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Monique Parent
Chicago was written on March 13, 2001

2 scenes

At :34, Monique dances on stage with various mannequin pieces as you see her ass in a thong, then her breasts with quarter-sized pink areola. She then slips the mannequin hand down her panties and see a close-up glimpse of her blonde pubes during the 1.75 min. scene…nice. At :55, she has another stage scene where she has sex with a guy in a diner scenario…see her breasts, ass, pubis briefly under her apron from a medium distance in the shadows, and her breasts again in the dressing room—2½ min.

Sage Kirkpatrick
Ryan was written on June 24, 2000

Sexy redhead fully nude multiple times

The review by "Joe_Blow 69" under Julie Condliff actually refers to Sage Kirkpatrick the lovely star of this softcore Playboy production. Other than the name of the actress his information is all correct (except Sage has appeared in several other softcore films). She has nice full breasts which appear to be natural. She appears fully nude several times in the film and has at least three sex scenes (including one at the very start of the film) and a lesbian encounter with co-star Lauren Hays.

Chicago was written on March 13, 2001

Starts slow and EXPLODES - 7 scenes

Sage plays the naïve cute redhead (it works for her!) who goes to live with a promiscuous couple and become a strip dancer (funny, even her first dance visiting the club is pro-like). At :01¾-:04., she has sex with her boyfriend on a blanket in wide open nature. Her largish breasts are on great display; there are nipple close-ups as the guy kisses and nibbles them; she pulls her panties to the side of her buns under her skirt revealing a nice ass shot and her pube hairs from the back (nice move); and they have sex. At :22.75, Sage is propped up on her stomach sunning herself topless (in the shade I might add) when, as she watches the groundsman, she sits up showing her breasts for ~15 sec. before eventually putting on her bathing suit top. At :51.5, Sage’s inhibitions drop off dramatically as she is ‘Sage on Stage’…excellent, clear views of her breasts, bush and ass (though lit by a spotlight)—nice hanging, full breasts, and a little hairy in the nether region. During Monique’s 2nd stage act (:55), Sage plays with herself, showing her breast. At 1:01.25, she has sex with the groundsman in the house…the guy licks her natural breasts, removes her jeans showing her dark hair (2 close-ups and several others); she then sucks him, turns her ass to him to take her from the rear. Nice breast shots and close pubes in the ~3 min. scene. At 1:12.25 (1¾ min), she consoles Lauren which turns into a f/f where Sage licks her breasts, and exposes her breasts, ass and bush (glimpse) as Lauren performs oral sex. At 1:21.5, she has her final nude scene on stage having sex with a guy with a strobe light on them—breasts and bush with him mostly on top.

Lauren Hays
snowdawg was written on March 13, 2001

Her scenes in movie

If your really into Lauren Hays, this movie is bascially an side dish rather than main course. Lauren has 2 scenes that are notable but other than that, if your looking for alot of views of Lauren nude, this is not the movie to drool over for her.
Early half of movie she shows off her lovely boobs with a few brief shots of her pubic hair as she gets ripped by the grounds taker in a potting shed. The other scene worth mentioning is at the end as she gets it on with her hubby. Once again nice views of her boobs with a few pubic shots. Also a view of her ass.

That is the reason for 3 stars, would of gotten 4 if Lauren appeared in more nude scenes.

Also Lauren does Sage Kirkpatrick after spending time away from hubby. This scene Lauren just shows her boobs and thats about it as Sage shows all of her goods (boobs & her pubes).

Chicago was written on March 13, 2001

Sex w/ Groundsman, Sage and Hubby

Lauren lives in an open marriage gone sour (gee, I wonder why) who tries to save their relationship. At :12-:14.75, Lauren has a rendezvous with the groundsman behind the wall while Sage watches. Lauren’s lightly tanned body/breasts are on display; also get to see her dark amber pubes close-up as her panties come off and they have sex. Most of the focus is on her breasts. At 1:12.25 (1¾ min), Sage consoles Lauren which turns into a f/f where Lauren’s breasts are licked by Sage, then she performs oral sex on Sage. At 1:35, after everyone else having sex, Lauren finally has sex with her husband (2¼ min.) You see her breasts, several views of her pubes as she’s undressed and on top of him, and her ass. Lauren’s a mildly attractive redhead with an okay body, but nothing real exciting.

Julie Condliff
Joe_Blow69 was written on January 31, 2000

Perky breasts and excellent bush

To my knowledge, this is the only movie that Julie Condliff has been in, which is very unfortunate. A gorgeous redhead, Julie has a truly beautiful, youthful look about her. In one of the movie's more memorable scenes, Jule is slowly undressed by a man, revealing her large, perky breasts. He eventually pulls down her jean shorts, giving us a nice view of her dark bush. We do see a brief view of Julie's butt as she turns around to let the man take her from behind, where her breasts bounce up and down while he thrusts at her. Combined with some hot moaning, this makes for a truly erotic scene.

Chicago was written on March 13, 2001

3 scenes

Julie DOES have nude scenes, but Joe Blow’s description rightfully belongs to Sage. Julie is the brunette British reporter who sexes Matthew. At :24.5, she has a 2 min. scene where her panties come off showing her ass and bush close-up…unfortunately, she’s moving too quickly to get a good look. She then loses her bra showing her large breasts which he licks hard. You see more of her ass as she moves to simu-oral him and then he bangs her from on top. Surprisingly, the nudity is limited as she’s blocked for most of the scene. At :31.75, she gives a brief breast view to the camera as she roles over after having sex with Matthew. At :44-:46, Julie’s side ass is bare while standing in front of a mirror, then her pubes are viewable between her robe as she walks across the room. At the end of the scene, Matthew opens her robe and you briefly see her breasts.

Paul Logan
Derek was written on November 21, 1999

Two love scenes

Very hunky actor has two love scenes: One with a mature woman (read: 30), the other with a nymphette (read: 20). Both are great scenes. In the first the woman stips him and we get a nice view of his butt as they have sex. It the second scene he is wearing only sweatpants and they are removed. We see his very fine butt again as he backends the nymphette. A good movie for some male tail!

James Horan
Derek was written on November 21, 1999

Two love scenes

Actor has two love scenes. The first one shows his bare ass. The second one shows the woman on top and he is concealed. Actor is average looking and has an average build, but has a sexy manner. The three-stars is a collective rating for both scenes.

Matthew Fling
Derek was written on November 20, 1999

Love scene

Hunky twentysomething makes love to his girlfriend in an open field. Many nice shots of his bare bum. Really cute guy!

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