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2003 Calendar Girls 2 Reviews

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Calendar Girls (2003)
ff was written on November 23, 2003

lots of breasts but no sign of nipples

Celia is the first to pose nude so she takes off her robe but all the other women block her but we still get to see the side of her tit from a bit of a distance. During the shoot we get to see most of her breasts but there are strategically placed bread blocking our view.

Joorrooj was written on July 24, 2012

Big Buns with Cherry Drops

Celia Imrie is the very first out of all the Calendar Girls to appear in her birthday suit for the calendar shoot. She appears to be fully naked, but her nudity however, is blocked by a little pastry stand. On the other hand, we see the side of he naked body, especially her great big enormous breasts, with the buns and the cherries on top of them representing the nipple regions of her big breasts. Helen Mirren told Lawrence the photographer, "We're going to need considerably bigger buns", referring to Celia Imrie's XL breasts, once she undid her robe.

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