doggy style scene on the couch.

Deadlock: A Passion for Murder (1997)
Derek was written on January 27, 1999

Bathtub love scene

It's hard to believe that a former Playgirl model is kept concealed so carefully. He gets into a bathtub with a woman, but she must show everything. Later in the movie, a nonrealistically naked woman holds him at gunpoint and forces him to strip. BUT WAIT, this is an AMerican movie, and we all know women can't get such an upper hand in American movies! So of course the scene ends with him down to his pants.

Penthouse: The Art of Massage (1996)
Femalien (1996)
Ozzie700 was written on May 5, 2002

Meditation Orgy

I'm a big fan of Bobby's, and he has done some great nudity in his time. This isn't one of those occasions. Near the end, Kara uses her alien powers to inspire the people meditating to have an orgy. Bobby's robe is taken off, then his underwear is pulled down. This scene has full-frontal, close-up nudity by the other 2 men, but Bobby is shy (even though he's posed for Playgirl and other magazines). They do the old "man lifts his leg" cliche as his underwear goes, but you can still see his pubes and part of his shaft. A few overhead shots of his ass follow. Very hot, explicit film, but not for Bobby.

Siren's Kiss (1995)
Sinful Intrigue (1995)
Romancing Sara (1995)
Derek was written on June 29, 1999

Various lovescenes

Goldenboy Johnston is unafraid to bare all, and delivers yet again. Johnston has many love scenes in which he shows his gorgeous body and bares his shapely bum.One particularly inventive scene has Johnston tied up nude to an exercise machine. We get many shots of his pubes as his lady love makes has sex with him. Later her husband arrives and the couple argues while Johnston embarassedly stays strapped up. Johnston, Doug Jeffery, and Anthony Addabbo are three handsome studs who aren't afraid to deliver the goods, and they seem to be competing for a Most Nude Scenes crown. Who will win? We, the audience of course!

Playboy Real Couples: Sex in Dangerous Places (1995)
Derek was written on April 20, 1999

Joining the Mile-High Club

Very nice shots of Johnston's beefy body and beautiful ass while he and another plane passenger get it on in an airplane lavatory.

Body Strokes (1995)
Derek was written on April 20, 1999


Brief shot of Johnston's ass as he is painting a woman and leaves his work to make love to her. In this movie he has black hair.

Erotic Confessions I: Desire (1994)
Ozzie700 was written on August 4, 2001

Full Rear

Bobby is seen from the back at least twice in, 'Watching Vanessa.' The best scene is about midway thru, when he surprises her in the shower. He walks into the bathroom, and we see his incredible buns in full view.

Animal Instincts (1992)
Ozzie700 was written on May 27, 2002

Only Reason to Watch

A young Bobby, still with the long hair of his Playgirl photos, is the cable guy. About 27 or 28 minutes in, he trades some atrocious porn-type dialogue ("servicing inside and outside", etc.) with Shannon before he gives in to temptation. During the sex, there's a very clear shot of the pouch he's wearing, along with a poor shot of his rear. When Maxwell Caulfield walks in, Bobby gathers his clothes and runs, and you get a great look at Bobby's meaty cheeks (looking incredible here) as he runs out of the house. Even if his chest is shaved here, his few minutes are the only reason to watch this poor collection of C-list actors, unless you're a fan of Shannon Whirry's mammary glands. If so, enjoy yourself.

Maximum Breakout (1991)
Derek was written on January 27, 1999

Love scene

Nice ample view of former Playgirl model's lovely ass. This guy has great legs, too.

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