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1975 Rosebud 2 Reviews

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Rosebud (1975)
LeroyBrown was written on October 19, 2002

Butt and pube flash

She was the very pretty petite brunette hostage. When she was in bed with her lover, one of her breasts flashed very quickly from behind him. With frame by frame you see her left nipple paritally for about 6 frames. When the terrorists boarded the yacht she was lying face down uncovered and she was naked and you can see her very smooth buttocks. As she turn around to face the terrorists you see a brief flash of her pubes. Then later as she and the other girls were herded up to the deck of the yacht you see her buttocks again. Just * 1/2, 2 stars is a little generous. I think she had the tightest buns of the bunch.

DeMan was written on December 14, 2001

Full frontal flash

This incredibly pretty brunette plays one of the five kidnapped girls, and is the only one we see naked before the kidnapping. Early in the movie, she is shown in bed with her new boyfriend (who turns out to be involved in the scheme), and there are a couple of fleeting glimpses of her bare breasts. When the terrorists burst into her bedroom, she's shown lying face down asleep in bed (nice butt shot), followed by a shot of bush when she wakes up and turns over. Her ass is shown again as the terrorists march her and the other four girls along (she's the first one in line).

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