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Body and Soul's Sexy Actresses

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Body and Soul's Sexy Actors

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Kristin Scott Thomas
Couthon was written on November 24, 2007

Stripping nude and lovemaking

Kristin plays a nun exploring her sexuality for the first time. Her 34 year old body is still slim, even if her tiny breasts are not as firm as they once were.
First Kristin strips naked in front of a mirror to examine her body, and we see her nude from the thighs upwards. Good views of her miniscule breasts from the front and side: these are nothing more than small swellings under her fleshy nipples and tiny rose pink areolae. We also see her thick brown pubic bush between her legs, but the scene is too dark for good detail.
Later she strips with her lover before intercourse, and we catch glimpses of her little breasts, erect nipples, and pubic hair.

Camille was written on March 8, 2000

Discovering her body in a mirror

'Body and soul' is a 6 part series, in episode 3 and 6 she goes nude. In this series she plays a nun. In episode 3 she discovers her body for the first time. She stands before a mirror and drops her dress. A nice full frontal view. She then touches her body. Very nice. In episode 6 there is small scene where she undresses to make love with a male actor. Episode 3 is much better. Great Kristin series....

vpup was written on December 28, 2001

Discovering oneself in the mirror/laying down in bed

Just want to add that both scenes are rather dark. The latter scene in volume 6 is *slightly* better lit.

Gary Mavers
GDH was written on October 15, 2000

Backside in erotic undressing scene

I've given this scene four stars because I personally find it so erotic. It is night. Mavers, fully dressed, stands in front of a window - the only light comes from the street lamp outside. He and Kristin Scott Thomas slowly undress each other; the camera lingers on Mavers' hairy chest as he pulls his sweat shirt over his head. His trousers fall to the floor giving us a half side view of his curvaceous backside, which changes to a full view as he moves with his back to the camera (at this point Mavers is completely naked while Scott Thomas is almost fully-dressed). Eventually he and Scott Thomas lay on the bed and we get a view of his bare hip. Delicious!

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