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Sarah Wynter
nudity_elitist was written on June 24, 2002

These are NOT nice breasts, dudes.

I must disagree with the populous on two main topics: Yes, she is beautiful and no, her titties are not good. In fact, once she reveals what is hiding under her blouse I thought it a pity that such a beauty should end up with such an average chest.

bilfic was written on June 8, 2002

Luscious Breasts

This beautiful actress, who i don't recall ever seeing before, has luscious, strokable, suckable breasts with lovely large nipples. Unfortunately they are on view all too briefly.

Chicago was written on June 30, 2002

2 scenes

At :17.25-:18, the attractive redhead (in this movie) Sarah opens her 17th century nighty top to reveal natural hand-cup sized breasts from a medium distance. The guy then moves on top of her with minimal, if any, views of her chest in the shadows. At 1:00.5-1:01, she's ravaged by the painter...quick pubis in shadows as she briefly hikes up her undergarment, then her seemingly larger breasts get better viewing.

WLoomis was written on June 5, 2002

Gusto and Great Nipples

This movie blows, but the other review about Sarah is off base. Sarah is an odd beauty, not ugly (in some shots she looks like Jerri from Survivor 2). She is always happy to show off her tits, and since those tits are very firm and can be held easily in the hands, she doesn't deserve a zero star rating. She has an early scene where Gustav has performance anxiety and she takes off her top to get him in the mood. The camera is too far away, but anyone can see she has a nice rack. Much later, she has very frenzied sex with Vincent Perez. He practically rips her clothes off of her, and not only is there a better breasts shot, you can see her mostly shaved beaver once or twice. Then he starts pumping on top of her, and she loves it. She has such great nipples that you can't help wanting to suck on. So she isn't the best actress and this is a bad movie - let's be grateful for what she gave us.

BiBoySTL was written on December 30, 2001

Breasts... I believe

I believe she showed her breasts, but I had the fast-forward button on throughout the movie, so I could be wrong. Wynter is incredibly unattractive (and untalented), but I do believe during a sex scene between her and Vincent Perez, she shows her breasts.

Monika Mandl
nudity_elitist was written on June 24, 2002


This was one case in which the fact that a tit was partially covered didn't bother me. I could tell the tits were lousy, anyways. Strangely shaped with out-of-proportion nips and areolas.

Chicago was written on June 30, 2002

1 scene

WLoomis does a good job of describing Monika's nondescript nude scene. The time of it comes at :04-:04.75.

WLoomis was written on June 5, 2002

Nude Model

In one of the first scenes, Sarah sees a portrait done by Klimt, and the model standing beside the portrait, dressed in the same robe. The robe is open at the waist, and her pendulous breast and huge, brown areola are exposed. I think this is Monika. There are also two nude women posing for Klimt later on. The brunete in front gives a view of boobs and pubes, while the blonde only shows her breasts and her butt.

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