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1997 Allyson Is Watching 3 Reviews

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Allyson Is Watching (1997)
Chicago was written on October 18, 2001

4 scenes

Caroline is the dark-haired gal with a British accent who, it looks like, played the mother in Deuce Bigalow?? At :13.75-:14.5, Caroline sexes a guy next door to the eavesdropping Jennifer--breasts as the guy takes off her bra...not great views though. At :21.75-:22.75, she does an S&M scene seen thru the peephole by Jennifer...again, not great views, but if you pause and go by frames, you can see the top of her trimmed pubes from the side toward the end. At :45.75, there's a 2 sec. close-up of her breast (must pause!) as her top comes down momentarily during a lapdance. At :59-1:01.75, Caroline's breasts are seen after sex with Jennifer (and partial side of ass) while lying on her side talking and then sitting up on bed. I must have seen the edited version because there wasn't any hot nude f/f action. Still, she's good looking as-is.

BushLeague was written on May 31, 2003

Lesbian clit finger and breast lick

2+1/2 *'s, but really hot body. She is laying on the bed with just garters and hose and show's her conical, symmetrical "enhanced natural" breasts. Another girl continually buffs her clit with her index finger and obscures her black, combed snatch patch while licking mostly her left side, being careful to give us an almost unobstructed view of her fit, but not buff body. She wiggles, but doesn't jiggle in delight.

Prosaic was written on August 11, 2014


00:15 Close ups of both breast

1:06 Medium shots of breast while she is with a client

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