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1973 Sexcapade in Mexico 1 Review

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Sexcapade in Mexico (1973)
BushLeague was written on April 28, 2002

Throughout movie

The credits don't say who played what character in this movie, so I will just review the whole movie. It does not matter! Every girl in this movie has a great body1 obviously a bunch of professional strippers were hired. All scenes are very well lit and clear. Every girl, except the mother, shows some combination of tits, ass, pubic hair, and pussy lips (from briefly to fairly long)--except the mother does not show pussy lips or ass. The major scenes: long protracted orgy between three guys and three strippers/whores, a long protracted one on one between a girl and a guy. The mother giving a blow job to her lover in the shower (obscured by shower door). No penetration is ever shown, and despite the very long sex scenes, no guy's dongle is visible (brief balls)

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