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Amy Smart
Fred05 was written on January 11, 2007

Public sex

To correct the earlier review, Amy appears to have used a body double. Her face cannot be seen during the brief flash of breasts.

However, it IS a very sexy scene, nonetheless. The odd plot has the leading man caught in a situation where he must keep his pulse racing to stay alive, so he almost forces Amy Smart to have sex with him in the middle of a public sidewalk, in front of a crowd. She protests at first, then warms up to the idea, and ends up loving it. The guy bends her over a newspaper rack, pulls down his pants, slaps her bare bottom and takes her hard from behind, while a huge crowd of tourists in Chinatown stare, smile, and cheer them on. Alas, although her skirt is pushed up for the bent-over sex, we see no real nudity from very cute Amy (although the guy shows his ass for a second... big deal). Rent "Road Trip" to see more of Amy.

PhilipSaar was written on January 19, 2007

When Jason Statham rips off the leftside of Amy Smart's Dress

This is when Jason Statham rips off the leftside of Amy Smart's Dress to expose her left ample breast while she was on top of him, in middle of Chinatown. Where they are surounded by mostly Chinese people who just happen to pass by them staring and watching them during this sex scene. (Bad news: Amy Smart's Exposed Left Boob is not hers but the Body Double she hired especially for this scene. I'm not sure why she needed to hire one because she had done nudity before.)

NekkidChix was written on September 11, 2006

Public Sex

Has her top ripped down when having sex with Jason Statham in public at about the 50 minute mark. One boob shown briefly.

Jason Statham
Electrix was written on September 18, 2007

butt in hospital, and funny sex scene

He goes to a hospital and wears a patient robe. he is naked, jus with this soft cloth. When Jason runs, the cloth goes up and you can see his butt. It's pretty and sexy, many times in te hospital this kind of thing happen, when we can see it many times.

This movie contain a very funny sex scene. He needs crank to be alive and he can get it fucking his girl, and they do this in the middle of the street, erevybody looking. He puts down his pants and again you can see his butt. He is sexy in this sece.

But I gave three stars because he just show the ass not the tottaly body. He just shirtless one time in the movie.

Hamm_Sodomy was written on January 14, 2007

British bottom

Other reviewers are going on and on about the female nudity, and dismissing the conspicuous male nudity. Statham puts on a patient's robe that covers much, much more than your average patient's robe. He teases you with side, but there are at least two times when you see his whole ass. It's a bit flat. It's not as sexy as his chest or balding head. Still, if you were disappointed that he never stripped in those "Transporter" films, then he finally brings it here.

MarcioGore was written on April 25, 2009

Butt and more after the hospital scene

In the middle of movie,we can see two scenes from his butt,and the penis too when he is running.

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