Caroline Caplan
Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, UK

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1994 Look Me in the Eye 1 Review

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Look Me in the Eye (1994)
SpecialNeedsDonkey was written on February 19, 2015

Extreme close-up, then mid-shot

In a very close-up shot, British actress Caroline Catz (Doc Martin, Murder in Suburbia) gets her nipple sucked by her lover while lying on her back. There's no pan between her breast and her face, but a body double is unlikely. The scene is well-lit but also moodily, using daylight streaming in through the window, so the light areas are very light but the dark areas are very dark.

In a later scene, we see her sitting on a bed with a man getting dressed. She's wearing black knickers and stockings, but is topless. Both of Caroline's medium-sized breasts are shown in good light, and the shot lasts quite a while as she sits up and moves around, but the picture is framed from quite a distance away: enough to take in Caroline head to toe and the entire bed.

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