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1996 Mind Games 1 Review
1993 Liar's Club, The 2 Reviews

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Mind Games (1996)
cecil was written on October 22, 2006


No nudity from him. His name shouldn't have been entered here, unless there's another version of this movie that shows more. In his first sex scene with Maria Ford, we see his bare upper chest, in the second sex scene his shirt is open, but he keeps his pants on. There's also a scene where he takes a shower, but it's all shot from mid-chest up.

Liar's Club, The (1993)
yowza was written on July 26, 1999

Buns during rape

Krause (the popular high school quarterback) pulls his pants down enough to rape a girl at a party. He has nice buns, but we don't get that good of a look; mostly side-view. Plus, it being a rape scene takes most of the eroticism away from it.

LOVERBOI was written on March 22, 2002

rape scene behind the house

when brian first pulls down his pants in this scene the ass seen is not nearly as round and plump as brian's ass is. he's been in several films, and in all of them, including this one, you can see that he has a true bubble butt. but the guy in the first half of this scene has a pretty scrawny ass. but, towards the end of the scene you get to see his butt once more, only this time it's concealed by the tail of his shirt. i think that this was him, because although his butt is covered, it looks much more plump than the first time. maybe he was shy about doing a full-monty butt shot, and chose to have it covered instead. brian always has such a spectacularly round butt, and this film just adds to the fun because of the tight jeans he wears.

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