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Brigitte Bardot's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1973 Ms. Don Juan 4 Reviews
1971 Pétroleuses, Les 1 Review
1971 Legend of Frenchie King, The 0 Reviews
1970 Novices, The 1 Review
1968 Shalako 1 Review
1963 Mépris, Le 3 Reviews
1961 Please, Not Now! 0 Reviews
1961 Amours célèbres, Les 1 Review
1960 Vérité, La 1 Review
1958 Night Heaven Fell, The 2 Reviews
1958 Love Is My Profession 1 Review
1956 God Created Woman 2 Reviews
1956 Et Dieu... créa la femme 2 Reviews
1952 Girl in the Bikini, The 1 Review

nudity reviews for Brigitte Bardot member submitted

Ms. Don Juan (1973)
scanman was written on May 1, 2001

3 scenes in this last Brigitte Bardot film!

19 minutes into the movie you see Brigitte in the bathtub. There's a distant shot and a closer shot. During the close up you clearly see her breasts. 56 minutes into the movie is the semi-lesbian scene with Jane Birkin. BB is nude, but nothing is visible. After 1 hour and 16 minutes BB has a sexscene where you can see her great behind and breats. It's the best scene in the movie!

Ghostwords was written on May 10, 2007

Body double?

I suspect BushLeague is right about the scene where a naked "BB" kneels in front of a guy. Not only is the woman's face not visible, the lighting/focus seems to change when we cut to a topless Ms Bardot. Perhaps, like Britt Ekland in The Wicker Man, she felt she was carrying too much weight for a rear shot. In the later lesbian scene, most of her behind is concealed by sheets.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Two scenes with possible body double

Her left tit floats out of some really dirty bath water. A girl is wearing a mask and a guy asks if it is her. It turns out to be some swedish girl with nice tits and ass and she walks away giving a full length rear shot. She is behind Jane Birkin with her hand over Jane's pubes, see barest hint of outline of her ass. Another scene supposedly shows her kneeling and then standing with a full rear view of a heart shaped ass. But the girl goes out of her way to hide her face behind her hair in the close ups (I really want to believe this is Brigitte, but has body double stamped all over it). Later she drops back and you can see Brigitte's face and both lovely natural tits.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

News Flash--possible pubes!

I just did a blow up of the scene where she is getting dressed after the Lesbian scene. When she is putting on her shoes and spreads her knees, you barely get a glimpse of her dark pubes up her skirt.

Pétroleuses, Les (1971)
BushLeague was written on August 6, 2003

Fantastic French Fanny

Washing self in a tub and stands up. She is completely naked from the rear and her delicious derriere is enticingly wet, along with her gorgeous gams.

Legend of Frenchie King, The (1971)
Novices, The (1970)
BushLeague was written on July 26, 2003

Beach scene

Appears kneeling in a bikini with a mesh see-thru top. Can make out most of 34b's and nipples.

Shalako (1968)
OLDMOVIEBUFF was written on July 15, 2007

BB giving herself a

At 1:36 of the movie, it's twilight, and Ms. Bardot is topless, giving herself a "sponge-bath" in a pool at the top of a mountain. When Sean Connery discovers she's left her blanket, he seeks her out. When he finds her, he pauses to admire the view. If you had spyglasses, you would get a nice look at her right breast as she dips for more water, but alas the long shot is not great. When Connery catches up to her, she covers her proud beauties with her hands and asks if he "wants her". Guess what he says!! I'm afraid the scene ain't much, but Ms. Bardot is sure at her beautiful prime for this movie.

Mépris, Le (1963)
ScottBaiowulf was written on February 16, 2000

Bardot's derrière

In the opening scene! She's lying on her stomach on a bed! NAKED! And you can see it! And she and this French guy keep talking about it! Il est magnifique! LHOOQ!

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 18, 1999

Her behind

We get a few tasty shots of her behind, including one in which we get a real good look at it. Unfortunately we see no more than her behind. Rates a three because it looks so nice!

Spaceman was written on December 9, 2002

As Duchamp says "She has a hot ass"

I'm a buttman, and these scenes were exciting even though her ass was a bit skinny; I was expecting much more voluptuous curves. Nonetheless, 3 stars for a beautiful ass. 1st scene while lying on bed with Michael Piccoli, the camera pans from her face to her ass and back to face. 2nd scene is a brief backshot upper-portion of ass when she gets out of the bathtub. 3rd scene is more creative. Gordot jumpcuts from Bardot lying on a white rug naked (we clearly make out her cheeks in this shot), a profile shot of her ass and thighs contrasted with plush red, and back to the white rug shot. last scene is brief, we see her lying nude on the beach, and a book sprawled across her cheeks. Piccoli removes the book and we then see another profile of her ass. There were some brief (hard-to-discern) scenes of Bardot (as well as a nude mermaid) skinny dipping but these barely make it for reviewing. Was expecting more nudity from Contempt but the film altogether was nice and erotic.

Please, Not Now! (1961)
Amours célèbres, Les (1961)
grong was written on August 26, 1999

Oh la la!

This is a long, dull film which was made watchable only by BB getting her kit off once again. She was at the height of her beauty in this film and I was transfixed by her, particularly when she shows her butt while bathing in a stream.

Vérité, La (1960)
Xeyes was written on April 27, 2008


brief butt and legs shot, no face.

Night Heaven Fell, The (1958)
DeMan was written on December 11, 2001

One rear-view, one topless shot

In this French film from the late '50s, Brigitte Bardot has two nude scenes. In the first scene, she is taking a shower (she's only shown from the shoulders up, so there's nothing to see here) when another woman comes in and admires the clothes Brigitte has laid out in the bedroom. Brigitte gets out of the shower, still naked (but still not showing anything) and lets her friend try on her dress. As they're playfully horsing around, Brigitte's boyfriend (Stephen Boyd) suddenly walks in, and Brigitte hides behind the other woman before covering up with a robe or sheet of some kind. At this point, we finally get a glimpse of Brigitte's bare ass before she succeeds in completely covering herself. There is a much better scene later on, in which Brigitte and Stephen Boyd are arguing on the beach. She gets knocked on her back, and her tattered dress slips out of place, partially revealing her right nipple. After they make up, Brigitte stands, and the camera focuses on her legs as she lets her dress fall to the ground around her ankles. The camera pans across the sand, and I was all prepared for a fade-out to end the scene before we get any pay-off...but then, much to my delight, Brigitte lays back down, finally giving us an unobstructed view of her magnificent youthful breasts! I give this scene an extra star simply for following through on what seemed to be just a tease.

Texasmovieman was written on December 4, 2007

scean outside cave at end of movie

after many teases of nudity at 122 into movie there is love scean where full breasts are shown as she is on back. would have loved nuidty during shower scean

Love Is My Profession (1958)
bladerunner was written on July 11, 2000


brigitte bardot in front of gabin

God Created Woman (1956)
LeroyBrown was written on April 11, 2003

Butt scene a couple of time.

Film that created a legend. She showed her butt a couple of time first while sunbathing and she was visited by Kurt Jurgens actually just side of the buns. Next was when she had sex with her husband after their weddng night. She was seen through a sheer piece of cloth almost gauze like thin which was the sail for a model sailboat. Her full backside was seen and so was the side of her breast but it look like it was shot through gauze.

voyeur was written on February 1, 2002

No scenes where she even shows a breast

There was a huge amount of scandal when this move came out and she was hyped as the first sex kitten, but in fact every time you would have expected her to show something, there was a cutaway to another scene, where she wasn't nude either.

Et Dieu... créa la femme (1956)
Chicago was written on April 13, 2003

2 scenes

At :02:57-:03:13, Bridget is seen lying naked on her stomach outdoors behind a hanging bed sheet as a guy comes up to the other side of the sheet to talk to her…bare ass up as shot from the side. At :41:24-:41:31, Bridget is lying on the bed with a guy, viewed through a sheer partition; as she stands and puts on a robe, some ass and form of her breasts can be seen through the partition from a distance.

Bootydaddy was written on April 14, 2003

Don't watch

she is naked twice but you don't see anything either time...the first scene she is lying down sunbathing nude but you get a side view, no ass crack just bare hip basically, so nothing there....and the scene through the BLACK sailboat sail isn't even worth a mention if you squint you MAY see some ass crack but that is about it, don't waste your time like I did.

Girl in the Bikini, The (1952)
Bushyboy was written on September 4, 2009

sunning on the rocks

As Bardot is sunning, a close-up of her shows her with her bikini straps down and her right areola is peeking out. When the guy climbs up to her, her left areola is peeking out. After the guy kisses her, she rises up and her top drops giving us a nip-slip for about 5 frames. Pretty racy for 1952.... and her film debut at age 18 to boot!

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