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1997 Post coïtum animal triste 2 Reviews
1990 Outremer 1 Review

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Post coïtum animal triste (1997)
Chicago was written on August 5, 2002

7 scenes, 2 decent

The previous reviewer does a good job of describing Brigette's scenes. At :15, Brigitte rolls off the bed, legs spread enough to see up her nightie for 1 sec. At :16-:17.75 is the 1st scene BM describes...breasts while having sex with guy amidst somewhat dim lighting but with good views and excellent moans and orgasm. At :25-:27.25, she is watching her love interest shave; her knees are up to her chest but there's a partial right areola view. Brigette is then on top of the guy naked and there are some shots of her mashed breast against his chest. At :27.75 while she's in bed, her husband pulls down the top of the covers...breasts from a medium distance for 2 sec. At :59.75-1:00.5, partial breast shot in tub as the guy drips water on her head. At 1:04.25-1:04.75, the shadow outline of her breasts are seen against a lit window while she's in the dark, drunk and struggling up the stairs. At 1:20 is the 2nd scene BM describes...Brigette opens her pj top in front of the mirror, pokes at her right breast, tests the skin under her right arm and looks at herself asking "Am I still fuckable?" Both breasts clearly viewable. 2 1/2 *'s with a rounding up for the orgasm scene.

BM was written on January 3, 2001

cute middle-aged french actress topless

Brigitte has two good scenes in this movie and a few additional flashes. The best scene is while having sex with Boris Terral. There is a quick flash as she sits on the bed in her pink nightie, but when Boris comes out of the bathroom, he exposes her breast. Next, she is naked and moaning as they have sex. There are several clear, decent length shots of her small breasts as she arches her back. This is towards the beginning of the movie. The next best scene is after she and Boris, who is younger, break up. She is standing in front of a mirror, looking at herself to see if she is still sexy. Both breasts are clearly displayed. This is towards the end of the film. The middle of the film has several brief nude scenes: a flash of the right breast as Brigitte's husband exposes it in bed, but she quickly covers up before the children come in; a bathtub scene where she is talking with Boris and the left nipple is barely visible; and a scene where she is stripping as she walks upstairs. She gets completely nude, but her breasts are hard to see due to the lighting. There is a good butt shot at the end of the scene though.

Outremer (1990)
Immy was written on October 31, 2010

Brief left nipple (0:53)

Brigitte sits in a bathtub rinsing herself off while talking to her husband who sits nearby. When we get a head-on shot her left nip peeks into frame a couple times as she uses the handheld showerhead. Can be found under the English title "Overseas."

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