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year title
1996 Giving Tongue 1 Review
1991 Afraid of the Dark 2 Reviews

Clare Holman's Sexy TV Shows

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year title
1999 Love in the 21st Century 1 Review
1998 Big Women 1 Review

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Love in the 21st Century (1999)
lattara was written on January 27, 2001

Topless Teacher

Clare plays a teacher who falls for one of her teenage pupils. On a field trip she seizes the moment and sneaks into his tent. Off comes her dress and her tasty B-cuppers are revealed as, schoolmarm to the end, she climbs on top for lessons in love :-)

Big Women (1998)
lattara was written on January 27, 2001

Dirty Dancing

Clare is the last to join in the naked dancing. We see her boobies and bush as the women dance about but only fleetingly and in mid-shot.

Giving Tongue (1996)
tazzie was written on September 11, 1999

with older man

I saw this movie a little while ago, and I'm prettysure Clare appeared at least topless in it, but I'mnot sure what she was doing. Anyone with a bettermemory?

Afraid of the Dark (1991)
Striker was written on November 18, 1999

Posing for photographer

Clare poses topless for a photographer early in the movie.

Know-it-all was written on February 21, 2001

Rocking horses can be dangerous

She plays a blind girl who's posing topless w/ a cowboy hat (a very fetching look, really), for a guy who may be a murderer. She's a good actress (she was great in "Let Him Have It"), and she's extremely appealing in this film, and this scene. Her breasts are small, but perky, and she shares them without self-conciousness.

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