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Riffel, Rena 6 Reviews
Procter, Emily 10 Reviews
Matthius, Gail 1 Review
Kenzle, Leila 5 Reviews
Hoag, Judith 1 Review
Granath, Tiffany 2 Reviews
Foreman, Amanda 5 Reviews
Falcone, Lisa 7 Reviews
Deno, Mary 3 Reviews
Broderick, Beth 3 Reviews

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Rena Riffel
duckem was written on March 20, 2001

only good toplessness in this movie

There was alot of toplessness in this movie but they were either too small or too big. Rena's was just right. A cast of her bust was going to be made as a model for other breast implant operations. Rena obediently strips to the waist so the plaster can be applied to her breasts.

BMac was written on April 6, 2007


After scoping out the local pool, plastic surgeon David Schwimmer chooses Rena Riffel to serve as the template for his implant design. at 14:09, :26 and :31-36 we get several views of Rena's boobies as he mixes up a plaster and slathers it on her. The point is that Rena Riffel has pretty and perky breasts, but nothing much more than average size. They're easily worth two stars or so, but the views aren't as good as some of the other women,

Senator was written on July 11, 2001

good choice for a model!

A little big for my tastes, but not way out there... I am a little surprised that she was the 'chosen one' especially since they went WAY bigger later in the movie... but this is one really nice looking lady!

Akaiva was written on January 18, 2006

Breast Men

Fred05. You are incorrect. I was not the model for Rena Riffel. My character's title was "Implant Model" because I was a model at the tradeshow in the scene with Chris Cooper when he autographed my breast.You can see the shot on my website at www.ivafranks.com

Fred05 was written on December 31, 2005

Wrong actress for the mold model

According to the IMBd, it was Iva Franks Singer who strips and has the mold made of her breasts, not Rena.

fargalaxy was written on November 30, 2000



Emily Procter
Alphonse was written on November 1, 2000

two breast exposures

This beauty, currently spending time on The West Wing, has a couple of topless scenes in this film. In the first she's small-breasted and beautiful; in the second she has much larger tits and has them touched by another woman contemplating having implants. Definitely worth seeing!

mgs-ss was written on January 25, 2001

two breast sequences

Emily has two nude scenes, the first happens about an hour into the movie when she undoes her top to get implants. Then, about 10 min. later she takes off her bra to show another woman how real they look, though they are much bigger this time, good scenes!!

BMac was written on April 6, 2007

Clever girl

Small-breasted Emily Procter shows some smart career strategy. If she took off her top in any other movie, Procter might get called flat in comparison to her female co-stars. But here, she's competing with atrocious fake boobs, some of the tiniest titties ever caught on film and others that are only marginally attractive. Procter's nurse character comes seeking help from old friend David Schwimmer. She's recently divorced and wearing a leather vest which she doesn't fill out very well, so obviously she thinks she needs help. At 43:12-22, Emily Procter takes off her top and shows off perky little boobies, maybe 33B. Yeah, you would not complain if they were bigger, but overall she's a lovely woman.
At 44:48-45:15, she shows off her augmented boobies to a prospective patient. They're the perfect size for her, about three times bigger than Emily Procter's real breasts. But here's another aspect to the digital debate: besides being superior to Emily's breasts in the first scene, this second pair looks real and much, much better than the fake breasts seen throughout this movie. Whether computer-generated or borrowed from another actress, somebody made sure Emily looks good.

slavedriver was written on January 26, 2001

Second boob shot is SPECIAL FX

When she first reveals her tits to the doctor, those are her real ones. After her surgery, when she shows them to some lady and they are HUGE, is a trick. If you watch the scene carefully, you can tell that her head/face has been digitally grafted onto another body with big tits. It just doesn't 'look' right. But her real tits are nice...

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

Two Shots With Her Head

I love Emily and her accent. I am not sure that Slavedriver is correct. I think that the 1st/before scene may be the digitally altered one. If you look closely it looks like the bottom of her tits have been cut off and reshaped to look smaller plus in Body Shots her tits are as big as the 2nd/after shot in Breast Men. Who knows. Anyway we get two good looks at them and in the 2nd/after scene a potential patient touches them. You can check Emily out on C.S.I. Miami. This movie is good enough to watch and is laced with copious amounts of boobage.

JaeDavis was written on October 19, 1999

Head Nurse is HOT

Emily is only seen toples a few times in this movie, but those times that she is shown are INCREDIBLE! She has a beautiful pair of breasts that make me glad to be male.

NudeyDude was written on March 3, 2002

Before and After

Before she gets them and after she gets the implants she shows the camrea her breasts, nice scences

pj11 was written on December 2, 2002


I only saw the first scene pre-implants. her tits are round and perfect,i wouldn't have changed a thing. i caught her new show csi miami and her tits don't look bigger at all so the second scene might be digitally altered

sirspread was written on March 30, 2005


she shows another women her new breasts and invites her to touch
her breasts are big but more wide than sticky outy
i wasnt impressed

Senator was written on July 11, 2001

why the hell would you change THAT!

The three is for the first scene, and if she would have stayed that way, that is the way it would have stayed... this woman is hot hot hot!

Gail Matthius
BMac was written on April 6, 2007

Nothing to see here

Gail Matthius, a one-time SNL cast member, is credited or dis-credited as the woman taking off her bra and being interviewed during the opening credits. In a possible set-up for body doubles to come, Matthius asks, "You're not going to show my face, are you?" But it's bad enough that they show her chest, which is listed as 32A but looks more like 30AA. Matthius is complaining about being so flat-chested that she's literally treated like a board. It's true, she's built like an 11-year-old. No actress would want a body double who looks like this.

Leila Kenzle
Shleprock was written on October 24, 2001


Leila was the "pencil test" interviewee (sp?). The girl with the badly sagging breasts. Her face is never seen, so I'm guessing that she just read the lines and that she never appears on-screen (however, I could be wrong).

BMac was written on April 6, 2007

Body double

As Gonzodog points out, although this actress is listed for the part, she does not appear to match the shot of the saggy 36C boobs at 21:35-39. Whoever they belong to, they're not particularly attractive but not the worst here.

duckem was written on July 12, 2001

need better description

Please be more descriptive than a one line Al Bundy comment aboutboobies. This "Mad About You" star had a very small bit role in this movie and there is alot of toplessness in this movie so its very hard to pick her out from the sea of breasts.

GONZODOG was written on February 28, 2006

Tits Oot For The Lads? Nope

If there was ever a more obvious body double set up in any film, anywhere, any time, I have not seen it. The briefest look at Leila Kenzle on film elsewhere tells you that that is NOT her on screen. The dialogue doesn't even match her body movements.

fargalaxy was written on November 30, 2000

good and clear shot

her breasts

Judith Hoag
thefaceman32 was written on October 9, 2003

Breasts (possible body double)

Judith Hoag standing topless and discussing how her great her breasts look after getting implants while the camera focuses in on them.

Tiffany Granath
Immy was written on January 4, 2005

Getting left breast massaged (0:41)

Talk about a tough job! David Schwimmer is demonstrating to Tiffany, a real hottie, how to massage her new implants. He's got both hands on her left boob and he's gently rotating clockwise then counterclockwise. Tiffany's really into it, moaning and closing her eyes. Her nipples even pop out. Great scene!

BMac was written on April 6, 2007

Only sexy scene

This is about the only sexy scene in this smarmy movie. At 40:27-:52 enjoys David Schwimmer showing Tiffany Granath how to massage her implants. What, she couldn't figure that out? Even if they're fake, they look nice and it's one of the few scenes where the characters seem to be having a good time. Unfortunately, you don't see anything except Tiffany's face and chest.

Amanda Foreman
Alphonse was written on November 1, 2000

way small breasts

Amanda, who plays Meghan on Felicity, has a brief nude scene near the beginning of this movie. She's standing in front of a mirror rubbing breast enhancement cream on her very small (they may be just nipples) breasts. Wonderful for fans of small tits, interesting for fans of Felicity.

BMac was written on April 6, 2007

Amanda Foreman wins No-Boobie Prize

Known only for her role in "Felicity," the show for, by and about flat-chested girls, Amanda Foreman exposes her shortcomings, perhaps to prove she's even flatter than Keri Russell. At 2:26-:35, as David Schwimmer watches through a window, Foreman pulls pads out of her little bra, which is clearly too big for her, then takes it off and rubs "breast enhancement cream" on her hopeless chest. Normally that would be worth a star no matter what, but Amanda Foreman challenges Carly Pope for the dubious title of the most flat-chested girl ever featured on North American television. And as the other viewers say, Foreman's areolas seem oversized in comparison to the nothing but nipples plain. Size is not the only factor in sexiness, but Foreman's breastless pecs look terrible by any standard. Despite all the bad boob jobs on display in this movie, you may want to give generously to the Implants for Amanda Foreman Fund.

Senator was written on July 11, 2001

not good for fans of small tits!

This movie certianly didn't get a lot of good looking breasts! Since you are clearly not a fan of small breasts I will let you know, their appeal is their shape and resistance to gravity. They are tight, shaped naturally, hang well and perfectly up, and are just the right handful...

this woman's breasts are neither shapped well or gravity resistant, therefore, she is not a case of good little breasts... moreover, about your comment "they are all nipple"... well, yes and that is another problem, saucer nipples (something I find terribly gross) and almost never present on people with small chests (another advantage) but since she is, it is all the worse!

NudeyDude was written on March 3, 2002

Rubbing goo on boobs

Not that hot, ugly looking breasts too

sirspread was written on March 30, 2005


right at the start we see her very small breasts which are very unappealing even for small breast lovers

Lisa Falcone
NudeyDude was written on March 3, 2002

There big and fake so what

the surgical scars are minimal, dont know what the big fuss is

duckem was written on March 20, 2001

too big

I hated her scene. Her breasts were obscenely big
from obvious plastic surgery. And when she bends over you can see the surgical scars underneath her breasts.

BMac was written on April 6, 2007

Bad boob job

In a long scene beginning at 56:00, David Schwimmer goes to a strip club and encounters numeous topless women, most with fake boobs. After he's shown to a table, Lisa Falcone turns up as one of his patients who has been ridiculously over-expanded. She does a lap dance for him and then they get into it. Her boobs look plastic and you can see the scars. I'd give them no stars except for the length of the scene.

sirspread was written on March 30, 2005

terrible breasts

about the hour mark we see her alwful breasts

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001

whole movie

lots of nudity, but more of a boring sterile documentary not allowing any sexuality in.

Senator was written on July 11, 2001

duckem got it right!

I just saw this movie on HBO... she is gross, and yes, you can clearly see the scars! Big gross ones!

fargalaxy was written on November 30, 2000



Mary Deno
Immy was written on January 4, 2005

Topless in doctor's office (0:41)

Once David Schwimmer's breast augmentation practice gets going we see some typical post-surgery scenarios with his patients. Mary gets her first look at her new set in Schwimmer's office mirrors. Slightly bruised but really nice C-cups, plus she looks a little like his Friends co-star Courteney Cox.

BMac was written on April 6, 2007

Unattractive make-up

At 40:07-:15, soon after her character's operation, we see Mary Deno's boobies, which would look better if she weren't made up to appear bruised.

sirspread was written on March 30, 2005


we get a couple of shots of her medium sized breasts about 40 mins in
they are prettyaverage in every way

Beth Broderick
BMac was written on April 6, 2007

Not quite the worst

This peculiar movie shows a lot of breasts, but not many attractive ones. Of course, the variety is part of the point, but with prolonged close-ups of tiny, saggy, deformed and atrociously fake boobs 'Breast Men' is slightly less sexy than the average Harry Potter movie. At 9:50-10:16 Beth Broderick appears in one of the odd interview scenes, talking about how embarassed and humilated she is by her little 34A boobies while the camera focuses only on them. Even if you like small breasts, Broderick's aren't great _ she gets a star only because of the length of the scene _ but they're far from the worst displayed here and they're slightly larger than a few of the others.

sirspread was written on March 30, 2005


early in the film we see her smallish breasts for a few seconds

BushLeague was written on August 9, 2003

I'll give you two guesses as to what she shows

Both are right. Her firm, 34a all day chest suckers are displayed topless.

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