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2013 Movie 43 1 Review
2008 Wanted 1 Review

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Movie 43 (2013)
vallevip was written on October 21, 2013

Brief Ass View

In the short that Chris is involved in, he pulls down his pants in front of Anna Faris' neck and shows his ass briefly.

Wanted (2008)
smc01 was written on June 30, 2008

Butt slightly obscured by shirt

Nearly gave this 3 stars as we get such an up close and personal shot of Pratt's butt as he energetically plows the main characters' (i.e. James McAvoy's) girlfriend on a kitchen counter, but it's a pretty quick view and his butt is partially obscured by his shirt. The scene takes place only a minute or so into the movie if I recall correctly and despite my initial preconception (Pratt looked a little on the weighty side at first, but is in fact just a big fit bloke), his bum is a very fine specimen. Hopefully this former "The OC" star will show more in future roles! Great movie too. Only complaint...we dont get to see anything more than a shirtless shot of the usually reliably-naked McAvoy. Such a shame as he is in great shape for this movie!

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