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2013 Stripped 1 Review

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Stripped (2013)
cecil was written on September 12, 2014

Three way sex scene

At about 41 minutes he is at a brothel and chooses Victoria De Mare and another women. They go to a private room. Part of the scene is from the point of view of his video camera, part is from the ceiling security camera which is black and white and grainy. The part of the scene that shows his bare rear end is not in all versions. At one point Victoria is lying face down on the bed, Carson is on top of her thrusting into her. The camera is to their side, so we mainly see a side view of his bare hip. The second woman is behind him. Then we switch to the ceiling camera and briefly see his full bare back side as he thrusts into her, but it is too grainy to make out any detail. Then the scene ends.

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