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1976 First Nudie Musical, The 1 Review

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First Nudie Musical, The (1976)
BushLeague was written on August 16, 2002

Many nude dance numbers in movie

Being a musical, this film has a lot of dancers that are not specifically identified, but half of the dance numbers are nude or nearly nude (as you can guess from the title). Here are the nude dance numbers: 1) Very long 20's style chorus number where 5 girls wear only hats and high heels--see everything, bush, apparently natural tits (average to slightly larger) and firm, but not necessarily slim bodies and muscular, but not masculine, dancer's legs--all mostly full lit, full length, in flat light and very few "cuts". Great tit jiggling when they wave arms over their heads; 2) In "Dancing Dildo" number (guys are really wearing full length dildo costumes), 4 girls in background (behind Alexandra), topless with see-thru hoop skirts, can cleary see bush butts and tits. Girls do turns so you can see all around--a bit of choppy cutting with other action, but you have more than enough time to focus on the good stuff. 3) One scene involves a tall girl(with a micro mini skirt covering some long ass legs) with large round knockers, dancing with a guy; 4) The finale, "Let 'em eat cake", features 5 girls wearing only top hats, tuxedo tails and high-heel tap shoes. You can easily see bush and legs entire time. Tits are often revealed as they dance. And you can see their butts as they do turns. All scenes are easily a couple to five minutes long. It does not get much better than this outside of a "nudie cutie" film--and this was released by Paramount!

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