West Covina, California, USA

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year title
2005 Adam & Steve 1 Review
1995 Frisk 1 Review

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Adam & Steve (2005)
dvdcollector was written on November 29, 2006

Getting into Shower

Gets into the shower at the gym and is seen only from a distance by Malcolm Gets, who recognizes him only when he arrives there. The scene is quite brief and the actor is only moderately handsome, but the butt is quite nice.

Frisk (1995)
BiBoySTL was written on January 4, 2002

Uh oh!

There's nothing more that I hate than carefully avoided frontal nudity, especially when it's as obvious and apparent as it is here. For such a raunchy book, the film feels like a Disney adaptation. Even though I didn't find this actor attractive, carefully avoided nudity sucks.

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