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2005 Third Man Out 2 Reviews

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Third Man Out (2005)
PopJ was written on September 26, 2010

Bedroom Love Scene

I must disagree with Hamm Sodomy, While the scene starts at Chad's feet in the version I watched last night it goes all the way to his head where he and his lover are locked in a kiss, so all that I didn't see was the very extreme left part of his left cheek, would have been nice to see his lover and the guy from the kiddie show too!

Hamm_Sodomy was written on November 21, 2006

the anti-Homer

You know how Homer Simpson's butt crack is often revealed? You basically see the upper part and 20% of his ass. Well, in this film, you see the lower 80% of Chad Allen's ass. The camera crawls from his feet to his ass but stops before the top part of it. His lover had a gorgeous, hairy chest and it would have been nice to see his ass, or meat, as well/instead.

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