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1969 Love Camp 7 1 Review

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Love Camp 7 (1969)
BushLeague was written on March 24, 2006

One of the camp whores

I can't individually identify them, so I will give a generic review. One "woman" in the film is a female doctor, who does not go nude. 1) 4 other woman, along with Williams and Lease, are ordered to strip for a medical examination (on the commandant's desk!). All strip completely naked and show great fannies, unclipped bushes, and non-silicone hanging tits. 2) One of the previous inmates shows her tits while she opens her gown to shown where she had been beaten. 3) Someone helps a girl who is being punished and the commandant orders all the girls to strip and hold buckets in the air with one arm Heil Hitler! style. About ten totally naked women showing asses, hairy bushes and tits. 4) A high-ranking general checks out 4 girls on bunk beds before he hops on two of them (tits only). 5) 3 girls in addition to Williams, are ordered to strip and put on a lez orgy for another high ranking general (tits buns, and brief busshes) 6) Finally the girls put on a lingerie orgy for the commandant and friends that turns into a massacre (tits only). Although most of the nudity is shot "montage" style, this is highly recommended (especially if you like 40's style underwear)

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