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Doman, John 1 Review

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Assumpta Serna
Marta Gastini
chaospie was written on November 16, 2011


Marta is nude throughout the series, starting in the first episode. Her beautiful, sexy body is worth watching the show for all by itself. You won't be disappointed.

Isolda Dychauk
chaospie was written on November 16, 2011

Great breasts

Isolda has two noteworthy nude scenes in this series: in episode 2 we see her lovely breasts as she sits up from her bed after recovering from an illness towards the end of the episode. In episode 11, about three quarters of the way through, she has sex with a young man at an alter where we see her ass and breasts.

george754 was written on January 5, 2012

Very hard nipples

During a sex scene in episode 2 Isolda gets her nipples licked by a guy intensely. As her breast pops out of his mouth, her nipples are as hard as steel. Seems like Isolda got quite aroused of it.

John Doman
flighty56789 was written on March 23, 2013

Shows everything

He crawls over to have sex with a woman and you see his penis briefly, although you'll have to slow-mo to get a good view. Then you see his thrusting butt when he's having sex. Such a hot mature actor. I believe this is in the pilot episode.

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