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Milano, Alyssa 8 Reviews
McGowan, Rose 1 Review
Combs, Holly Marie 1 Review

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Alyssa Milano
camshaft was written on March 6, 2004

alyssa milano mermaid scene

Its about time they had at least one on those girls barely nude. They tease us all the time with those skimpy outfits!!! lol

dvddish was written on February 24, 2003

mermaid tits!

yes yes yes 10 stars

Dudester was written on September 25, 2002

Mermaid episode

Alyssa'a character morphs into a mermaid in episode 1 of season four of this show. She has scales on her breasts. While they cover her nipples and surrounding skin, a lot of white breast flesh is still showing. She stays in this get up for most of the two hour episode. She is frequently carried about by other cast members and thrown down into a tub or on a couch or bed half a dozen times supplying us with jiggle. She is shirtless like this while in the costume. I rather enjoyed it and I would not object to seeing more of this kind of thing. I give her three stars for staying shirtless and just barely nipply covered for two hours on over the air TV. How many teen boys do you think had to go to the bathroom during commercial breaks of this episode?

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 28, 2003


alyssa milano as a mermaid HAHA here nipples are covered typical national television to screw things up

rockhound was written on April 14, 2003

Mermaid episode

IT showes that girles do grow up to be lovely ladys

moviestuff was written on July 20, 2003

mermaind beauty

the best sexiest episode of charmed ever!!! oh sure they covered the nipples so what you still get to see most of it and with a babe like alyssa milano it's all worth it!!!!!!

brutuz was written on March 18, 2005


In the season 4 nipplefest the air conditioner was turned up and the girls underwear was thrown away, along with the plotlines. The entire season focused on showing six hard nipples as much as possible with out letting storylines get in the way. Alyssa led the way in tops that showed so much cleavage she must have been glued into them to keep from falling out. In 2005 she is the only one still showing clevage week after week.

gid was written on April 3, 2003

mermaid episode

While not technically nude, she's pretty much got on oversized pasties and show's a fair amount of skin throughout the full 2 hour special episode due to her being changed into a mermaid. Pretty nice stuff. She also shows her headlights thru clothing in other various episodes. Embrace of the Vampire is her best work and probably will remain so indefinitely, as she was younger and perkier back then...

Rose McGowan
brutuz was written on March 18, 2005


As new sister Paige in season 4 she was part of the move to less plots and more erect nipples under braless tops.

Holly Marie Combs
brutuz was written on March 18, 2005


With the start of season 4 all the female actresses (McGowan, Combs, Milano) started wearing tight tops with lots of cleavage and no bras. Most of the season seemed to be designed around showing their nipples.

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