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year title
1991 Unborn, The 1 Review
1985 Key Exchange 2 Reviews
1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers 3 Reviews

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Unborn, The (1991)
RFA was written on March 1, 2000

Breast-feeding her baby monster

Actually I'm not making this up. Brooke Adams is shown breast-feeding her baby creature. You get to see one breast very clearly as the baby sucks on the other one. This is right before the baby rips the face off one of the doctors. I guess this is one of those you have to see to believe.

Key Exchange (1985)
Ghostwords was written on July 15, 2012


Ms Adams briefly shows her right breast as she gets into a shower with her boyfriend. The left one can be seen very vaguely through the shower curtain. The shot is framed above her waist, so she's probably wearing something below.

RFA was written on March 1, 2000

Brief glimpse of breast

You get to see a breast as she drops her clothes and gets into the shower with her boyfriend. She disapears behind an opaque shower curtain.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
FatVercetti was written on February 9, 2010


Brooke Adams was very hot in this movie and its great we got to see more of her. However the two scenes with nudity are very tame. In one she shows her breasts but is behind a bunch of bushes and its hard to really see anything. The scene is also a bit dark and lasts about 5 seconds. Then she walks around in a burning warehouse again displaying her breasts but again its hard to really admire her nudity. Its about 5 seconds long too and the shot is sideways and thereĀ“s smoke so again you never really get a chance to get a good look at them. From what i could make out, she had nice natural, medium sized, well shaped boobs. A brunette with a sort of an innocent girl next door look, Brooke Adams really made herself noticed and although this is not great nudity, at least we got to see something. Also note the movie has a very young Veronica Cartwright, from Alien, who is also very sexy and is wearing a nice pair of shorts in a scene and massaging a guy with baby oil in another.

loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

3 scenes-1/being taken over by the bodysnatcher 2/after donald sutherland gets back from the warehouse and she has been snatched 3/ in the ware house pointing at sutherland.

the first scene isn't to good because she is covered with a opaq covering of some kind. the second scene is the best one for a tit shot when she is talking to donald. the last scene is pretty good as she is walking nude thruogh the warehouse,however,even though she is nude you don't see any bush.

axl was written on October 15, 1999

topless in warehouse

Brooke is seen walking naked from the side but there is a shot of her breasts when she screams at Donald Sutherland.

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