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1975 Eiger Sanction, The 4 Reviews

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Eiger Sanction, The (1975)
sirspread was written on March 6, 2007


the previous viewer sums it up well (first time is about 46 mins)
however her breasts are fake and quite simply awful (rock hard no shape)
dont watch this for her body

JaeDavis was written on January 22, 2000

two brief scenes, but very nice

First scene is about 405 minutes in. She removes her top at summit of cliff to entice Clint to climb it (but disappears when he tops out). Then about 1:10 into it Clint is in bed and she comes in and starts taking her clothes off. You see breasts and ass. Both are perfect. Then she proceeds to beat his ass. Maybe a total of 10-12 seconds nude time in whole movie.

GoGoGurl was written on April 7, 2013

A Long Tease Building To A Shadowy Sex *Intro*

From the moment you see her you know this girl's gonna flash us some tit. She looks sexy and she spends her entire time on screen jogging around in skimpy hiking outfits with low necklines. Eventually, out-of-shape Clint Eastwood can't be bothered chasing her anymore, so she takes off her top and gives us a brief, but clear look at her large breasts. But it only lasts a second and then she's gone.

Later, she sneaks in to his bedroom and starts stripping down to nothing without saying a word. The scene is really dark, but there is just enough light for you to be able to make out her breasts (including her nipples) and her fine ass when she takes of her pants. All together, probably no more then 10 seconds of exposure here. I should point out that the only "sex" you see is her climbing in to bed with him and kissing him before it fades into the next scene.

A sexy woman, but the scarce amount of nudity in this long move makes it barely worth mentioning. Still a good movie, though.

As to whether the mammies are real or not, I can't say one way or the other, but if I had to guess I'd say their real. Keep in mind that this movie is from 1975. I've always been under the impression that implants from then were of a shockingly bad standard, even compared to 90s boob jobs. The set I saw in this movie could certainly pass for real, which I believe 1970s implants couldn't do.

Ghostwords was written on May 10, 2014

Very personal training

Ms Venus plays George, the personal trainer assigned to mountain climber Hemlock (Clint Eastwood). At one point during one of their runs, she appears above him and gestures for the guy to climb up the rockface to her; when he hesitates, she undoes her shirt and we see her bare breasts for a couple of seconds. One of the other reviewers suggests they're fake, but (a) the scene is shot from below, so of course they look solid, and (b) this was the mid-1970s, when boob jobs were rare. They sure look natural to me.

Later, she slips into his room at night and undresses. We don't see much of her butt, just her left hip in profile, but there are two decent (albeit brief) shots of her breasts from his perspective before she climbs into the bed.

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