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Melora Walters
dav345 was written on January 17, 2004

fake boobs in 1865?

You see her silicone implants and the upper part of her butt crack as she seduces Jude Law's character. She is playing the part of a skanky prostitute and thus doesn't look very sexy. I didn't know they had fake boobs in 1865.

Ryan was written on January 6, 2004

Seduces Jude Law

Melora gets completely naked in an attempt to seduce Jude Law. The shots are not very close or extremely revealing but you do see her firm breasts and rear.

lattara was written on February 5, 2004

Wondering about those breasts too

Like the previous reviewer, I thought Melora's breasts looked 'fake' - more to the point, I thought it looked like a bad boob job. On the other hand, I don't recall thinking this when she went naked in 'Magnolia'. Nice behind, though and I found the scene less unsexy than other reviewers comments would suggest.

Taryn Manning
Ryan was written on January 6, 2004

Quick topless shot

A very brief glimpse of Taryn's small breasts as she and a much larger woman are interrupted with Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

howie was written on March 6, 2004

Topless scene

Don't blink or you'll miss it but it's worth going twice to this movie to see Taryn Manning topless. We see just one breast in a quick scene.

ff was written on July 30, 2004

has all the ingredients of a bad nude scene: dimly lit, distant, and way too brief

I was quite disappointed with her nude scene. First she is only seen in the background so the view is a bit distant and you see only one of her small breasts. and it`s quick Katherine Durio actually exposed more than her and I did not want to see that!

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 16, 2004

Very quick

Very qucik tit shot i watched this pathetic movie for that scene i missed it and had to go back to find it wasnt worth it

Nicole Kidman
DAJohnson was written on February 25, 2006

Getting it on and baring it all

Nicole, one of the most nudity-friendly actresses on the planet, has a great sex scene with Jude Law toward the end of the movie. Even though her breasts only get brief glipses, they are still pretty hot and Nicole has a pretty hot butt that you get a very nice shot of. Her sexual reactions are incredible.

redraven was written on October 31, 2004

Sex scene at end

A grand movie with a brief nude scene by Ms. Kidman at the end. In a torrid tangle with Jude Law, Kidman provides us with some light glimpses at what is arguably Hollywood's best body--a few looks at her breasts during sex, and the hint at a patch of nether hair. Lovely isn't strong enough a word, just wish it had been more revealing.

misty_rose was written on July 5, 2004

A bit of boob and butt

During a lovemaking scene with Jude Law, we see a short glimpse of her butt as she takes her clothes of as well as her boob as they have sex. A bit of her pubic hair can also be seen.

JaeDavis was written on January 4, 2004

Short but very sweet

Near the end of the movie Nicole has a decent sex scene. The camera jumps around here and there, but you do get looks at her small but perfect natural breasts. There are also a few quick glipses of her pubic hair (proving she IS a natural redhead). For the nudity itself, I'd only give it one star, but I give the second in honor of Ms. Kidman herself. She's incredible.

MisterTex was written on January 4, 2004

Love scene with Jude Law

Having seen the movie in the theatre without the benefit of slo-mo or freeze-frame, I must have blinked and missed the pubic hair shots pointed out by Jae Davis, but there is also a nice shot of her lovely ass - looking as good or better than it did in Billy Bathgate or Eyes Wide Shut. As for the tit shots, since she is laying on her back at the time, they seem smaller than in other movies, but still very nice. She is gorgeous and you have to applaud her for being one of the few superstar actresses to give us a generous amount of nudity.

Earlier in the movie, there is also some decent T&A from a few other, unknown actresses who seduce Jude Law and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

ff was written on July 8, 2004

nice quick full frontal

you first see her butt then you see some brief blonde pubes. You can actually Jude Law grabbing her crotch. then brief right breast.

lattara was written on February 5, 2004

Jump editing spoils nude scene

I know that the filmmakers were trying to do more than provide me with a view of Nicole naked, but the cut-cut-cut editing of the sex scene meant that we only got flashes of breast, bum and the upper reaches of Nicole's sparse pubes in moderate lighting. One to view again on DVD with the Pause button at hand :)

eaglespyharry was written on December 18, 2004

Underated performance

Common guys...you all underated this one. I just watched the DVD and couldn't believe what a good muff shot we get from an "A list" actress. Nicole actually opens her legs a little and she is clearly not wearing a patch. Her red pubic hair is clearly visible and Jude's hand must be right up against her pussy. This is damn rare for a great actresss in the prime of her career (and beauty).

Kimiwebber was written on November 9, 2012

Hot bedroom scene

Nicole's expressions during the scene are amazing. Jude feels her butt crack and reveals her ass. He then clearly fingers her crotch and presses her small boobs. When he mounts her, one of her small boob is visible.

dav345 was written on January 17, 2004

a bit of boob

You see her boob during a love making scene at the end of the film. It gets 2 stars only because it is Nicole....anyone else would get 1 star. You see a glimpse of her butt when she is taking her clothes off.

Ghostwords was written on July 2, 2013

Two versions?

Several people here appear to have seen a censored version of the scene where Ms Kidman lures Law into her bed. He strokes her butt crack through the material of her 19th Century underwear, then several clear shots of her unveiled posterior (one in which he presses his face against it), another in which he slips his hand between her legs and we get a brief glimpse of golden bush, plus a couple of views of her right nipple towards the close as it peeks out from her blouse. The sequence occurs around 02:10:00 and is very nicely handled by all concerned.

movieguy1672 was written on November 19, 2004

Short but very sweet

Near the end of the movie Nicole has a decent sex scene. The camera jumps around here and there, but you do get looks at her small but perfect natural breasts. There are also a few quick glipses of her pubic hair (proving she IS a natural redhead). For the nudity itself, I'd only give it one star, but I give the second in honor of Ms. Kidman herself. She's incredible.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 16, 2004

nice ending

towards the very ending you get a quick glimpse of a boob not worth it not even close to eyes wide shut

fat2tap was written on July 25, 2016

Hot sex scene

Nicole Kidman's character indulges in wedding night sex with her partner, which is Jude Law. Although there is no traditional wedding ceremony, they take informal vows just for the sake of it. Both characters had been longing for each other for a long time and now that they were in front of each other, nothing could stop them from having sex.

Nicole Kidman' s character is a sophisticated lady known as Ada. She is frail, reserved and beautiful. She is also very desirable but is chaste. Although there are better sex scenes by other stars, still this scene is quite arousing on the senses.

Jude Law gropes her buttocks and then removes her flimsy bottoms revealing a very good shot of her ass. This has to be the best shot of her ass in all of her movies.

Next we are treated to a breathtaking view of her pubic hair! I just wish the shot was a little longer and captured more area as the camera angle was very good with excellent view.

Next he gets on top of her and bares her one breast. He makes thrusting motion on top of her and you see their genital areas pressed together. It is all fake and there is no doubt about it. We even see a cloth where their genital area is joined together.

Also there is no breast sucking which is disappointing. No tounge use during kiss.

Jude Law' s character is able to manage only two thrusts and cums in her after the second thrust. She seems surprised by the intensity of his orgasm. She calms him and reassures him after he appears to have prematurely cum in her. He was obviously as pent up with sexual desire as her.

All in all, it is good sex scene that shows her ass, one breast and pubic hair in clear shots although the shots are very brief. You need uncut dvd to see this. Could have been better though, especially the breast, pubic hair shots and a few more thrusts since the camera angles were excellent.

Jude Law
DAJohnson was written on March 5, 2006

nice backside

Even though we don't get a frontal, Jude has some nice butt shots, and like Nicole, great reactions shots. Cute ass to grab.

misty_rose was written on July 5, 2004

Butt close-ups

Apart from having an extremely handsome face, Jude has a very nice body which is shown quite a bit during a lovemaking scene with Nicole Kidman. There's one fairly short, but very nice close-up shot of his butt, as he gets down on the bed to have sex with her (he turns from one side to another as he does so, as if to deliberately display his cheeks to the camera). Later on, there's another great close-up of his left cheek, and we can see every muscle contraction in his fine ass as he slowly but gracefully thrusts himself into her.

Ryan was written on January 6, 2004

Sex with Nicole Kidman

A couple brief shots of Jude's nice buns proving they had good bodies even in the civil war era.

Ghostwords was written on July 2, 2013


Brief rear nudity from Law in the sex scene with his lost love Ms Kidman, which occurs around 02:10:00. Well lit and nicely photographed. From the closing sequence, set years later, we can infer that this one tryst was enough to get her pregnant.

lilix was written on March 23, 2004



Ghostwords was written on July 2, 2013


(Sorry about this: I only posted the above review once, but it appeared twice. System's refusing to let me delete the duplicate.)

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