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Unger, Deborah 14 Reviews
Poon, Alice 4 Reviews
Julian, Yolande 3 Reviews
Hunter, Holly 12 Reviews
Arquette, Rosanna 8 Reviews

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Spader, James 2 Reviews
Koteas, Elias 1 Review

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Deborah Unger
The Phantom was written on October 31, 1998

OOH Baby!

Great scene where Spader is giving it to her from behind and her bare breasts are in full view as well as her red hot ass and private.

fargalaxy was written on April 26, 1999

full frontal view

full frontal view while lying on bed also a scene of her genital

thedoc was written on June 17, 2001

backseat of car

a guy is in the backseat of the car with her while Spader is in the front. he plays around with her breasts and than starts bringing her to orgasm via her pubic area. Wild scene and wilder movie.

soulman was written on October 26, 2001

Weird, But Nice.

Other reviewers comment on the erotic context of this film (people sexually turn on by auto accidents). But that just add to the senuality of Unger's scenes. She just ozzes sexaulity in every scene she appears in, especially when she starts taking about car chashes. And the sex scenes with James Spader are very erotic indeed (deserving of it's NC-17 rating), and you do get to see a good deal of her body in this odd film.

thewraith was written on July 31, 2001

nothing but a good time

Remember, I'm rating the nudity and not the overall greatness of the movie. I have to admit I'm a big fan of Deborah Unger's and purchased this video because of her and her only. Her nude scenes alone save the movie, but I agree with Gordon on this one and say that the things she desribes in the one sex scene with James Spader is rather disturbing to me and it's not something I'd wanna hear while I was inside a beautiful woman such as her. The "rough" sex scene in the back of the car during the car wash with, none other than, "Casey Jones" from the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie was also somewhat disturbing, although the lower nudity was pleasing to the eye. But, Deborah has an outstanding body and she obviously loves to show it, and I'm thankful of that. Plenty of skin is shown on her part, but in order to get ALL of the nudity from her and Holly Hunter you must get the NC-17 version, the R version has alot cut out.

rubbernecker was written on November 4, 2004

from behind

A cover bosom with cushion
routine while fully naked in front of James Spader (also nude). So strangely not explicit but worth it for Unger`s beauty and the fact there`s dialogue...instead of a moody saxophone. `Red Shoes Diary` meets `Romance`

Alphonse was written on October 6, 1999

Holy bloody hell

Deborah Unger has the best nude scenes in this movie that I have seen in a mainstream film. First she rubs her bare breast on an airplane, which is nice. Next, she's getting done by James Spader from behind. You see her entire body, and her pussy is on display. Very nice. She has an amazing body! She has a few scenes showing off her fantastic ass, but the best is still to come. She has sex with some fella in the back of his car. You see his hand grasping at her crotch, ver close up and very visible. You see her tits again. Next, after the sex scene, she's seen lying in bed with James Spader, and the camera is focused, literally, on her vagina, with lips fully visible. Are you kidding me? The scene lasts at least a minute and her vagina is visible the whole time. Very much incredible!!!

Gordon was written on February 9, 2000

Three sex scenes

The overall theme of this movie (crash fetishes) is a bit disturbing, but the sex and nudity are great. Deborah has three sex scenes, two of which are pretty explicit. In one scene she's entirely naked on her side while a guy enters her from the rear. The scene lasts quite awhile, and you get to see her writhe and hear her moan as they go at it (although I must say that what she says while they're doing it is kinky and kind of disturbing, at least for me). In another somewhat less explicit scene, she bares her breasts to a guy in the backseat of a car and they end up bumping and grinding. In the third scene, she is totally naked in bed while a guy kisses and feels her, and eventually they have some steamy sex. You get a good look of her bush in this scene. Deborah has a really great body, so all these scenes are (apart from the aforementioned theme) a pleasure.

Winchester was written on October 16, 1999

What a sick movie!

I think that Debbie Unger is the hottest actress of ever (and seem she doesn't known what inhibition means and easily could be named the Queen-of-show-her-genitals-in-the-big-screen); the nude scenes are the best of ever and the movie is plenty of them, but far the most exciting are the explicit sex scene with James Spader behind her, where she is totally naked with her legs slightly spread and pronounce her disturbing lines of dialogue; Later, and after a sex secuence into a car with Elias Koteas, we can see her lying in a bed completely nude and appreciate a great close up (and High Res)of her pubes.I think Mr. Cronenberg makes a great gynecologist in this movie; never a vagina look so good.

boba was written on April 29, 2001

Dirty Debra

Two scenes of note. Best is when he does her from behind. They're both naked in bed, and he pumps himself into her, as she goes crazy. She talks some dirty stuff which is gross, but it's worth it. Her tits and pubes are on display, as she wiggles and moans. He gives it to her hard. Next, we get a long close up of her vagina, up close and personal. Her nice blonde bush is neatly trimmed. This girl will do anything for a movie part. Her career must be in big trouble.

Anarkin was written on December 11, 1999

Like a porn magazine

Deborah Unger is naked a lot of times at this one(i'll describe only the best):Having sex with spader, full frontal nude spreading her legs, breast visible but shadow over her genital.Having sex with Koteas into a car.Lying in bed, full frontal nude, close up of her vagina (showing very clearly the vertical lips through pubic hair).

FaceMan was written on January 18, 2001

Canadian Sex

Hot Canadian Deborah Unger bares all in this movie. Deborah isent shy to show of her body and we get a glimpse of her tits,pussy and ass as well as some hot sex scenes in which she looks convincingly aroused - in other words - it doesent look like she's faking it! My favorite part was at the beginning when some guy entered her from the rear and made her moan loud! Easily her best nude performance thus far...and hopefully she'll have many more coming up.

Serna was written on April 22, 2001


This is an extremely sexy performance from this lovely actress, who has a very erotic aura about her.
Straight after the credits we see her lovingly take out her breast in a hangar and rub against the wing of a plane. A man comes to her from behind and lifts up her skirt. She has suspenders on and she pushes her lovely arse back towards him. He places kisses on it.
Soon after she stands on a balcony facing away from her husband, played by James Spader. She lifts her dress and her arse peeks out. It doesn’t last long and when Spader moves in behind her we don’t see anything.
There are several other scenes where she either has sex or shows her tits but the longest and best scene involves her lying on the bed naked with Spader going into her from behind. They are having a sexy conversation as they wriggle together and DKU’s face is extremely sexy as she questions Spader and enjoys him shagging her. Very nice.
This is a must see for sex fans and DKU must do more nude scenes soon!

Senator was written on July 22, 2001

three great scenes

it is disturbing because of the situation matter... but it is still really really hot!

Alice Poon
slavedriver was written on October 26, 2001

What movie was the fool above watching?!

For the REAL story.....the scene starts directly after Unger's plane scene at the beginning. The camera moves through a movie set and stops at a door. Suddenly we find Spader with his face buried in this girl's ass/snatch from behind. She's on her hands and knees. Someone knocks on the door looking for HIM, he says he'll be right out, then he starts banging the girl doggy style. We briefly see her tits as she reaches back to make him hurry up and fuck her. You can almost see some pubes between her legs at the beginning of the scene when she is grinding her crotch against his face. This scene is practically the only NORMAL sexual scene in the film.

thedoc was written on September 29, 2001

Camera Room

This scene goes on at the same time as the plane scene with Deborah Unger.(At the beginning of the movie)She and James Spader are kissing and he is holding her from behind showing off quickly her breasts and than he pushes her onto the camera trunk. He is inserting his penis into from the rear and is having a hot time with her while people are looking for her.

s4smyl was written on December 13, 2002

early scene

it is good to watch

thedoc was written on April 25, 2002

early scene

Sorry, but we are both right.

Yolande Julian
BushLeague was written on January 23, 2004

Car poon

In addition to her breasts, you see her very muscular rear seat pads in a very skimpy thong on top of some world class athletic legs.

Alphonse was written on October 6, 1999


Jolande plays a prostitute who gets picked up at the airport parking terminal. She ends up getting nailed in the backseat of the car (actually, everyone gets nailed in the backseat of the car in this movie) and her breasts are visible. Certainly not the best role on earth for this girl, and she's nowhere near the hottest girl in the movie, but she's pretty and has a nice body.

Senator was written on July 22, 2001

nice looking for a hooker

any hookers I have seen on the street looked like shit... well, she isn't believable for the part... but it doesnt' matter... she is hot!

Holly Hunter
oldbabe was written on February 21, 2002

Unappealing nudity

Yes, there are lots of nudity and sex scenes in the film, but all of which appeared somewhat nauseous to me. I suppose, to each his own. However, certainly not a typical erotic sort of nudity. But Holly does have good body if nothing else.

MrBlonde was written on March 19, 2001

Also a quick shot of pubes

I also remember that, while she is having sex with James Spader in the car, you get a quick shot of Ms Hunter's lower region. This is the scene where she is sitting on top of Spader (facing away from him) with her bra still on. She is riding him up and down, and as she moves up, her bush moves outta the shadow. You'll have to look close for it, but it is definitely there.

There are plenty of other sex scenes in the movie (many disturbing), but this is the best one with Holly. I gave it 3 stars because it is Holly Hunter and shedoes show us her bush (even if it is just a quick glimpse).

Alphonse was written on October 6, 1999

Holly's left breast

Holly shows her left tit twice in this movie. The first time is very early, when she rips open her shirt to reveal her tit after a car accident that kills her husband. Later on, she shows her tit again, this time while having sex with James Spader. She looks nice. Also has a nice little lesbian scene with an Arquette later on. Holly's hot!

blackstripe was written on April 24, 2002

flashes her breast twice in the movie

Holly pulls her tit out accidently after 8 mins & then shows one breast & part of her ass when on to of James Spader after 25 mins.Disappointing for this film,would have been better if she had shown more.

linga was written on February 22, 2000

Tits and bush

There is a scene with Spader in the car her redish brown bush is clearly visble. Get the NC17 version. Holly's sexiest movie..though a very weird movie.

TheOneAndOnlyJman was written on February 20, 2002

Decent enough

After Spader parks their car, he pulls her shirt open and her bra down to reveal her left breast. She frantically pulls her underwear off and the two have sex right there in the front seat. The two had just introduced themselves to each other about 10 minutes before the sex. What is this, a bad dating show? Don't bother with the R-rated version cause most of the sex is chopped out.

DaveDude was written on January 17, 2000

Very nice panty shot

When she is making it in the car with James Spader, we get a good look at her sexy blue panties. I believe there is some brief nudity too, but panty lovers will dig this scene.

nudity_elitist was written on July 12, 2001

atypical sex symbol

Holly seems to insist she has sex appeal by repeatedly doing sex and nude scenes in movies, but I don't buy it. She is cute, but not sexy. Her nude scenes come off as un-natural to me. While she does have pert little boobies, she simply can't give me a woody. Even if she IS lezzing out with Rosanna Arquette. If you want Holly at her best, though, rent The Piano. At least her character is shy in that one and you feel like a peeping tom watching her. Plus some bonus bush.

Mohawk was written on January 14, 1999

Quickie sex

Some quick masterbation and sex scenes - you get a quick shot of Holly's left breast - let's face it, if anything in this film turns you on, you should be worried....

006 was written on January 31, 1999


The show was wierd but it still had good sense of naked chicks in it

Senator was written on July 22, 2001

sexy, but not the best

cute little tits, I will give her that, but nude wise, she doesn't lend a lot more to the film.

axl was written on November 7, 1999

very brief...

After an accident Holly's breast pops out of her top. She is in a few sex scenes though although she doesn't show anything.

Rosanna Arquette
Alphonse was written on October 6, 1999


Late in the movie she has sex with James Spader. She shows off an enormous breast while she attempts to maneuver her braced legs around the car so that she can get her legs spread. She has a great body and it's not spoiled by how messed up she is in this movie. Also has a nice little lesbian scene with Holly Hunter near the end of the film. Worth watching for the nudity!

SAH was written on January 12, 1999

sex scene

sex scene with James Spader involving car crash fetishes. strange indeed.

Gordon was written on February 9, 2000

Having sex in the front seat of a car

Rosanna is topless, exposing her breasts, while she and a guy go at it in the front seat of a car. They have a little trouble because she has leg braces on which make maneuvering her legs a bit difficult. Rosanna's breasts are wonderful, but the scene's not all that great. Deborah Unger has the best nudity in this strange, somewhat disturbing film.

blackstripe was written on April 24, 2002

left breast

Rosanna shows her left breast with a very erect nipple after 62 mins when with guy in car.Scene is more funny than erotic,worth seeing for the erect nipple.

axl was written on November 7, 1999

sex with Spader

Rosanna leg is in a brace and doesn't have much mobility so while having sex in a car with Spader it brings some difficulties. She is topless and though and when an Arquette is topless the world stands still.

oldbabe was written on February 21, 2002

Leg braces and all....yucks

Just like the other nudity here, Rosanna's scene looked somewhat unappealing to me. Even more so, because she is wearing all those leg braces, etc. But again fairly good mature body.

fargalaxy was written on April 26, 1999


breasts while having sex

Senator was written on July 22, 2001

cute boobs, a little tight to see them

good scene, just a little crampt in the front seat to see it all.

James Spader
Ozzie700 was written on December 13, 2002

Side and Sensuality

The movie is repulsive, but I'd recommend it if only for how intense, charismatic, and focused James is in his various sex scenes. He sleeps with every woman in the cast just about, yet he makes each encounter seem unusual. The way he looks through these women with his astonishingly cool, piercing, beautiful eyes sends a shiver through the spine. While he sadly never goes beyond side nudity, his short (botched by bad camera angles) touching and kissing of Elias Koteas is a true tent-pitcher, and there's an even better moment as he, from the side, slowly grinds into Deborah Unger and her dirty talk sends him over the edge. You can make out the shape of his right cheek, and it looks great. Too bad there wasn't more exposure.

Me was written on October 17, 1998

Most of the movie

Plenty of nude shots, no frontal but lots of simulated sex and even a homo-erotic scene... no matter how great it is to see Spader this way, his nudity does not save the plot (a car crash/accident/injury sex fetish story)... but its worth trudging through the garbage to see him nearly in the buff :-)

Elias Koteas
Ozzie700 was written on December 13, 2002


Elias is shirtless once or twice and there are some scorchingly touching and kissing scenes between Elias and James Spader, but he has no actual nudity.

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