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2010 Meet Monica Velour 1 Review
1987 Belly of an Architect, The 6 Reviews
1977 Semi Tough 2 Reviews

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Meet Monica Velour (2010)
spanishirish was written on August 30, 2012


Dennehy must be about 71 when this was filmed.
He gets up off the sofa after his grandson has just seen him having sex with a hooker and goes to turn off the TV set, his very old wrinkly ass and balls hanging beneath under.
Not sure really if it is Dennehy as the scene is shot from behind (no pun intended) and the figure certainly seems burly and tall enough to be Dennehy but the ass is VERY wrinkly.

Belly of an Architect, The (1987)
demonluver was written on March 8, 2005

Naked rear and balls

Good scene, especially for the chubby actor lovers. Brian (who is a rather chubby and large guy) strips from fully clothed to totally nude in this scene (however, it is from a distance) He pulls off his shorts and we see his chubby butt as he steps onto the bed, also his balls swing between his legs as he's laying down, however the scene is from far away, so I only gave it 3 stars.

COCfan was written on January 3, 2000

bedroom scene

Yikes. I was not impressed. Mr. Dennehy looks much better with his clothes on! The movie is quite a yawner as well.

Ozzie700 was written on January 1, 2003

Not *that* bad

Brian may not be the fittest guy, but he was in fairly good shape at the time of this film, and I'm glad he was brave enough to try nudity at a time when he was still attractive. Early in the film he slips out of his briefs and there is a shot of his decent rump and you can see his dangling balls and/or penis as he jumps into bed beside Chloe. All in all I really don't think this scene is anything to complain about. He has a later scene sitting at the doctor's office wearing only a hospital gown, but I could never tell if anything was showing or not.

murray was written on September 22, 1998

bedroom scene

Only big Dennehy fans should bother with this one.

crfan was written on November 7, 1998

Bedroom Scene

I though Brian was really cute, until he undressed. He goes alomst the entire movie shirtless, and in one scene slips off his underwear and gets in bed with his wife. You get a clear shot of his but, and as he is jumping on the bed, you get a flash of his balls. Big Brian Dennehy fans will like the film, but I wasn't impressed with is body.

kryten was written on March 5, 2000

Bedroom Scene

Nice arse but very little else on show, apart from an impressive bulge prior to taking his underpants off, shame he had to turn around though, other than that he has an unimpressive body, very white!

Semi Tough (1977)
Unusual was written on December 10, 2007


Right at the very beginning Dennehy is spraying champaign around as the team is celebrating. He's still wearing his shirt and what looks like an apron before turing around to show butt crack.

There some extras nude in the showers also, medium distance, hard to see any detail. DVD might be clearer.

Neptune3 was written on June 10, 2008

Brief ass shot in a jockstrap

In one of the early scenes of this movie, Dennehy, who plays a sort of burly, simple-minded lunkhead, is celebrating in the locker room. He has a jockstrap on his head and is wearing a t-shirt and a jockstrap (with a towel tucked into the front of it!) on his body. As he turns around, the camera catches his beefy, flabby buns for a few seconds which might be considered worse if this weren't just about the thinnest he ever was in his film career! Best of all, though, is the following scene in the showers where he and several other players and coaches are laughing and horseplaying around. Dennehy is still in his shirt and makeshift apron, but four extras are fully nude and show hunky ass and some brief, average-sized frontal nudity. Nice looking guys. It's a shame that was all the male nudity in the film.

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