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Body of Evidence's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Moore, Julianne 10 Reviews
Madonna 20 Reviews
Lusader, Shawn 1 Review
Archer, Anne 6 Reviews

Body of Evidence's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Dafoe, Willem 4 Reviews

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Julianne Moore
soulman was written on July 6, 2001

Hot Sex Scene

Although Madonna got most of the attention in this movies, Moore wins hands down for the hottest sex scene. She's getting screwed by Defoe and seems to really be into it. Her facial expressions are something to behold. Also check out Moore's bottomless scene in SHORT CUTS.

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Sex with William Dafoe

Dafoe is on top of Julianne giving it to her good, and you get a fairly good look at her small breasts. There is a better shot of her ass when she gets out of bed.

Heat was written on November 17, 1998

Hot sex

She is on her back been fucked by a guy, he's holding her tightly, she is screaming from pleasure.

Chris A. was written on February 8, 1999

Very Hot Sex Scene

Near the beginning is an incredible sex scene by the beautiful Ms. Moore. She's really enjoying herself, and her orgasms are quite enthusiastic. A quick shot of her breasts, and a great, sexy shot of her squeezing her legs around her partner. Could have been way longer, but it's great for what it is.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

sex with Dafoe

Moore shows of her small boobies while having sex with Dafoe. God is that guy ugly or what? Yuck! How the hell would he have sex with Moore and Madonna looking like that? Also when she gets out of bed, you get to see her nice ass. Good scene, but would be better without Dafoe in it.

axl was written on September 20, 1999

just to add..

To go along with the other reviews you also get to see her ass when she gets up to go to the shower.

TonyClifton was written on January 16, 2000


Very good sex scene in which you see Julianne Moore's breasts during sex, then her butt as she walks away from the camera to take a shower. Also, to correct the first two reviewers, she does not scream or moan during this scene.

Kimiwebber was written on November 10, 2012

Julianne banged

Julianne is naked and she wraps her legs tightly around Defoe who is humping her. He pounds her hard and she responds by holding him tightly. Defoe plays with one of her small tits and sucks another lightly. She really is excited as her nipples become extremely erect before they climax.

TonyClifton was written on January 17, 2000

Different Versions?

Is there a difference in this scene in the r-rated and unrated versions?

boba was written on May 4, 2001

Spread your legs, Clarice

Body of Evidence Unrated is mindblowing. Madonna is sweaty and nasty, but even more shocking is Julianne Moore's slutty performance. She plays the ugly wife, who he has to first screw before he gets Madonna. And she delivers ugly alright. Julianne's skin is pale and freckled and her bush is fire red. Her tits are flat as boards, and her ass is flat and humbling. Her figure has no curves whatsoever. That said, Julianne gives Madonna a run for her money in this movie. She takes him right between her legs, flat on her back, as her pale thighs wrap around him. He pumps himself into her repeatedly, with perfect rhythm. Her ugly face moans and contorts in ecstasy. He sucks on her titty. He drills into Julianne, as her sexy legs widen, taking him in. Julianne collapses in sweaty passion, with him between her legs. Her body is his hammock. Her pale, sweaty skin nice and moist. Her face all flush. This scene looks real. He really may have really been inside of Julianne. She may be a good actress, but she ain't this good. UGLY.

Gordon was written on January 8, 2000

Sex and more sex

I'm not really a fan of Madonna, but I have to admit that her body looks really hot in this movie. She's got a trim, toned body and her breasts are nice and supple. I like the scene where she's on top of the old guy going up and down on him, because her breasts jiggle so nicely. The unrated version is best if you want to see lots of nudity and graphic sex scenes.

Bootydaddy was written on January 17, 2002

Not to shabby

Madonna appears nude in 3 scenes. The first she is getting acupuncture (sp?) you see her nice ass in that scene. Next scene she is pouring hot candle wax on Dafoe, you get some good shots of her nice breasts. Then later in the movie she is handcuffed around a staircase spindal while Dafoe rips off her panties, you get to see her ass and her breasts in this scene. Definatly a must see for Madonna fans.

Rudeboy was written on August 18, 2003

Madonna Rides Dafoe to hevan

An absoloute 4 star no doubt about it Madonna is SUper Sexy and Breath taking in this movie the Directors Cut is even better. There are amny scenes with madonna bein horney especially scenes where she is being Video taped riding some guy in all the scenes her body is awsome. The scene that stuck out most is where she passionatley makes love to dafoe for the first time in the movie it is a long scene but the climax is just thrilling. They first start by kissing passionatley madonna has a Silk tight dress on which makes her look incredibly desirable then they up the start where dafoe tear maddonas clothes leavng half her dress on (the upper part with her black bra)she they fonndeles up where dafoe Rippes her Bra to Reveal her Puppies and Sucks on them. She then makes her way up and then the rest of the scene involves candle Playing. But just when i thought the scen was ending their was more to come She then ends her fun and games and get on top of Dafoe Now unfortunatley we can only see her through a visible curtain where she begins to Ride him slowly and gradually moan and Thrust the scene lasts forever and she is riding Dafoe energetically in Pleasure and pumping her body up n down, Back n fourth untill she raches a climax with a wild scream. i have to say her body is amazing and her tits are brilliant what a scene i never imagined madonna this horney and i still can't.

ShodaN was written on January 19, 2002

madonna`s best sex scenes in the film

first 3,05 in the film madonna wiggling her great firm ass around in a home video.

19,46 in the film she has lying bed and we see her upper butt crack and bare back when the doctor put needless in her skin.

38,33 she has lovescene with dafoe, her bra was ripped away and her tits are hanging freely, Dafoe licks them and then she runs up the stairs.
In bed she uses candle wax and then rides him a long time and moans a lot,we see her perfect tits behind the curtain

52,58 she har lovemaking scene in a garage, dafoe pulls up her skirt (her ass are show with panties) then he pull down her black panties (we see her black bush in a sideline shot) then she sits down and make love with dafoe.

1,04,49 are madonna`s rape scene. dafoe pushes her on a floor, then she rips off her robe and shows us her amazing erect tits, she`s put her middle finger in her panties and starts to masturbate, then dafoe handcuffs her and ripps her white panties down (we see her ass in a upper shot) then dafoe rapes her.

1,09,10 madonna rides a man in a tv screen. madonna`s body are wonderful and we see her tits shaking up and down and her black bush is shown very briefly.

Madonna´s best nude film ever ! Madonna Rules!

boba was written on May 5, 2001

Madonna's humiliation

Madonna embarrassed herself with her SEX book, and this is even more degrading. Madonna plays a total whore in this movie. First, we get a shot of her on video, riding a guy with her perfect ass in our face. We can see her sculptured back as she straddles atop him, wiggling her ass around. He holds onto her perfect ass cheeks. Next, we get the big scene, in which Madonna gets her clothes torn off her body. He sucks her hanging breasts, as she hovers above him. Her fleshy boobs mush into his face as her nipple enters in his mouth. Then he goes to pull her panties off, and she stops him. We see Madonna's many body moles and beauty marks all over her naked body. Very sweaty and dirty looking. She ties him up and begins to lick him all over. She licks wax off his chest with her long tongue. Madonna has wax (cum) dripping from her face. Then she straddles him again and starts to grind him, behind a see-through sheet. She rides him forever, wiggling and pumping with perfect rhythm. Moaning and groaning. Madonna is a slut. Next, she stands atop a car and pulls down her black cotton panties. Her amazing trim bush is between her perfect white thighs. She straddles his face with her crotch, as he eats her. His face is really in Madonna's snatch. You can't fake this. She then sits down on his face, his nose halfway up her butt (again, real) his hands on her ass cheeks. Next is the rape scene. First, she takes off her robe and reveals her amazing titties, which are round and filled with milk. Her nipples are pink and delicious. Her stomach muscles are tight and her bellybutton is delicious. She slides her middle finger into her mouth, then down her panties, playing with herself. He then handcuffs her and does her up the ass. She hollers in pain, screaming, YOU FUCK! Next, we get the best shot yet, on video, of Madonna riding a guy, this time staring right at the camera. We see her amazing bush bump and grind as she straddles this guy, smiling at us. Her titties bounce around, as she leans back and stops her man from talking by gagging his mouth. Madonna is the all-time whore, and this movie is her all time filthiest. Good Lourdes, Mommy!

Serna was written on February 22, 2004

Car park

I think this film is pretty poor but that scene in the car park is red hot!
I love the way she stands on that car and he pulls down her panties and you see him press his face into her bush. I love the way she is holding the roof and you see the pleasure on her face in close up. And then we she is on his shoulders, his face in her mound - wow! And she sits on his face on the car bonnet, leaning foward enjoying his tongue. I like that. Better than her songs.
As everyone says. Loads of sex and nudity. The plot is one of the most ridiculous in cinematic history!

inthecrease was written on December 31, 2002

DVD Unrated Version

As was mentioned in the previous reviews, Madonna is simply smashing and will cause a dead man to find his own "mojo". This version shows all that was previously mentioned and more of it...remember this is what the movie was suppose to look like and then the ratings came into play! My suggestion to you all is to rent and / or buy the unrated version if only for the Madonna scenes.


Heat was written on November 25, 1998

Sex, sex and more sex

This movie is a lower quality, more nude version of Basic Instinct, Maddona is accused of having sex with a guy tell death, the first nude scene is of her in a clinic, she took all her clothes off then laid on a couch, with her back up, then the doctor put some needles in her butt, the second scene, she is having sex with her lawyer, she tied his hands, burned him with a melt candle wax, very long scene, her breasts are visible all time from different angles, obviously Madonna's breasts are the second most perfect ones I've ever seen (Helen Hunt got the First ones). then, in a grage, she stood on a car, she raised her skirt, lowered her panties, clear pussy shot, then she sat on his shoulders with her legs around his neck. another scene of her having a fight with him, he pushed her on the floor, she opend her gown to reveal her atomic boobs in order to seduce him, then she put her middle finger in her panties, she tried to cuff his hands, but he took the cuffs and cuffed her hands to a table, he took herpanties off, we can see her fully naked butt, he plugged his penis into her ass, she made a loud pain scream, then the last scene is a video tape of her sitting on a guy, where we can see her tits shaking and her black hairy pussy going up and down.

BushLeague was written on July 13, 2003

Pool Party

In the unrated version all that was mentioned before is true. However for completeness, after she takes a dive out a window into a pool, she does a wet shirt scene and her round breasts and conical nipples are seen thru a wet shirt as she floats in the pool.

axl was written on September 10, 1999

get the un rated version

In the un rated version you get to see Madonna fully nude in at least two scenes and in various stages of undress in many others.The R rated version,which is shown on cable,does not show Madonna full frontal.

apunkachoice was written on July 16, 2005

Excellent ennumerous nude scenes

1.Madonna seen on a TV screen facing us as she rides a guy and we get good looks at her breasts and a flash or two of bush as well. We then see her the other way around, riding the guy vigorously while we see her butt.
2.Madonna giving us a nice view of her ass while laying face-down and nude on a table as she receives acupuncture.
3.Madonna making out with a guy on a stairway, and then laying on top of him as he rips open her bra to let her breasts hang out, which he grabs and begins to suck on (excellent- he just squeezes the milk-flled melons; too bad no milk)
4.Madonna laying topless on a bed as a guy approaches and kisses her. She then throws him on the bed, straddles him and begins to pour candle wax on his chest- Long 3minute sex scene.
5.In a parking garage, we see Madonna standing on a car as a guy pulls down her panties. He then begins to have oral sex with herstanding up, then he lays on the hood of the car and she sits on his face before she finally begins to ride him.
6.Madonna laying on her back and undoing her robe to reveal her breasts. She then licks her middle finger and puts it down her panties to rub herself while a guy looks on.Then we see her laying on her back topless as a guy approaches, handcuffs her, pulls down her panties and then has rough sex with her from behind.

Madonnas jugs are the second most perfect tits on this planet- first to Sarah Pratt (Brief Crossing). Madonnas boobs are what you can call "Mothers breasts" fully roung and lickable. Wish there was milk in them.

inthecrease was written on September 4, 2001

Madonna rides or rapes Willem Dafoe

The full scene, although behind a see-thru curtain, really ignites the screen and makes the movie the slick thriller that embodies elements of cheap sexual thrills...I truly believe that this is one of the sexiest movies ever made!

soulman was written on July 6, 2001


While I find Madonna to be a very attractive woman who seems gets more attractive with age, the numerous scenes where she appears nude were very disappointing due to the fact that she looks awfully pale and very unattractive. Too bad.The one single nude scene by Moore pales in comparison.

David_Rich was written on April 14, 2006

on the floor masturbating

Wow! This goes to show that Madonna should have stuck to making hot movies like this one. She's the hottest sex star of all time. This mediocre movie is the only chance sho got to display her talent.

Muggs was written on February 29, 2000

about 5 or 6 scenes

A great film from possibly the world's most beautiful woman. All her nude scenes are great and her breasts are truly stunning. The masturbation scene is intensely erotic as well. I dont suppose she'll be doing many more films like this so this is the best of what we have to remember her by

sirspread was written on February 22, 2004

all scenes

red hot scenes all summed up well by previous reviewers the car park scene is electrifying
her bush appears almost bald from what you can make out
she is very sexy her only downfall being her breasts which are a bit large and over round

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 8, 2007


the 2 scenes i love the most are first in the underground parking where he pulls down her panties and clearly has his tongue on her pussy for real. the second is where she masterbates under her panties and clearly does sink her finger in her pussy. WHAT A WHORE!!!!.... damn i love you madonna

damn_crazy_bastard was written on June 3, 2003

Naked Madonna Galore!

You get to see pretty much every square inch of Madonna at one point or another in this film. In the unrated version, of course. Few celebrities have been this bold/crazy.

Dave was written on November 4, 1998

In front of the fire

Next to seeing her in a porn movie, this scene is tops! What a body, and looks like she knows how to work all of it.

Pieman was written on September 7, 2013

Everything but penetration....and maybe even that....

What can be added that hasn't already be said. The most naked Madonna you're likely to ever get. Okay, no labia, but some very hot, hot action. I'm not really a fan, but even I have to admit that she looks very, very good here. And I have to wonder if all the sex was simulated, because some of it looked damn real...

Shawn Lusader
BushLeague was written on August 4, 2006

Running around bedroom on TV playback

She is Anne Archer's body double.

Anne Archer
soulman was written on July 6, 2001


While it would have been nice to see some nudity from Archer all we get is what is obviously a body double. You don't the face and body in the same shot (the #1 law in film nudity)

Fingon was written on April 8, 1999

body double

sorry folks, but I am completely sure that it is not Anne Archer, it's a body double. You never can see her face and goodies at the same time, and old technique to let as believe we are seeing a famous actress naked.

Doggone was written on January 15, 1999

Video for her lover

Madonna's lawyer watches a video tape of Anne Archer rolling on the bed for her lover. She suprisingly has a gorgeous body. There are very clear shots of her butt, and more brief shots of her breasts. If you have your pause button handy, you can get a shot of her pussy as she gets up off the bed. Very nice.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

not Archer

Any idiot could tell that this is not Anne Archer. You can clearly tell that it is not her because her face was never shown, and the body double's hair looked different. What do they think? That we are morons or something?

BushLeague was written on July 13, 2003

Ambiguous body double

There are shots where you see the person's face, breasts, and ass in the same shot , but the hair obscures the face. The nose looks highly similar to Anne's, but the person doing the nudity obviously had her hair done to obscure the face. Nice hot butt, breasts, and brief bush.

sirspread was written on February 22, 2004


who cares that its a body double the body is pretty ok although we dont see enough of it

Willem Dafoe
2CisBelieve was written on July 6, 2000

The first SM scene for Dafoe

Dafoe is laying on the bed while madonna rides him gently.
Not even playing it in slow motion you can clearly see that Dafoe isn't really inside her.
His penis is hanging between his legs!
Although the rest of the movie is very erotic with a lot of madonna nude, this is the best part of Dafoe.
(Isn't his first name William?)

yowza was written on September 29, 1999

Buns while laying down

Willem is laying face-down on the floor after having sex with Madonna. He's got nice, muscular buns.

murray was written on September 21, 1998

sex scenes

Looking carefully you'll be able to see the end of what is clearly his long penis under Madonna's buttocks as she rides on top of him. It bounces around under there in several frames but you never see the whole salami.

sirspread was written on February 22, 2004

hot wax

very muscular and a brief view of what looks like his dick i you pause
the hot wax should have been poured overhis head though as he is pig ugly

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