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2012 Tabu 1 Review
2005 Odete 1 Review

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Tabu (2012)
GDH was written on September 10, 2012


During a sex scene with Ana Moreira, we see Cotta's backside. It's shot through netting draped over the bed so although the view isn't as clear as it could be, we can still see it's a deliciously shapely ass.

Odete (2005)
donby was written on December 4, 2006

He & his girl friend have a fight in the altogether.

This scene happens near the beginning of the film. We see Cotta from behind, peeing in the toilet. Then, he turns around, embraces his girl friend and they fight over having a child. She slaps him repeatedly while he is on the bed.

During this sequence we see generous shots of Cotta's package. Very worth the effort. At times, the English subtitles obscure his jewels. And they cannot be erased ! Nevertheless ...

Spanish film, about 2 people's obsession with a dead person, wasn't of iterest to me. But, maybe, for you ...

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