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1983 Mortuary 1 Review

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Mortuary (1983)
whiteraven was written on November 14, 2009

Zombie/Corpse Breast

Believe it is Christy Johnson playing Dottie who starts out as a corpse on the funeral home table of Denise Crosby (corresponding image at IMDB). About the 1:00:11 mark DVD, Johnson who has been transformed into a zombie gets off the table and is shown from her right side waist up, B/C-cup, hanging but full and nice. However a horror film and she is covered with body makeup. One star as she is indeed topless on screen and you do get some sense of shape and size. There were opportunities for contextual nudity by Tarah Paige as Sarah and the cleavage teasing Courtney Peldon playing Tina but not taken.

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