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Charlize Theron's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2011 Young Adult 1 Review
2008 Burning Plain, The 1 Review
2004 Head in the Clouds 3 Reviews
2003 Monster 4 Reviews
2002 Trapped 2 Reviews
2000 Reindeer Games 25 Reviews
1999 Yards, The 6 Reviews
1999 Cider House Rules, The 13 Reviews
1999 Astronaut's Wife, The 1 Review
1997 Devil's Advocate, The 20 Reviews
1996 2 Days in the Valley 22 Reviews

nudity reviews for Charlize Theron member submitted

Young Adult (2011)
Ghostwords was written on February 8, 2012

Dream come true

Around one hour in, writer-for-hire Mavis strips down to her panties in front of slacker Matt (Patton Oswalt), who's lusted after her since school. *However*, she's wearing dark tights and has large plastic covers over the front of her breasts; although we see plenty of cleavage, the sides of her breasts and the way they swing slightly as she moves, the nipples are obscured. Arguably, only worth a half-star.

Burning Plain, The (2008)
Ghostwords was written on June 26, 2013

Sexy, but damaged

About one minute in, we see Ms Theron sitting on a bed with her back to us, then she stands up (full rear nudity and left breast / prominent nipple in profile, plus the edge of the right breast) before walking towards a window. This offers a straight-on view of upper nudity, albeit shot from some considerable distance away.

Circa six minutes later, she's face down on her bed as a guy takes her from behind. No nudity.

Around thirty-five minutes in, she goes back to her place with a stranger after arguing with the married guy from the first scene. It's been raining, she's wet and she changes in an open bedroom doorway, so we see both breasts in shadow from her right (again, prominent nipples; was it very cold on this set?) . She then walks into the light, initially allowing both nipples an airing as her robe hangs open, then just her left breast.

This is a complex movie, and she's one of the more complex characters.

Head in the Clouds (2004)
burncity79 was written on January 12, 2005

Her best topless scene yet folks!!

About 30 mins into the film she's in the bath with Stuart Townsend. Charlize sits up out of the water and straddles him. GREAT prolonged clear view of her tits, which are bigger than they've ever been in her previous films.

Excellent stuff, certainly her best topless scene yet! Only reason I'm giving it 3 stars instead of 4 is that it's not a full frontal.

Film includes a nice scene earlier as well in which Townsend rips off Charlize's panties and gives her head - you don't see any nudity but it's a hot scene worth mentioning! Oh and there's a little lesbo kissing action between Charlize and Penelope Cruz as well ;)

juantamad was written on February 22, 2010

Bathtub best scene

The bathtub scene is the best! Charlize is definitely hot!
Too bad there wasn't much for the threesome scene with Paz Vega and Stuart.

Xeyes was written on April 13, 2008


Her best topless scene

Monster (2003)
Buzzbomb was written on December 2, 2005

Motel tryst

Girl-girl love is usually hot but skip this movie! Cristina Ricci kept herself coyly covered. You do see a full frontal of Charlize, but she's a bloody mess, and you see one nipple after she cleans up. You saw much more of her in Reindeer Games.

trapdog was written on September 25, 2006


The point of the film is to portray the meesed up life of this real life killer. So while Charlize shows off her breast the impressive part is to the degree that looks like the actual woman she portays. I saw an interview recently with the actual woman before her execution and I was impressed on how well Ms. Theron pull off the role in behaviour and looks.

As for nude scenes Prozac nation does a good job with Ricci ande as for Theron just go through her body of work she has a handful of films with tits on display. She is not a shy one at all

JAnondo_2002 was written on January 2, 2004

Pretty much one tit!

I just saw a clip of the said "sex scene". Charlize looks like an ugly girl, thanks to make up. We see her left tit when unwraps her towel and grabs it. It looks slightly pointier than her other "performances", but could be just me! Then as Ricci kisses her neck, we see the same tit once again, but covered by Ricci's hand. That is pretty much what we see here! Ricci is carefully enough not to show any skin.

Trent33 was written on January 9, 2004


Charlize shows her breasts (both) from the front as she undresses in front of a mirror, but she is covered in blood. The scene after has Theron and Ricci having lesbian sex and we again see Theron's breast, but due to the make-up and direction of the scene this is not as noteworthy as it may seem. Theron also is seen in her bra and panties earlier in the film and it is evident that she has gained weight for the role. If you had told me a few months back that a lesbain scene between Ricci and Theron was going to be pretty much unerotic, I would have figured you were insane!

Trapped (2002)
dvddish was written on August 11, 2003

way to go

you get to see charlioze theran in in a black pra and panties wow!!!

moviestuff was written on August 11, 2003

what the [email protected]%k?!!!!!

dvd dish your a freakin jackass in so many ways!

1. There's no nudity by Mrs. Theron
2. This is a celebrity nudity database not a not nude or close to nude one.
3. You spell her name like this Charlize Theron not like this charloze theran or whatever you try to spell it.
4. and F.Y.I. it's bra not pra the b sound and the p sound doesn't even sound close so how the fuck are you stupid enough to put a p instead of a b i could understandif they sound alike but they don't so grow up and try this database when your smarter. The rest of us don't do that your the only jackass that actually does that so stop it or leave the website and go to nick.com that's your age group!!!

Reindeer Games (2000)
dvddish was written on March 15, 2003

tits in pool scene

great move great scene! but still a three star

wheble2299 was written on August 17, 2000


The very nice looking Charlize shows us her great body two time in this dog of a film. Once while having sex with Ben you get to see her breats as she is receiving oral plesure. You also get to see her butt when they fall off the bed. The second time is in a pool she shows off her breats to her boyfriend

ladiesman06 was written on July 14, 2001

hotel room

they jump in there room as she takes off her shirt.Then the wrestle around, showing her very nice breasts.and then u see them for the last time as they rold of the bed.

ladiesman06 was written on July 14, 2001

pool shot

As she is talking in the pool she removes her top. she gets on her boyfriend and they make out while her boobs r showing. this is a very nice scene

Jude_Johnson was written on May 15, 2001

pretty good

The first scene was cool, but the next was was strange, the first time. I had no idea there was even anything in the movie about nudity, just that it seemed like a relatively good action thriller. I was wrong, of course. The pool scene was strange, I thought she just took her top off to her brother. but then it was explained, and i understood. nice and perky breasts, I want some more

Filmbuff was written on January 23, 2001

Taking off bikini top in pool

Charlize Theron is an inspiration to A-cup women
with the sexiness and confidence she shows in this scene. Her perky nipples are very hot proving you don't need size to turn a man on.

nudity_elitist was written on August 25, 2001

the ass, dude......the ass.

Charlize's world-class booty steals the show here...there aren't many nicer. Stupid movie and her titties (not tits because they are so small) are a little odd-looking. Two stars for the ass.

bmg was written on February 4, 2000


We see her big, beautiful breasts during a sex scene with Ben Affleck.

Diesel560 was written on February 28, 2000

Sex scene w/ Ben

A few glimpses of her breasts during a sex scene with Ben (although I must disagree with the previous comments...her breasts are definitely not big. A cup max.)

Diesel560 was written on February 28, 2000

Pool scene

Charlize takes her bikini top off while in the pool in the hotel. Very good frontal view, with plenty of time to stare.

JakFoley was written on February 28, 2000

Sex scene and topless pool scene

We get two pretty good looks at Charlize's small but pert boobs. About fifteen minutes in, there's a fairly hot sex scene with her and Affleck, and it's pretty hot, but the camera's moving quite a bit and you don't get a very lingering glance. Later, about an hour fifteen in, there's a pool scene where she takes off her bikini top and the camera stays on her for a good couple of moments, reconfirming, as her Playboy spread and modeling pics proved, that she's got small but perky, orange-size knockers--very cute. Each of these is about a two-star scene, but I'll give it a three since they were both in there... On the Charlize Nudity Scale, not as good as 2 Days In The Valley but better than Devil's Advocate and much better than Cider House.

Alphonse was written on May 31, 2001

Prime scene for small-tit fans!

For those people out there who enjoy tiny breasts, this is a fantastic scene. About an hour or so into the movie, Charlize is in the pool with Gary Sinise and strips off the top of her bikini, exposing amazingly tiny tits and wonderfully red nipples. A definite moment of small-breast splendor. There's also a nude scene earlier in the movie, but it's short and from a variety of bad angles. The latter scene is superb. Highly recommended.

damonhill was written on May 28, 2004


worth it for her tight butt

Bootydaddy was written on April 16, 2001

Director's Cut

There is a new Director's Cut version of this movie in stores now, I purchased it and have noticed that the sex scene between Ben and Charlize is now longer and more explicit, more veiws of Charlize's breasts. The pool scene is still the same though.

Gordon was written on October 26, 2001

Sex scene and topless in pool

Charlize is a beautiful young actress, and while her breasts are on the small side she is still a looker. In the sex scene we briefly get to take in her body, but not for very long. The pool scene is much better, because she removes her bikini top and the camera stays on her breasts for a good while. Very nice! Not as good as Two Days in the Valley, though.

EpicReviewer was written on July 15, 2000

In the pool

Although Charlize Theron doesn't have the largest set of breasts, this scene is worth seeing because it is long enough and clear enough to give you one heck of a good look at them!

liechti was written on November 24, 2006

Topless / Hotelroom and Pool

Three stars for her breasts because they are natural, cute and of excellent shape. She has got nice eraser-like nipples that she shoes as well. Ah, and not to forget: she has nice long, slim legs that she shows in black stockings in the film

Rudeboy was written on January 2, 2003

Sex kitten Charlize In HOT Hotel Room Sex!

We see everything from Charlize In this Scrappy HOT Steamy Sex scene she has with Ben Affleck about 15 Mins in to the Movie. They go in to a Hotel and from the moment they enter that room They have Wild Sex as we see them Passionatly Kissing while removing there clothes From a Table then to a Bed Where he removes her Sexy black Underwear and she also has Sexy black Stockings on They Thrust Lightly Here and there and Have Intercourse we see Glimpses of her Perky Milk Knockers (Breasts) .They then Roll down on to the Floor where Charlize takes Control By getting on top of Ben and Riding Him Naked in pleasure for a good Few seconds while they make Sex Sounds.
The Music is Quite funny (Classic Snow Tune) but is light hearted to add with whats happening but the Lighting is Awfull and we relly don get agood look at their Facial Expressions. Hope to See more from this Hot Chick Though.

soulman was written on June 23, 2001

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That)

Charlize is a very beautiful woman who's not ashamed to show off her small but nice tits in a pool scene with Sinise.

Joec_95123 was written on July 22, 2001

clear nipple shots

In the first scene with Ben Afflek the camera moves very quickly but you can still see her nipple and her ass and in the middle of the movie she shows her breasts clearly and for a very long period of time. 3 stars only because its her

j2k was written on March 30, 2002

hot sex scene

About 15 minutes into the movie, Afflec and Charlize get into a hotel room and have some really hot sex. As soon as they shut the door they are kissing and Charlize pulls his head down into her breasts. Then they throw their jackets on the floor and start ripping Charlize's shirt off. Afflec then puts her on her back on a dresser or something and pulls off her jeans so you can see her black panties for a second. Then Afflec is on top of her and you get another shot of your great boobs and her awesome expressions on her face are amazing and then they fall off onto the floor and they lay there but no more nudity. then while in the pool- she slowly unhooks her bikini top and throws it to the side and starts making out with her boyfriend while pressing her boobs against him. this was a pretty good sex scene so if you like charlize go rent it.

Ghostwords was written on January 20, 2013

Wild time

Circa 0:15:00, Theron and Affleck enter a motel room and start having wild sex (think Thomson and Goldblum in The Tall Guy). We get a good look at her breasts, then her back and most of her butt and they fall off the bad with her on top.

Ghostwords was written on January 20, 2013

Swimming pool

Just past the 60-minute mark, Theron takes an after-hours dip with Gary Sinise. As they talk, she rises slightly above the waterline, reaches behind to undo her bikini top and lowers it to display her smallish but quite delightful breasts.

southernman was written on November 9, 2010

big beautiful?

i wish there was an option for no stars.it was so disappointing.maybe the guy above was watching with a magnifying glass.she has way to large of a frame and way to much beauty to have a set of fried eggs.thankfully she got implants as she should've before she ever went topless in a movie.

TheEmissary was written on December 25, 2001

A-cups in the Pool

When she pulls her bikini top off, her assets are perfect, not bad for a birthmark on her left breast. She definitely needs to have the birthmark lasered off.

Yards, The (1999)
dvddish was written on March 15, 2003

small tits

once again you see her small tits not to be harsh but she need implants

axl was written on August 2, 2001

In bed with Joaquin

Charlize doesn't offer up anything new here at all. Joaquin comes home after a night out (where he killed someone) and gets into bed. She is sleeping and awakes and takes her shirt off in hopes of having sex. You see her breasts (which with Charlize isn't very unusual)..not that I'm complaining though.

Xeyes was written on April 15, 2008

Briefly topless

Nice tits.dvddish, need implants!!!! nooooooo!

wheble2299 was written on July 3, 2001

small breasts

You see yet agian Charlize's breasts. You see them from a distance and dont look all that big. Nothing spectacular here

Penis was written on April 14, 2001

Topless in bed

Briefly topless after taking off her shirt in bed with Joaquin Phoenix. Just so-so. Go with REINDEER GAMES instead for your Charlie beating needs.

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001


she shows off some breast in bed, but this movie is not worth watching just for a quick glimpse. her nudity in devil's advocate was more intense aside from blood and that movie had some more zest in it.

Cider House Rules, The (1999)
beowulf644 was written on March 24, 2008

Beautiful round ass

One of the sexiest women on film is shown laying on her stomach butt naked. Charlize treats Tobey Maguire and us are to a nice view of her voluptuous, tan bare ass. Her body looks unbelievable and her butt looks good enough to bite. I would have kept screwing up the scene so I could spend as much of my life as possible in a room with a naked ass Charlize Theron.

dvddish was written on March 15, 2003

nice ass!

a well deserve 4 star ass

wheble2299 was written on August 27, 2000

her butt yet again

you get a great look at her butt for a good 15 seconds. she is lying down in bed and the camera get stays there. Nothing blocking it. Yet again Charlize shows us her great body for the umpteenth time.

nudity_elitist was written on October 5, 2001

serious ass fans read on

This is a terribly boring waste of time except for one thing. A good long look at one of the finest rumps in the world. Michelangelo could sculpt none finer. Even though she shows no more than her backside, this is her best nudity to date. That's how delicious that ass really is.

Senator was written on June 27, 2001

curves that take you away!

This is not a movie that has need for a lot of graphic sex, though a little more might (would have :0) been nice!

Charlize is a goddess, as I have said over and over again in each of my reviews of her... well this is no different.

There is a scene where she is laying on a bed and you see a rear profile for an extended period of time as her boy-toy watches and drools!

There is a very sexy scene too where she is being taken by him earlier, no nudity, but she is so sexy fully-clothed!

southernman was written on November 9, 2010

laying on the bed on her stomach

nice shot of her beautiful rump.looked like a painting.it was almost heart shaped.a true vision of loveliness and a testament to the beauty of the female form.one of the rare times in adult hood i got so excited just over a butt shot.

StevieY was written on August 23, 2000

nice butt shot

Charlize is the best part of this movie. Her role is small, but as always watching her is very enjoyable. As a bonus, we get a nice view of her lovely rear end. It's great to see such a beautiful, young actress who's willing to get naked in movies.

jctweed was written on September 12, 2000

Simply Stunning

In this scene Tobey Maguire pauses to admire Charlize Theron as she lays completely nude, face down on a bed. This scene certainly isn't the most erotic nude scene in a movie, however it's one of my favorites. She is absolutely gorgeous completely dressed, and even more beautiful nude. This scene ads to the plot, because you understand exactly why he's completely taken by her.

Trent33 was written on November 26, 2000

One Beautiful Ass

Charlize is one of those wonderful actresses who doesn't mind showing skin in her films and I appreciate it every time. This time she is laying on her stomach across a bed and Tobey Maguire stops to look at her. This is a long shot so we see her whole body in frame and her ass is a work of art. One of my friends referred to it as a black persons ass and that is an ample description. It is wonderfully well shaped and a real pleasure to see. Very good scene for a PG13 film, although the director said on the dvd commentary that they had to cut her breasts out of the scene so Maguire could hug her at the end of it. So I guess we got screwed. Three stars none the less.

soulman was written on July 10, 2002

Sweet Bootay.

Theron's sweet butt (a butt you can eat lunch off of) is shown for a good while when she's waiting for Maguire who has that "wow" look on his face (can you blame him?). Not a bad scene for a PG13 film. Not a bad fim, period. Besides, how can anyone find fault in a film that casts Heavy D as a fruitpicker.

louisgara was written on December 19, 1999

Buns lying in bed

Half-way through the movie, we see Theron lying naked in bed, with a good glimpse of her ass and the side of her breast just as Tobey Maguire hops in bed, ready to make love with her. It isn't a very long scene, but memorable and Theron looks great naked.

NDStriken84 was written on February 8, 2002

Butt and brief boob

You get a great view of her ass and a brief nipple when Tobey hugs her. Very Nice!!

nakedbuns was written on November 29, 2000

Amazing Ass how sweet the sight

If you like buns and you like Charlize than this is the scene for you. Beautiful scene where she is lying totally nude on her stomach on a bed in front of Tobey Maguire's awestruck eyes. The camera stays on her ass for a good 10-15 seconds. Also a quick nipple flash when Toby joins her on the bed.

Astronaut's Wife, The (1999)
dapezmon was written on April 10, 2005

No Not Really

When I saw this movie listed I thought there might have some scenes with Charlize, yet to be reviewed. Unfortunately no such luck. Charlize is beautiful as always. Although there are sex and bath scenes all you see from Charlize is her bare back and shoulders - Nothing more. See 2 Days in the Valley for a Charlize fix.

Devil's Advocate, The (1997)
dvddish was written on March 15, 2003

tits in churh scene

great fun see this movie!!!!

Alphonse was written on May 23, 1999

great body

In one scene she's having sex, but Keanu keeps picturing another girl in her place, so you actually have two naked bodies at once. Her tits are visible, and they're very nice. Later on, the's wrapped in a blanket in a chruch, and she removes it to show that she's been beaten up. She's nude again, of course, and this scene's better than the sex scene. If you can get past the scratches, this is definitely worth watching.

Chicago was written on November 7, 2002

2 scenes

At 1:01.75-1:02.75, Keanu makes love to Charlize on their apartment floor as she's starting to flip out and is desperate to get pregnant and have a baby...breasts as he kisses down her chest and wrestles off her pants, as well as the side of her ass as she spreads her legs and pulls him to her...all brief and hard to see shots of her with cutaways to Keanu and Connie Nielson. At 1:41.25, while crying in a church wrapped in a blanket, Charlize opens her blanket and stands giving a 6 sec. view of her breasts and top of her pubes with cuts on her body...decent views of her but brief.

jack99j was written on November 8, 2011

Full Frontal !

nice view of tits and bush

kosn was written on August 28, 1999

Love scene in house

Charlize is stunning! Although we get to see just her breasts in this scene, her beautiful face more than makes up for this. This scene is rigorous sex and Keanu Reeves does all the fondling and groppling. Nobody's complaining though!

BOD was written on November 11, 1999

Church scene

In this scene she takes off the blanket that was the only thing covering her, exposing her gorgeous body. Even though there's not much full frontal here, the movie does have other nude scenes. Plus the movie is good too.

Senator was written on June 10, 2001

two naked scenes, one ruined, the other bloody...

God... I want to give her a 4! I mean, she deserves a 4! She has to be the most beautiful woman alive... but the problem, one of the two scenes she is naked in is ruined. The other actress in this movie is decent looking, but nothing like Charlize with her perfect b-cup breasts that make me want to drool. The first love scene in the movie with Keanu is ruined as he imagines Charlize is another woman... first off, HOW COULD HE!? I mean this is CHARLIZE-freakin-Theron! Plus, for people who have not seen her nude in other films, you get confused at who is who, and this other lady has a body that should is a shame to put next to this great beauty.

The other scene is a lot better, a lot of people might be turned off by the scratches she took when the devil raped her, but I thought it was kind of sexy to see her a little mangled... and I am sorry, the idea of her naked in a church is a real turn on! I am Catholic after all! Plus, you get a small shot of public hair... I almost melted!

This is one of those ladies that makes you fear you will never see anything as perfect again while you are breathing... until the next time you see her!

NudieNerd was written on July 30, 2000

Sex scene on the floor, Nude in church

Charlize gets naked and lets Keanu Reeves play around with her. Some good frontal shots, and the look on her face makes up for it. In the church, she drops her blanket, revealing her cut-up nude body. The scene itself I found a big turn-off, though at least worth a look.

Xeyes was written on October 23, 2007

Full Frontal !

Nice bush, natural tits!

StevieY was written on August 23, 2000

gorgeous woman

If any actress in Hollywood today is sexier than Charlize Theron, I haven't come across her yet. This gorgeous girl has a couple of nude scenes: a sex scene with husband Keanu Reeves with nice views of her tits. Later on, more tits and a brief pubic flash when she shows Reeves her bruised and scratched-up body after being attacked by Al Pacino. Charlize is very beautiful and in most of her films, shows us some flesh.

Bushyboy was written on January 8, 2008

love on the floor, church scene

Lots of flashes to both tits/nipples, very nice tits indeed. When she drops the blanket, we're treated to full frontal twice.. the slashes ruin any sexyness. Nicely trimmed bush!

FILMFREAK was written on September 26, 1999

Full Church Scene

In this Scene Miss Theron shows us her lovely bod. it is a shame it is from such a distant but it is still of good quality. there is another scene earlier on which is also very good but keeps switching with another person which is annoying. A Good Movie Also.

Bootydaddy was written on April 7, 2002

2 scenes

The first scene is when she wants to have a baby, her and Keeanu (sp?) get busy on the floor of their apartment. You see some brief flashes of her breasts. Then later in the movie she is in a church, Keeanu doesn't believe her that she was raped by the devil, then she stands up and drops her blanket showing the scars all over her naked body. You see tits and bush in this scene.

Cyclone was written on March 3, 2001

Two scenes

During a sex scene with Keanu Reeves, she get a few decent looks at her breasts. Then, we briefly get a full frontal shot of her nude body, but since she is covered with bloody scratches, what could have been a great view is largely unappealing. What a waste.

ny was written on January 7, 2005

Nice body but disturbing shot

When she takes off the blanket and stands up naked, you can see everything. But she is all cut up and bruised so its not your favorite and enjoyable nude scene.

[email protected] was written on December 1, 1998

church scene

In the church scene charlize stands up and drops her only covering (blanket) and stands there totally nude. She has scratches from previous scenes but is totally worth vewing 2 or 3 times.

Eternal was written on May 27, 2002

Holy Beauty

Cyclone states that the scratches on her body wrecked the scene. I tend to disagree. Charlize has always been a favourite of mine. She has a nice tight body and isn't shy. The scene in the church was an excellent display of natural beauty. Anyone bothered by the scratches, just keep in mind its make-up. Regardless, she has beautiful perky tits, but could go for a little bit of a trim downstairs.

2CisBelieve was written on July 4, 2000

The scene with the blanket in the church

In this scene Charlize stands up from the churchbench and drops the blanket which was covering her body.
You can see a full and frontal nude, to bad the make-up division made her body look a little like it was carved whith a knive. Still worth to see.

Gordon was written on January 31, 2000

Sex on the floor, nude in church

Charlize and Keanu have sex on the floor, and you get glimpses of her smallish, but very nice breasts. More exposure would have been better, but seeing her roll around and the look of pleasure on her face (as well as those breasts!) still make for a good scene. Later on she's wrapped in a blanket in church, which she takes off, revealing her shapely body, which has been scratched up. Besides the scratches, it's close to perfect.

RichT was written on November 29, 2001

Naked in church, but not as sexy as it should have been ?!?

I have to agree with other reviewers who state that Charlize is a "natural beauty" with a great body (and NOT afraid to show it...fortunately!). She does have the sex scene with Keanu earlier in the movie, but her only full-frontal scene cums later, in a church of all places ! I only have 2 criticisms of her "bush scene" :- 1. Wot a shame she was covered in scratches and blood (albeit completely relevant to the plot), and 2. How did Taylor Hackford manage to turn this gorgeous actress into a rather "dowdy" looking woman, especially when he was showing her completely naked. I mean, if you were directing the film, AND had the great privilage and pleasure of getting Charlize TOTALLY NAKED, wouldn't you want her to look her very best and do complete justice to this very sexy lady ?!? Sorry Taylor, thanks 4 tha great film and full-frontal nudity of the 2 main sexy actresses, but next time pease do FULL justice to the ladies so gratiously stripping !!!

2 Days in the Valley (1996)
soulman was written on June 7, 2002

She Is So Hot!

Theron is a very beautiful women and a testament to small tittied women, especially in Hollywood, where implants seems to be the norm. She has a pretty good sex sene whith James Spader wearing a white outfit that practially non-exsistent. Spader rips it off of her and then start rubbing ice on her nice, small tits with his mouth. Another good tit view when she gets on top and starts to ride him. She really turns it on in this film. Make sure you stick around for the catfight scene she has with Teri Hatcher. Check it out.

Chicago was written on July 6, 2002

2 scenes

While Charlize is definitely hot, and extremely HOT in her body suits, slicked back/up hair, her viewable nudity is 2 1/2 *'s, IMO. At :12, Spader shows a guy a picture of Charlize naked, partially covered in blood (supposedly dead), while lying on white sheets...breasts for 4 sec. At :35.5, Charlize enters the bedroom from the bathroom wearing a white tight, lacy body suit, sits on a chair and spreads her legs to Spader who kisses up her thighs, stops to get ice, then moves to toss her onto the bed. He rips open her outfit at :37.5 (breasts), rubs ice on her nip, she flips him over and starts doing him...her breasts are viewable for 1 min. through :38.5, but the camera angles and having her breasts partially obscured takes away from the nudity rating...but not the 'steam factor.'

dvddish was written on March 15, 2003

tits in two scenes

excellent movie

Bootydaddy was written on June 7, 2002

damn soulman

We are like on the same wave-length, we always seem to review the same stuff within days of each other...lol. Charlize has pretty nice sex sene whith James Spader wearing a pretty much see through outfit, but the best is yet to come, James proceeds to rip it off her showing perhaps the best small pair of tittie in Hollywood. You get another decent breast view when she gets on top and starts to bang him. And like Soulman said the cat fight with Hatcher is very nice....surprisingly (sp?) arousing!

Armando was written on May 25, 1999

Charlize has a long and very sexy scene with James Spader. During the scene he rips her lingerie apart expose her breasts.

Bravo! This one of the best nude scenes i've ever seen in a movie. Although she only bares her breasts. Great lighting and very erotic.

eaglespyharry was written on July 26, 2003


Alright, the topless scene with ice cube is pretty hot. But just before the nude scene Charlize comes out in lingerie, slouches into a chair, and spreads her legs!!! She even has her friggin' knees up. Okay, technically there is a wisp of silk covering her pussy but this is still the hottest scene in the movie. **s for the breast shots and a bonus star for sexiness and bravery.

nudity_elitist was written on June 8, 2002

missing dat ass

This was an average scene that could have been much better if only we would have gotten a look at that perfect rump (see Cider House Rules). While Charlize is surely very sexy and cute, I am going to have to disagree with most of you other reviewers and say that her breasts are below average.....they have no shape to them.

jamiroquai was written on July 8, 2002

Ice cube on nipple scene

What a way to break into nude cinema. Very steamy scene that allows you to gawk at her beautiful legs and wonderful(and small) breasts. How lucky does James Spader get to be to suck on those natural nipples. Worth watching for this scene alone.

BOD was written on December 8, 1999

Very Hot sex scene!

In this scene, she is wearing something very HOT and then removes them. You get to see a pretty clear shot of her nice breasts. I wished she'd do more movies like this one.

beave0 was written on March 4, 2006

nice breasts

You get to see Charlize lovely breasts at 37:35 for just over a minute. Spader throws Charlize on the bed and he ripes open her white teddy exposing her breasts. The second best part of the love making is when he puts an ice cube in his mouth and circles her nipple. We get a close up on that. then Charlize gets on top of Spader so we get a little longer look at her breasts.

TheR8R was written on November 13, 1999


there is a short shot of her butt in lingerie just before the sex seen,it's a nice butt. she has very perky breast that are quite nice, but my favorite seen is when her and teri hatcher are fighting, what a body !!!!!!!

StevieY was written on July 23, 2000

nice boobs

James Spader rips open the sexy little teddy Charlize is wearing, exposing her small, but lovely boobs. He runs an ice cube over them and fondles them. Also good is the catfight involving Charlize and Teri Hatcher. Charlize is wearing a tight white bodysuit and Teri is wearing tight fitting shorts. They each do some serious ass-kicking.

Tatoo was written on August 2, 2001

Charlize in White Lingerie and Wet Hair

Charlize basically wants to seduce James Spader. She looks great in the white lingerie and wet hair. Spader comes back with ice and tears her lingerie. She has the best A or B cup breasts in the business. Her nipples are very nice as well, Spader has ice in his mouth and then sucks on her nipple. We later see her stradle Spader for everyone to see her nice natural breasts. For anyone who is a fan of Charlize Theron, this scene of her breasts are great.

moviestuff was written on August 11, 2003

hot sex scene and a hot body!!!

she reveals her small but firm delicious breasts in a steamy sex scene see this movie!!!

axl was written on October 7, 1999


James Spader is a lucky man to get to romp with Theron while she is topless in bed with him.Great scene.

Trav was written on November 5, 1998

Love making

During a love making scene she takes off an incrediblely tight fitting body suit (VERY hot outfit) and both breasts are clearly exposed.

Joke was written on January 27, 1999

Long, clear sex scene

With all of the crappy sex scenes in movies lately it was a treat to see thislovely woman do one with good lighting and clear views of her breasts. Unfortunatly, they are closer to small than big, but she is still highly attractive and I give her a lot of credit for doing this scene which lasted alittle over a minute.

Senator was written on June 12, 2001

give ME that ice cube!!

The guy in this film is a lucky man! He gets to lick Charlize's legs, and run his mouth over her nipple after ripping off her tight, white corset-- wow! This is an amazing scene that will leave you wishing you were him, especially after he flips her over and gets on top! What I would not give to be under her!

Right before she gets to clothes torn off of her there is a "basic instinct" sort of scene, too bad you can't exatly see through the nightee, but man it is still a major turn on!

Even at the begining when a pic of her is flashed in front of the screne, covered in blood, it is still a pleasure to look at her angelic body!

Collector76 was written on November 26, 2006

nice sex scene

One of the best nude scenes of Charlize yet. A lot dirty talk before the action begins. She is showing us both boobs during a hot and steamy sex scene with James Spader.

EthanZ was written on April 1, 2001

The Big Sex Scene

She is very seductive in the scene. She starts getting rough on him and by the time you know it, there getting off. Really hot and steamy. I'd give it one more star but I don't think we see her breasts enough

Gordon was written on January 31, 2000

Steamy sex scene

This is a great sex scene. Charlize and the guy are in bed and getting very physical. He uses an ice cube in his mouth to arouse her, and as the action heats up he rips her teddy open, revealing her smallish, but naturally gorgeous breasts. She's all sweaty as she rides him, and she throws back her head and cries out as she climaxes. Bravo, Charlize!

titus was written on August 7, 1999

The Ice Cubes!!

Same as the other guys, but they've forgotten about the novel use of the ice cube. Gripping it in his mouth, James Spader then proceeds to use it as an aid to arousal in Charlize's lovely pussy.

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