Selma, Alabama, USA

Cornelia Sharpe's Sexy Filmography

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year title
1976 Next Man, The 1 Review
1975 Reincarnation of Peter Proud, The 1 Review
1974 Busting 1 Review
1973 Serpico 6 Reviews

Cornelia Sharpe's Biography

Made her screen debut in Kansas City Bomber (1972).

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Next Man, The (1976)
derek22 was written on December 30, 2001

breasts in the shower

Cornelia Sharpe plays a professional assassin. In one part of the picture she dyes her hair as part of a disguise. Then she appears in the shower washing the dye out of her hair. Her good-looking breasts make a nice appearance on screen during this shower scene.

Reincarnation of Peter Proud, The (1975)
Paul was written on February 5, 1999

full nude scene very beginning

luv her tits

Busting (1974)
tickledick was written on September 23, 2005

Breast, butt

They say music is the highest form of art. In evidence, I offer this nudity in C Sharpe. Such a brief scene, but any onlooker feels blessed for having witnesed it. No sooner has she walked into the dentist's surgery than she is taking off her dress. We see her right breast, frontally, and then we switch to rear nudity. At first, her buttocks are in shadow, but as she moves forward, we can appreciate a better-lit view. She assumes an open legged position in the chair, as if she were about to play an oversized instrument, but the tuba proportioned fool before her would have no more than a penny-whistle. Whatever it is, we are still rearward, so all we see is her leg crooked over the chair arm.

Serpico (1973)
Xeyes was written on November 13, 2008


At about 41:00, nice natural tits.

dumpiedong was written on May 19, 2005

In the tub with Al Pacino

Nice clear view of her nice pointy breasts

Ghostwords was written on July 24, 2013


Just past the 40-minute mark, we see Serpico taking a bath with his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend (Ms Sharpe). It's shot from her right, but we see both of her smallish breasts in good light (she has very prominent nipples, made more so by her slight bust).

Screencaps: http://www.celebritymoviearchive.com/tour/movie.php/17046.

veghead74 was written on December 25, 2004

Bathtub Scene

At about 41:40 into the DVD, she is seen nude in a tub with Paco. Both of her breasts are visble at the beginning of the scene. The rest of the scene consists of closeups of each character's face.

bushyboy was written on October 1, 2016

Nice pointy boobs

Both boobs visible from the side while she is in the tub.

Striker was written on September 26, 1999

She takes a bath with Al Pacino

Good look at her lovely pointed boobs.

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