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Smet, Laura 1 Review
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Corps impatients, Les' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

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Laura Smet
BushLeague was written on April 3, 2004

Mostly some nice french tittie shots.

She is sick and spends a lot of time in hospitals. As expected, she shows her very firm and symmetrical 34bs a lot while being examined during various tests and medical procedures. She gives occasional breast shots during lovemaking with her boyfriend and with her female cousine (most are very brief). Her longest breast shot occurs when she is laying on top of her cousin in a bath tub. I counted 6 shots in all.

Marie Denarnaud
BushLeague was written on April 3, 2004

Not quite the full monty

The prior reviewer is just a bit too generous with his praise, but is basically on the mark. We never get a full frontal from her. She may have given a full backal when some actors, of which she may have been one, stripped and ran naked into the water. We only get one full side shot when she is drying off (nice, curly, large, unkempt bush) and a partial full frontal as as guy strips off her clothes before making love (not much of her shown during love making, except and occasion tit shot). Although there are lots of nude scenes in this movie, the version I saw mostly featured quick shots.

BushLeague was written on April 3, 2004

Just for completeness

She shows her breasts when some paramedics attach some electrodes to her chest when she is found unconcious after a fight (a little bloody).

JAnondo_2002 was written on December 7, 2003

Every inch of her body, in many scenes

Marie shows her body from every angle, the only shortage was longer bush view. We see her breasts and the bush from the side as she dries herself up with a towel, her breasts and ass look great. Then we see her breasts again when she's having sex with a guy. She's on her back and as the guy goes to take her panties off, the camera pans from her breasts to her bush (nice dark, slightly trimmed maybe?), nice breast movements. Then as the guy humps her, we see the the lower part of the breasts. Next, she's having sex in the shower, short view of her breasts and a very quick shot of the bush. Another breast view, as she's changing, another girl helps her by pulling her top over her head, giving a good view of her left breast. In the sixth scene, she's lying on the beach, topless, breathing slowly, then she sits up.

Nicolas Duvauchelle
spitton was written on December 8, 2006

Testicles and energetically-thrusting rear

Nicolas Duvauchelle is nude often in Les Corps Impatients, but his most impressive scene by far is his sex scene with Marie Denarnaud. They wildly make out and strip, and it culminates in a well-lit three-quarter shot of a completely-naked Nicolas atop Marie, pumping into her wildly. Her legs don't block the view of his full, muscular butt. As he thrusts into her fifteen times (flexing and relaxing, so his cheeks are constantly opening and closing, offering a tantalizing view!) his large, low-hanging balls swing VERY visibly! Even though there is no frontal shot, Nicolas's realistic humping is more than enough to earn him 4 stars!

GDH was written on October 25, 2003

Bum, mainly

French film (original title: 'Les Corps Impatients') about the impact on three friends when one of them develops cancer. Slim, handsome Duvauchelle features in four (count 'em) nude scenes: first we get bare hips and upper rear views as he's towelling off and starts to have sex with Laura Smet; secondly, we get a terrific, well-lit, lengthy view of his shapely backside during a sex scene with Marie Denarnaud - you can also clearly see his testicles bouncing between his upper thighs as he's ploughing into her. The third scene of note provides a shadowy view of his bush and a clear view of his backside as he's taking Denarnaud up against a wall; and lastly we get lengthy side nudity during a three-in-a-bed scene with both Denarnaud and Smet. No full-frontal, but well deserving of the full four stars. Merci, Monsieur Duvauchelle!

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