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1969 The Benny Hill Show 1 Review

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The Benny Hill Show (1969)
Immy was written on March 12, 2008

Left breast (0:18)

British Page 3 model Corinne has a handful of appearances as one of Benny's legendary "Hill's Angels" and in the show's DVD megaset she even shows some skin. In Volume 5, Disc 2, Show 1 in a sketch called "Holiday" she and other girl are sunbathing face down and topless on a beach setting. Benny is giving a travelogue report to the camera when they both briefly get up to leave, but then decide to lay back down. Benny gets a great frontal view of both girls but we get a very nice side view of her left boob and nipple. Pretty daring for TV and apparently one of the reasons a backlash began developing against Benny's lewd form of humor. Of note later in the show (0:48) is another segment with Corinne where she's a stripper onstage wearing only a g-string and holding a balloon over her boobs. Pretty close to more exposure here. Corinne is a prime vintage Page 3 hottie.

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