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year title
1995 Midnight Confessions 1 Review
1995 Hollywood Passions 0 Reviews
1993 Illegal Entry: Formula for Fear 1 Review

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year title
1994 Love Street 0 Reviews

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Love Street (1994)
Midnight Confessions (1995)
Know-it-all was written on December 22, 2000

Can't get enough of cinematic showers...

Carol plays a radio talk show host who is stalked for much of the film. She has a nice shower scene near the end when everything is coming to a head. It's fairly lengthy, so she's nice and clean. She has smallish breasts, which are on display for a while. She has an intense look which might not be to everyone's liking, but she turns me on.

Hollywood Passions (1995)
Illegal Entry: Formula for Fear (1993)
duckem was written on October 26, 2000

bubble bath

All the hot scenes done by the main stars in
this movie don't happen until after the sixty minute mark. Carol has a bubble bath and you can
see her butt when she gets into it. The bubbles
do not do a very good job of covering her breasts.

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