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1979 Dedicated to the Aegean Sea 1 Review

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Dedicated to the Aegean Sea (1979)
tungtung was written on July 3, 2004


I watched this movie at theater 25 years ago. the leading actor handsome young Claudio Aliotti's nudity in this movie is absolutely awesome. he is naked for one-fourth of the time. in one scene, he is even crawling around naked playing with the actresses.
I think there are frontal scenes but in those days, these were cut when showing in my area's theaters.
movie was directed by the late Japanese Masuo Ikeda. this was the only movie he made. he is quite famous in Japan but not being in the movie business. i think he did this movie in a foreign country to explore nudity at its best. and he's done a great job.
it's ashame that probably because he is not chiefly in the movie business, I've never seen this movie again in VHS or DVD. and people might as well have forgotten he has made one movie which is this one.

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