Clara Sheller's Sexy Actresses

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Félix, Zoé 1 Review

Clara Sheller's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Vincentelli, François 1 Review
Mille, Patrick 1 Review
Collin, Edouard 1 Review
Alves, Ruben 1 Review

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Zoé Félix
Ozzie700 was written on May 28, 2009


Zoe plays Clara in the 2008 version of this show. She's not as attractive as the first Clara, but is striking in her own way. In an early episode of the second season, she decides to have some fun and lies to her partner that she's pregnant, not understanding just how much he wants a child. When he's thrilled with the news, she quickly leaves the bathtub so she can go talk to her friend JP. Her small but very firm, pointy breasts are shown briefly (the small dressing gown she's holding covers her lower half) as she gets out of the bath.

François Vincentelli
Ozzie700 was written on May 28, 2009

Sex scenes

Francois plays Gilles in the second season. Gilles is the bisexual man who is loved by JP and Clara. He has two very hot yet tender love scenes with JP. He looks a bit like the guy who played the Pretender, only more salt and pepper. He has a nice build, nice hairy chest, and has a masculine presence, so it's all the more satisfying to see he is the bottom in these scenes. In the first, there's a brief glimpse of his rear end (in a very close shot) as his jeans are pulled off. These scenes are quite something, not explicit, but very much a mature, erotic presentation of the love between two men. So daring that supposedly these scenes have either gotten the show cancelled, or if it is brought back, significantly toned down. Boo hiss.

Patrick Mille
Ozzie700 was written on May 28, 2009

Sex scene

In the second season, Patrick plays JP, the gay man who is never happy unless he gets what someone else already has. Patrick has a somewhat homely, albeit charming, face, but his body is very nicely toned and he has a nice light coating of chest hair on his pecs. There are several sex scenes JP shares with his soulmate, Gilles, which are relatively light on nudity (we see his bare hip and in the second scene, a distant glimpse of his buttocks) but are very erotic. In the first, he turns Gilles onto his stomach, lowers his jeans and next they cut to a moment where JP is clearly topping Gilles. In another scene, he sees Clara's claw marks on Gilles back, and this time plans to face JP. There's also a brief scene earlier in the season where he's on the couch with his young lover Brad and you can see his bare hip before he covers himself with a pillow.

Edouard Collin
Ozzie700 was written on May 28, 2009

Sleeping with boyfriend

Edouard appears in a brief role in the 2008 version of this show as Brad, a go-go dancer who falls for JP in spite of their age difference. He's a crazy and very funny character, and his body is unbelievable, as well as his gorgeous face. He strips and wears very tight underwear, but the only actual nudity is when he goes back to JP's place and Clara finds them on a couch. We can see what is obviously a very nice butt on Edouard, but the angle isn't great, and JP quickly covers him with a pillow.

Ruben Alves
Ozzie700 was written on May 28, 2009

Locker room

Clara Sheller was a French show which ran in 2005 and again (with different actors in the lead roles) in 2008. The show was about the complex relationship between Clara (the title character) and her best friend, the gay JP. In an early episode, JP has to befriend his boss's son, played by Ruben. Ruben is tall and has unkempt brown hair and a very lean, smooth body. After a game with rackets, they go to the locker room and Ruben begins taking off his clothes, showing JP a tattoo. During this process his slim buttocks jiggle in a somewhat pleasing manner several times.

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