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Lisa Berkely
tazzie was written on October 10, 1999

shower scene

She stands bare assed in front of the shower curtain,but the shot is quite distant. Later, Dolph joinsher in the shower, and breasts are visible at onepoint, but not at the same time as her face, so itcould be a double.

Chaz was written on March 8, 2002

Shower sex

Very brief but very sexy - there is quite a bit of sexual tension between her and co-star Dolph Lengren throughout the movie. They have to share a hotel room or something, and she is in the shower whilst Dolph is watching TV... she shouts and asks him if he will pass her the soap! He goes in and removes his shirt and they get down to it. First, she kisses him all the way down, and then it's his turn, and that is when you see her tits. Like the previous reviewer said, it could well be a body double. Either way, it's still a hot scene.

dragoboy108 was written on May 5, 2017

Scene with Dolph Lundgren

Can be seen how eager she is to get him in bed. She finally gets to have sex with him in the shower. Strips his clothes off and kisses his chest and makes her down. She even squeezes Dolph's muscular chest before kissing her way up. Incredibly hot scene.

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