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1970 Komm, liebe Maid und mache 1 Review

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Komm, liebe Maid und mache (1970)
BushLeague was written on November 6, 2005

One of the "The Brazen Women of Balzac (USA)"

She is the nudity workhorse in this movie. 1) A dude fantasizes her riding on a saddle in a barn (tits, buns and br. bush) 2) Guy again fantasizes her riding an actual horse, nude (full backal with ass crack) 3) Finally a real lovemaking scene (tits and ass) 4) Fully nude in bed throwing an "I want to be free" fit (backal and tits only) 5) Has a lesbo with F. Fair--looks probably doubled (breasts, buns, and hairy p-lips) 6) Reading a book in a field while nude (tits only) 7) running after her horse (tits and full round buns) 8) Nude riding the horse (tits only, probable stunt double) 9) Playing a piano (hairy vulva up skirt) 10) Supposedly dancing with a mask--long scene(Large round breads, hairy "V", and brief ass--probably double)

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