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1996 Head of the Family, The 1 Review
1965 Thunderball 2 Reviews

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Head of the Family, The (1996)
Immy was written on October 6, 2009

Very brief breasts (1:19)

Married man Nino Manfredi has just cheated on his wife (Leslie Caron) with Claudine. She gets out of bed in the semi-dark room, goes to the window (a couple of shadowy silhouettes of her boobs during this) and opens the blinds. Once the sunshine pours in and we see her bare back she turns and heads back to Nino in bed but self-consciously holds her arm up, obscuring any good direct exposure. We do see the briefest bit of her left boob just as she turns plus a pretty good side right breast as she puts Nino's shirt on (best seen in the gap below the railing).

Thunderball (1965)
rbelkin was written on October 1, 2006

Two Brief Nip Slip & Half Ass Reveal

All and all, pretty brief - at the end of the movie, she is tossed onto a bed faced down with the camera focused solely on her rear and she lands and bounces - revealing quite a bit of cheek - especially for the late 1960's. You can make out a bit of her panties. Then Largo rips off the strap on the left part of her dress intending to give her an injection - the camera angle is low - basically down her blouse - as she squeezes her arms, her nipple makes a few frame appearance. Then Largo leaves, the professor quickly unties er hands, as she sits up, with no left strap on blouse, as she heaves forward, the left nipple makes another few frame appearance. It's not much but she's certainly worth seeing half naked and with a few slips.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on December 6, 2010

Crotch shot

At the very end, Bond and Domino have to dive under the water to avoid an explosion. As she goes end up, you can plainly see that Claudine's suit has begun to internalize.

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