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1980 Used Cars 6 Reviews

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Used Cars (1980)
ctgte was written on May 27, 2012

Nude on national television!

Cheryl Rixon in a funny scene of very public humiliation. Kurt Russell and his friends are illegally broadcasting a live ad for his used car business during a football game, which goes awry when a model (Rixon) gets her dress stuck on a car's hood ornament. Watching the ad collapse into turmoil, Russell decides to turn the situation to his advantage: he disguises is own face with salesman goggles, then steps on camera to put his unsuspecting model on less anonymous display. After a brief preamble, he cockily suggests, “Let's take a look under the hood, shall we?”, and proceeds to pop the hood of the car open, instantly stripping Rixon of her dress. She's left stark naked save for her heels and a skimpy G-string, squirming and squealing on live television for all to see. The ad appears to be broadcast to the football stadium as well, since her exposure is immediately met with uproarious cheers in addition to the laughter of the advertising film crew (and the shock or amusement of viewers at home). As the delighted cameramen zoom in for detailed closeups, she wriggles about in an utterly undignified manner, at one point turning from the camera to cover her breasts only to expose herself to the camera even more intimately from behind. A grinning Russell then closes his ad just before the broadcast is stopped, making one last pitch for the business as Rixon's breasts jiggle beside him in the camera frame. His ad—and her humiliation—is complete!

gk was written on April 2, 2001

topless on live tv

in this scene, cheryl is on top of a car advertising it on live tv. when she starts to get down her dress gets caught on the hood ornament. as she is trying to get it untangled, someone pops the hood which in turn rips her dress off. she is topless and wearing only a thong. everyone is laughing at her and she tries to get away but the camera crew follows her around to get some pretty good shots of her breasts.

xxzz was written on April 27, 2007

Great Tits

Penthouse Pet of the Year Cheryl Rixon shows off her flawless body in the 1980 comedy Used Cars. In a zany scene where Rixon is displayed as a model in a used car lot for a TV commerical, her blue dress gets caught on a car's hood. As the hood is raised off comes Rixon's dress. The filming of commerical continues with Rixon posing topless in skimpy blue thong panties that show her round bubble ass. As the camermen move in for a closer shot one of the camermen reaches in to squeeze and fondle her well-endowed, natural tits. Meanwhile, homes in the community are entained by this spectacle. Even the kiddies are watching as Cheryl is felt up. Her big bouncey tits can be seen in the regular movie and the DVD shows this scene in various production stages. The damn lucky camerman is allowed a number of takes in sampling Cheryl Rixon's Penthouse tits.

LeroyBrown was written on November 21, 2000

Topless, Big knockers, former Penthouse Pet of the Year

I believe she was wearing a red dress and standing next to a car. The hood of the car pops open and her dress got snagged and ripped apart, exposing her breasts she was wearing only her panties. She was part of a TV commercial and most shots of her breasts were seen on TV sets, not really a very good look at her big beautiful jugs.

BushLeague was written on July 19, 2003

Look under the hood

She is a tall, leggy blonde with a nice set of natural looking 36c casabas. She starts off on the hood of the car and slides down and a slit in her skirt reveals half of her bare ass and mondo stems. When the hood of the car is raised, her skirt is ripped off and she is nude except for some french cut panties and heels. Nice bouncy bouncy on the chest wagons as she screams. She also turns to her side to show her firm left ass cheek. The scene constanly cuts between "live" and the televised version of the commercial.

AngelaSaxon was written on April 4, 2012

Topless on live tv

Shooting a tv commercialfor used cars going out live, Rixon's dress gets caught on a hood ornament. Realising the possibilities, Kurt Russell declares that we should take a look under the hood. As Rixon says "what?!" a grinning Russell pops the hood and her dress is ripped off, revealing her awesome big tits. She squeals in surprise and embarrassment and the delighted camera men zoom in for close-ups, intercut with shots of people watching the ad live in their homes. With Rixon still squealing, one of the laughing cameramen cannot resist his chance and reaches out to give one of her breasts a give squeeze.

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