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Tinsley, Janine-May 1 Review
Ryan, Michelle 0 Reviews
Hazell, Keeley 1 Review
Fuller, Christine 1 Review
Fox, Emilia 0 Reviews
Coppin, Hayley-Marie 2 Reviews
Bagach, Irene 1 Review

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Janine-May Tinsley
Sinnema was written on September 20, 2008

Stripper at birthday party

Janine May Tinsley plays Natalie, a stripper at Jenkins' birthday party near the end of the full-length version of this film. She strips down to just a thong and stockings, showing off her nice, medium-sized breasts, and does a topless handstand as part of her striptease act.

Michelle Ryan
Keeley Hazell
Sinnema was written on August 4, 2009

Topless and frozen

British model Keeley Hazell shows off her huge breasts in several scenes in "Cashback," where she is frozen in time while shopping in a market, and an artist removes her clothes in order to sketch her voluptuous body.

Christine Fuller
rocco-rules was written on April 13, 2007

Topless with pants pulled down

Christine is credited as "Frozen Girl 2" and I think she's the brunette with shoulder-length loose hair , who is bent slightly forward looking at the items on the shelves. She's topless with her pants pulled down (can't tell if she's bottomless), seen from the side. She's on eof Barry's models. Her smallish B-cups are clearly visible for about 10 seconds. Her bare boobs make another appearance a few minutes later, for about 5 seconds. Another very pretty girl.

Emilia Fox
Hayley-Marie Coppin
dav345 was written on May 27, 2006

full frontal and rear nudity, shaved genitals

Hayley-Marie plays an uninhibited Swedish exchange student in this short movie (available on iTunes). She walks from the shower to her room, completely nude, in one of the most graphic nude scenes I have ever seen on film. We see her walk up the stair in the nude, in slow motion. Not only do you see her butt - you also see her inner and outer labia under her butt cheeks. Her labia are shaven and very, very visible. You see her large breasts as she reaches the top of the stairway and her face (proving it's not a body double). A young boy (maybe 8) who watches her then knocks on her bedroom door for another look. She opens the door in the nude, and we are treated to a look at her shaven labia from the front! Her hood is visible, and she works her hips from side to side. The camera pans up her body for another look at her large breasts and to prove that it's not a body double. Later in the movie, you see the breasts, butts, and shaven labia of several "frozen" grocery store patrons. This movie is well worth the $1.99 download fee at iTunes. You'll never see anything this graphic outside a porn movie.

emma31293 was written on October 12, 2010

Graphic nudity

First you see her naked walking upstairs from the back and it not only shows her butt but also a little bit more if you get my drift. And then when she opens the door to her room you see everything from the front, she has really big boobs and I think shaved down below.

Irene Bagach
rocco-rules was written on April 13, 2007

topless in the aisles

Irene is credited as "Frozen Girl 1" and I think she's the one we see when Barry (the main character) unties her halter top. She appears topless with her skirt pulled and tucked into her waist-band. She sports a poney-tail, a very nice pair of pointy A-cups, and small, round butt (in thong). We see her several times for about 2 or 3 seconds each time. Very cute girl.

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