Colleen Celeste Camp
San Francisco, California, USA

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year title
1980 Cloud Dancer 2 Reviews
1979 Apocalypse Now 6 Reviews
1978 Cat in the Cage 1 Review
1977 Death Game 2 Reviews
1975 Smile 2 Reviews

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Cloud Dancer (1980)
phour20 was written on December 4, 2007

airplane/convertible scenes

while the previous review is correct and the skinny dipping scene is indeed missing from the vhs version of this film, this is still a worthwhile title for fans of colleen camp to check out, as she definitely will still cause you to pitch a tent with her two, albeit clothed, scenes. in the first scene (from 53:15 to 55:40), she looks very nice in her dress, as there's plenty of cleavage and jiggling shots. in the better of the two scenes (from 1:02:15 to 1:02:52), as she is riding in a convertible, she takes off her top to reveal her two twins looking exceptional in a bra, unfortunately she doesn't listen to her costar who beckons her to 'take it all off', a plead he continues even after she's removed her shirt. too bad :(

slimsummers was written on February 9, 2002

Skinny dipping scene-missing in VHS version

Rented this movie because I had seen a still from it in Playboys SEX IN CINEMA article for that year. In the still, you see Colleen and Joe bottoms up to their waists in water, with a clear side view of Colleens right breast, including a nice erect nipple. However in the VHS I rented (PG, I think) the whole frickin' scene is missing! The most you see of Colleen is a brief shot of cleavage and butt cheek slippage as she is wearing a one piece swimsuit. She is some sort of local festival queen and falls down, nice jiggle, but that's about it. I keep hoping for a "director's cut" R rated DVD, but considering this things real stars are the aereal stunts, I doubt if it will ever happen.

Apocalypse Now (1979)
Moonie2 was written on August 20, 2001

They're big, baby!

Colleen shows her mammoth breasts during a scene that has been added to the 3 1/2 hr Director's Cut. She plays a Playboy Bunny who disrobes for the chef in anticipation of sleeping with him. Colleen is cute, and her boobs are gigantic with a lot of hang to them. The scene is dark, but there are some good views nonetheless.

Chicago was written on August 18, 2002

1 scene

Previous reviewers do a good job of describing Colleen's scene with a guy in the helicopter which comes at 1:29-1:31.5 with cutaways to Cynthia Wood and a guy.

tickledick was written on May 12, 2004

Bare breasts

I guess you were wondering why the movie is called "Apocalypse Now". An A-bomb explosion detonates in your brain as Colleen opens her shirt, then you witness her nuclear mushrooms rising into view. You have a good view from your observation point, but 5 out of 10 for lighting. Duration: from the moment her breasts are visible until they are hidden lasts 1min 45 seconds, but the scene is intercut with views of a topless Cynthia Wood.

tickledick was written on May 12, 2004

Bare breasts

Apologies. I mistakenly gave 1 star, but should have been three (for rarity).

DCW3 was written on August 16, 2001

Breasts, while posing

Colleen plays a Playboy playmate, who opens her shirt to reveal her large breasts while Frederic Forrest tries to get her to ape another Playmate's centerfold pose. A good scene, but rather dimly lit. (This scene only appears in the 2001 "Redux" director's cut.)

soulman was written on June 11, 2002

Nice Tits.

the previous reviewer is right about Camp in this newly added scene in the director's cut version of this film. Those suckers are huge. And you get a good long view of them. Thanks to Francis Coppola for adding this scene.

Cat in the Cage (1978)
Immy was written on October 18, 2007

Brief left breast (0:36)

Colleen's magnificent left hooter sneaks into view a couple of times as she gets in on in bed with Bruce Vaughn. Seen when she's on her back and shot from the foot of the bed. Bruce moves his arm slightly and it comes into view before he gives it a good grab. Kinda dark but it's unmistakable.

Death Game (1977)
Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

Quite a bit of nudity with Sondra Locke throughout the movie. At first they are in the bathtub together and show some good tit shots and real good ass shots as they get out of the tub. Later she is jumping up and down on the bed with her boobs

Quite a bit of nudity with Sondra Locke throughout the movie. At first they are in the bathtub together and show some good tit shots and real good ass shots as they get out of the tub. Later she is jumping up and down on the bed with her boobs bouncing.

thundertroll was written on November 20, 1999

whole alotta tits

I give this a three start since I am nuts about Collen.There is another scene where she is outside a glass door with crosshatch panes nude looking in, it great. man those knockers are something. But as I recall this movie was call The Seducers not the Death Game , although her credits include the Game of Death with Bruce Lee.

Smile (1975)
BushLeague was written on February 21, 2002

Being spied on in a "dressing room"

She and some other girls are getting dressed and the son of one of the contest judges is taking pictures through an open venetian blind. She is shown completely nude from the rear (nice large round firm ass) and from the side (nice large round firm tits). She unfortunately obscures Joan Prather's tits--but it is almost worth it.

187 was written on February 21, 2009

bare butt and side breast

The camera tilts upwards as she's standing nude with her dirty right foot raised off the floor. You get a decent look at the side of her right breast and then her sweet, round butt as she talks with other girls while a kid watches them through a window. It's not exactly a great shot (could last longer and show more) but for a 'PG' rated movie, it's not bad. She has a nice body; more curves, more meat than most of today's actresses.

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