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year title
1983 Lonely Lady, The 1 Review
1977 Some Like It Cool 1 Review
1975 Sensuous Nurse, The 5 Reviews
1974 Steppenwolf 1 Review

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Lonely Lady, The (1983)
BushLeague was written on November 22, 2002

Before unseen Lez scene with Pia

After giving Pia a peck on the cheek, she pulls down her evening gown to show her highly separated, painfully silicone inflated, and well tanned 36b chest orbs (very brief, but well lit)

Some Like It Cool (1977)
Immy was written on October 15, 2005


Just to clarify that Carla is the girl on the right in the dice game. She is indeed topless then full frontal (seen mostly from the side) and has more fleeting nudity as the scene progresses including when she and the other two girls run away together in the buff.

Sensuous Nurse, The (1975)
voyeur was written on February 12, 2002

Running around in cellar

She is seen in a long shot just after taking all her clothes off, and she runs towards the camera. Don't get too carried away: our artsy film director decides that superimposed images fading in and out are the appropriate way to shhot the scene. You just get a glimpse of what you missed as she is right up to the camera. However, if you ready the pause button, you will be able to see just one frame where she is full frontal before the wine merchant. And she is indeed a Hairy Queen, with a vast expanse of black curlies (and cute little breasts). But too short for 4 stars.

soulman was written on October 26, 2001


Carla plays one of the servants in this film who's bribed into taking off her clothes for some wine. It's so sexy watching her unsucessfully trying to cover her good parts when she's down to taking off her panties. Another good shot of her running naked though the wine cellar until she's interupted by her boss.

carausius was written on July 19, 2001

Sexy young brunette

This little known actress is really a treat. She has three sexy scenes. In the second one, with the "colonel", she plays the part of a "bersagliera", completely nude with the exception of the famous plumed hat (not "helmet" ), and it seems that her armpits are unshaven. Very sexy!

Antman was written on December 3, 1999

Two scenes

(6 min) Full frontal and rear shots after being bribed out of her clothing by a guy. More footage as he chases her around the wine cellar before their boss catches them. (41 min) Fully nude in the basement when she acts out a old guy's fantasy. Apparently, he has some sort of war fetish and she's wearing a ridiculous Italian Army helmet throughout the scene.

BushLeague was written on January 11, 2003

I will sell no wine before its time

First she strips to topless in just panties in a pantry while a guy gets her drunk on wine. He later gets her to reluctantly remove her panties to show her outrageously firm buns and brief bush (this bella donna has really sexy rack!). She stands nude in front of guy with both hands over her hair pie. She runs thru a darkened wine cellar and we see her jiggling jugs and some very brief bush. In a later scene she is shown just wearing a soldiers hat. She walks around showing her full nudity, including her chest orbs, hairy Italian muff and that fabo ass and slim curvy legs. (slight shadows, but everything is visible at one time or another).

Steppenwolf (1974)
Immy was written on September 27, 2005

Topless (0:59)

Max von Sydow discovers Carla topless in his bed and she stays that way for a little over two minutes while they mime a conversation so no one hears them. Carla's surrounded by shadows but her small boobs are very visible. In fact, at one point director Fred Haines subtly widens one shot so her left boob comes into frame.

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