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Californication's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Zima, Madeline 2 Reviews
Timlin, Addison 1 Review
Thorne, Callie 1 Review
Nordin, Michele 1 Review
Monroe, Meredith 1 Review
Miner, Rachel 1 Review
Mei Lan, Alison 1 Review
Marshall, Paula 4 Reviews
Luddington, Camilla 0 Reviews
Langfield, Camille 1 Review
Grace, Maggie 1 Review
Gallo, Carla 1 Review
Christopherson, Kathy 1 Review
Banner, Brooke 1 Review
Amurri Martino, Eva 4 Reviews

Californication's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Duchovny, David 1 Review
Beghe, Jason 1 Review

nudity reviews for Californication member submitted

Madeline Zima
Push_the_Button was written on August 20, 2007

Episode 1.1 "Pilot"

The child star from the sitcom "The Nanny" has grown up and bares her amazing breasts in a kinky sex scene with David Duchovny. She rides him for a while, her firm and youthful breasts gently bouncing up and down as she orgasms. Great nudity!

Texasmovieman was written on May 24, 2011

Sex with ducovney

Great face with natural set showing and shaking

Addison Timlin
snowdog was written on January 9, 2011


In the Season 4 (2011) premiere "Exile on Main Street," the extremely cute Addison has two topless scenes. In the first scene, she is meeting with movie execs to discuss an upcoming role and claims to have great breasts when she discusses her willingness to do a nude scene. She proves this by lifting her shirt. The shot is obscured somewhat by her necklaces, but she clearly has a fantastic figure (this scene is probably only two stars by itself). Towards the end of the episode, she is making love to David Duchovny in a scene that is basically a re-creation of Madeline Zima's topless scene from earlier in the series. Addison is on top of David and we get several shots of her fantastic breasts. Because of the length of the scene, the distance and lighting of the shots, and how great Addison looks, this is easily a four star scene.

Callie Thorne
snowdog was written on May 29, 2011

Topless getting dressed

About 16 minutes into the episode "Lights, Camera, A**hole," the beautiful Thorne (recognizable costar from shows like the WIre, Burn Notice, and Rescue Me) is seen topless. There are a couple of fleeting shots of her breasts while she is in bed with David Duchovny before she goes into the bathroom. While she is in there, her daughter (Addison Timlim) visits Duchovny, and Thorne comes back into the room with one breast hanging out of her open shirt before she sees her daughter and quickly covers up. Timlim leaves and Thorne takes off the shirt she is wearing and puts on another one while arguing with Duchovny. While getting dressed, we get an excellent medium shot of fully topless (partially from the side, but both breasts are visible), followed by a great side of her left breast as she stretches putting on a shirt. She is a very attractive over 40 woman, and she has a great chest.

Michele Nordin
Push_the_Button was written on August 20, 2007

Episode 1.1 "Pilot"

Michele Nordin plays a slutty nun in the pilot, who propositions David Duchovny, asking him if he wants a blow job. Nordin bares her great breasts and hard nipples in a well-lit, post-coital scene with Duchovny, and lights up a cigarette as she talks to him in bed. She then moans a little as Duchovny goes down on her under the covers.

Meredith Monroe
fergie was written on February 26, 2013

obviously nude, slight nip slip

S2, ep5, vaginatown. Hank going at her from behind, mostly side view but one time she shifts, and there is a hint of left nipple.

Rachel Miner
Sexdemonno1 was written on February 3, 2008

Nude in 3 eps

I'm surprised no-one has added this before me but as Rachel looks so different in this show (i.e. nasty tattoo's and piercings plus trashy dyed blonde long hair) it's easy to not recognise her. She's nude in 3 episodes if my mind serves me (I've only seen each ep once so don't blame me if I'm wrong about eps!). Ep 1.2 (I think) is when we first see that now world-famous cute ass. She bends over for her ugly slaphead boss (the one in sex and the city who left skidmarks!) and gets him to spank her bare butt whilst she's lying over his crotch. Second time she's partially nude in ep 1.3 (I think!) and she's posing in a bikini and g-string for her boss and standing on the desk. Third time she's nude is quite a few eps in and she has a 3some with slaphead and his angry drawfette of a wife. You only ever see her ass in this show but hey it's Miner's ass so deserves 3 stars! Roll on series 2! (and hopefully she's still in it...)

Alison Mei Lan
Push_the_Button was written on August 20, 2007

Episode 1.1 "Pilot"

Alison Mei Lan plays a woman David Duchovny picks up in a bar. In the next scene, Mei Lan rides Duchovny roughly, her breasts showing for a couple of seconds. It's darkly lit, but you can still make out her great assets.

Paula Marshall
Push_the_Button was written on August 20, 2007

Episode 1.2 "Hell-A Woman"

Paula Marshall may be over 40, but she still has an amazing figure, which she bares in episode 2 "Hell-A Woman". Marshall pulls off her overcoat and stands naked in front of David Duchovny, whose hand covers her vagina (in an Austin Powers kinda way). Marshall has great, natural breasts, and a firm, nice ass.

Sexdemonno1 was written on February 20, 2008

Superb nudity

ff is talking rubbish here. CGI tits? No that's a princess in Shrek mate. Don't be so ridiculous. I recorded this scene and it's definitely all her own body. Great big tits and superb spankable ass. Easily the sexiest woman in this entire series and it's an utter shame Marshall wasn't a recurring character throughout as not only was her character quirky and cool but she was gorgeous. Let's hope she's in the second series because I want to see that great body again!

TJWayne was written on August 20, 2009

Full Nude

She looks amazing in this one. I know she's over 40 but you would never know by looking. She a beautiful girl in every way. I saved only episode from season one, I bet you know which one in was?

ff was written on January 14, 2008

CGI breasts

You do get to see her actual breasts from a medium distance but the closer shots were obviously CGI in the scene where she's standing naked in front of david duchovny. The second scene where you see her her butt and partial breasts were all her.

Camilla Luddington
Camille Langfield
Push_the_Button was written on August 20, 2007

Episode 1.1 "Pilot"

Camille Langfield bares her breasts in a scene with David Duchovny. He walks in on her barely covering herself with a pillow, which she pulls away soon after, baring her breasts. She then gets up from the bed and starts putting on her dress, her firm (probably fake) breasts showing for a couple of seconds.

Maggie Grace
snowdog was written on January 20, 2013

Slight breast, Butt

In episode 2 of season 6, Maggie enters into Hank's room in a semi-transparent top. As she lays on top of Hank and leans over him, her right breast becomes visible when her top hangs down.

Towards the end of the third episode, Maggie is at a pool part with Hank. She walks away from him towards the pool and lifts her dress over her head before diving into the pool. She is shown from behind, but you see her face when she turns her head slightly to talk to Hank, so it is definitely her. the shot is full body from behind and last a few seconds. She has a fantastic body and looks great.

Carla Gallo
fergie was written on February 26, 2013

almost full frontal

S2, ep6, 6:40 in.
Takes off robe for film crew. Nice well lighted view of small breasts and belly button, butsomeones arm obscures supposedly shaven vaginal area even though she is obviously nude.

Kathy Christopherson
Push_the_Button was written on August 28, 2007

Episode 1.3 "The Whore of Babylon"

Kathy Christopherson bares her breasts as she has anal sex with her husband. The scene is very dark, so you can't make much out, but you briefly see the outline of her breasts as she's taken from behind.

Brooke Banner
Push_the_Button was written on August 20, 2007

Episode 1.2 "Hell-A Woman"

Porn star Brooke Banner bares her breasts in a darkly-lit romance scene with David Duchovny. They make out and Banner takes off her sweater, revealing her ample, firm breasts.

Eva Amurri Martino
snowdog was written on October 11, 2009


At the beginning of the 3rd episode of season 3 (verities and balderdash), Susan Sarandon's daughter shows her perfect breasts. She is dancing in a strip club for David Duchovny (she is playing a student of his), and we get a fantastic straight on view of her boobs as she removes her top. She moves around seductively for a short while, and we also see a bit of the to p of her buns.

JAnondo_2002 was written on September 25, 2009

Dancing as a stripper

There's been some stills from a scene from an upcoming episode of Californication where Eva will be stripping and showing her stuff. The caps are good, showing her heavy hangers from the side, only thing missing are her nipples. Also her ass is seen in a very low cut knickers, not leaving anything for imagination. Waiting for the clips to appear. Cheers!

Ghostwords was written on July 29, 2012

S3 Ep3: Stripper

Ms Amurri Martino removes her bra to display her bountiful breasts in front of strip club customer David Duchovny, then gets on her knees to wave her panty-clad butt at him. With respect to her mom, actress Susan Sarandon, those boobs must come from the Italian side of her bloodline.


mcjw2011 was written on December 26, 2011

Perfect tits AND ass

I'm going to add my two cents here. The two reviewers focused solely on her gorgeous, perfect tits (and they are worth seeking out). However, you do get several glimpses of her well-rounded, tiny ass in that strange skimpy bottom as she grinds against the stripper pole and humping the ground. She doesn't her bush or slit, but her two 'b's are stunning. 4 stars either way, but a stark nude Amurri would be hotter.

David Duchovny
Push_the_Button was written on August 20, 2007

Episodes 1.1 "Pilot" and 1.2 "Hell-A Woman"

In the pilot episode, Duchovny rushes out of a woman's bed, baring his great ass for a couple of seconds as he runs for his clothes. He also appears in his boxers for a couple of minutes straight after, showing off a great bulge. In the second episode "Hell-A Woman", he has anal sex with Paula Marshall, baring his ass for a couple of seconds. Duchovny has a great body for a middle-aged guy, which we'll hopefully see more of.

Jason Beghe
Derek was written on October 4, 2009

Naked at a dinner party

Jason plays a writer going through a rough period. He is at a friend's house during a dinner and enters the room buck naked and then begins to hide his penis between his legs and call it a "mangina." Women at the dinner are either agape or amused. Afterwards, his friend tries to get him to leave and get dressed, but he continues to rant about his new book, all the while naked, and then leaps through the window and runs across the lawn, showing off his round, pert ass that has lost nothing with age. Great scene for a hot actor who has aged well, but who should have done something like this long ago.

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