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1984 Bill, The 1 Review

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2004 Shameless (UK) 4 Reviews

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Shameless (UK) (2004)
McKinnon was written on March 15, 2011


In the first episode of series 8 Ciaran\'s character and various others streak through the neighborhood after a bachelor party. This is only shown from a distance, via security camera.

McKinnon was written on March 24, 2011

Side sex

Series 7, episode 5 - Ciaran\'s character has sex with Gerard Kearns/Ian when Ian wants to get a girl off his mind. You can see mostly a glimpse of hip.

Ozzie700 was written on February 17, 2010

Going to shower; series 7 episode 4

Ciaran shows his cute, tight little ass again as his character happily goes for a shower with the football team.

Ozzie700 was written on February 25, 2009

Shower; Season 6 episode 6

As Shameless rolled along, the Maguire family was introduced and began to take up more airtime. One good reason is Ciaran, who manages to be both innocent and rugged and is a very good actor. He plays closet case Mickey Maguire. He finally gets to get off the bench for the football/soccer game, but he's more interested in the showers, where he ogles the handsome team captain. During this scene he's somewhat far away from the camera, but close enough to where you can still see his tight, trim buttocks.

Bill, The (1984)
GDH was written on August 13, 2003


In the episode first broadcast on 14 August 2003, Griffiths is trying to win membership in some sort of male bonding club. His initiation ceremony involves running naked through the police station. We get one very quick view of his bum as one of his mates gives it a manly whack, and a couple of shots of his bare hips as he runs around with a police helmet covering his balls. Griffiths has a wiry body which in this instance is best viewed using your freeze-frame!

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